Thursday, February 19, 2015

Eric King Explains Why Elijah Passover Dave Pack Is Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo Special

Now we know why Elijah Passover Pack is the way he is!  He is part Neanderthal!  No wonder he is sooooooooooooooooooooo special!!!!!

SOCT has always taught that human evolution is much more complex than originally imagined. We have taught that there was in a sense “more than one mother”. We have also talked about numerous hominid beings which interacted and mated with each other forming a much more diverse human genome than originally believed. It is now a known fact that some early humans bread with Neanderthals. Some humans are at least 3 percent Neanderthal to this day. But we are not ultimately from Neanderthal and the Neanderthals were much more advanced than present science is teaching.- The SOCT Takes A Closer Look At Early Humanity


Anonymous said...

Neanderthals seem to be the make up of the hierarchy of UCG, LCG, PCG and RCG and most other COG's They are still stuck in the stone age and cannot think of or create anything new or relevant to the 21st century.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

The WCG and its many splinters had/has more than its fair share of Neanderthals - otherwise known as idiots.

One of the most astonishing statements I ever heard from a WCG pulpit was a preaching elder in the Baltimore, Maryland church answer his own question he posed in a sermon. The question he asked was "How do you handle a rebellious wife"?

His neanderthal answer - "you rape her"


Byker Bob said...

Richard, that is exactly what you get from a culture in which law, fear, and authority are valued above logic, and love! It's why the old covenant sucked and had to be replaced!

I certainly hope that none of the members followed the Neanderthal elder's counsel. No question it would have destroyed all of the love in the marriages and taken all of the joy out such members' sex lives.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Over 2 totally different things.

WOW! Eric King FINALLY said something that is actually in the vicinity of being TRUE! Miracles will never cease! (Probably what comes directly before this and directly after it is absolute rank asinine first-class award-winning bullshit, but...) Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles. Eric King managed to write, like a whole paragraph (?) that wasn't totally embarrassing!

WOW! I've never heard an ACOG minister recommend that a husband under such-&-such a circumstance is "supposed" to "rape his wife." But that's not the WOW part. The WOW part is, now that you mention it, it just seems so in keeping with Armstrongism, HOW COME I've NEVER heard an ACOG minister say this before??? (Like, with a totally straight face, like it was a "normal" thing to say...) Where was I??? I must have played hookey too much and was "sick" on the days when ministers said this particular thing. Only explanation.

My ACOG education has definitely been broadened today.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Armstrongist ministry:

So easy a Neaderthal could do it.

Anonymous said...


The question of "How do you handle a rebellious wife?", when it came to a top WCG minister, was to 1)Defame her from the pulpit, and 2)When she sued, hire lawyers who along with coached WCG people, would make up lies about her in court.

Problem for WCG, is that those strategies put blobs of egg on the face of the WCG.
YAY! for that!
YAY! for rebellious wives who have woken up and decided enough was enough, and that her own welfare and that of her children take precedence over stupid Biblical commands!

Black Ops Mikey said...

While we are talking about DNA, here's a tutorial which you may find useful.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Does this mean that Neaderthals don't have access to salvation?

Tarquin Pasquarella said...

BREAD with them rather than bred with them. Now it all makes good sense. Mold set in