Thursday, February 5, 2015

Elijah Dave Pack and Why He Is Immune To His Lies

From Toxic People: Narcissists in the Ministry

Many who recognize their behavior for what it is believe these leaders are conning their followers, but that’s not accurate. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. A con knows what he or she is doing but chooses to do it anyway, despite the harm it causes. The electronic lords genuinely believe that what they are doing is right, which makes them far more dangerous. In their minds, they have a higher calling than others — a closer relationship with God — making whatever they do seem justifiable to them.

If someone gets in their way, especially someone employed by them, that person is perceived as thwarting God’s will and fully deserving of the retribution they receive from the narcissistic leader. Because these leaders genuinely believe themselves to be better than others, they insist that each of their employees fall in line, regardless of how outrageous or bizarre the superstar’s demands become.

To make matters worse, nearly all of the electronic lords are hypersensitive to criticism. For insulation from disapproval, the lords surround themselves with weak-willed sycophants who wouldn’t dream of disagreeing with them. Instead, these non-entities consistently validate perceptions and behavior that deviate substantially from biblical standards. Within ministries like these, which dominate the electric church, there are two sets of rules: those for the narcissist and those for everyone else.

Within these ministries, a tacit “no-talk” rule is maintained, which keeps the eccentricities of the leader a secret from the rest of the world. And this rule is aggressively enforced. Whenever an underling balks, that person is shamed, castigated and humiliated, while — at the same time — being told that their “bad attitude” is being prayed for. If that doesn’t shame the person into submission, the verbal abuse is intensified and the person is eventually terminated. Wounded, the discarded person often abandons his or her beliefs, while blaming God for what happened, saying, “God should have done something to stop it.”

Undeterred by hurting others in the process of building God’s Kingdom on Earth, which just happens to be their kingdom as well, these narcissists regularly take advantage of others, routinely abusing those they are “called to serve.” Reasoning that the ends justify the means, they use God’s name to wound others. Whenever someone gets in their way, they misuse God’s authority to enforce their will, which certainly takes His name in vain. Believing that they have a higher calling, the evangelical lords are certain that God condones their behavior and methods, which the sycophants who surround them eagerly affirm.

The emotional carnage of wrecked lives left behind by these narcissists has become so extensive that it threatens to outnumber those blessed by their ministry efforts. At the same time, few are willing to call them to task, exposing their behavior to the light, reasoning that such whistle blowing would harm God’s work.


Byker Bob said...

Occasionally, looking at someone's physical attributes, you can obtain some insights regarding their personality. Looking at those abundantly developed ears, one might believe that Dave was a good listener. But, one would be wrong!


Anonymous said...

Something that doesn't seem to occur to many Armstrongites is that, as hard as they might try to act "transformed," they're not. I'm not saying they're necessarily bad people. In fact, just the opposite, most of them are normal people who are christians because they sincerely hope that Jesus will make good on his promise that the holy spirit will transform them. That didn't happen for me, and unless I miss my guess, it hasn't really happened for anyone else either.

Consequently, though they may clothe their sentiments in christiany phraseologies, those sentiments are the same as anybody else's. When other people express a particular human sentiment with, "F#$k you," christians might express that same human sentiment with, "I'll pray for you." Just because you "whitewash the sepulchre" that doesn't change what's going on inside. But like I say, all of this is normal. While everybody "sins," normal people's behavior doesn't deviate from biblical standards in extreme ways.

Where you really see this lack of transformation very clearly though is in the lives and behavior of the leaders. These leaders and their inner sentiments are not normal, but are extreme. While they preach from the pulpit (for their laity to consume) that the ends don't justify the means, they ALWAYS justify their own means that way. And their means consistently deviate from biblical standards. Their behavior, by the standards they teach others, is objectively amoral. And what's going on inside their "sepulchre" that drives that behavior is far, far worse than normal.

Who thinks there's ever been any "transformation" in the life of Dave Pack?

James said...

Dave shit in his lunch bucket on this one!