Sunday, March 22, 2015

A New Moon That Was Seen By Unwashed Heathens But Not Seen By The True Believers Causes A Big Issue For Legalists

If you thought the silliness of the "new" moon sightings could not get any sillier then read below.  The "new" moon was actually seen by people outside of the city of Jerusalem where the clouds and rain were not present.  However, the Malmites claim that since their person in Jerusalem did not see it the other "new" moon sighting is not valid.  Only a new moon sighting of a Malmite standing with his feet in Jerusalem makes a new moon valid.  The Chief Pharisee warns the true believers that the people outside of Jerusalem that saw the "new" moon first are deceptive tools of Satan and are deliberately try to deceive the true believers.

A reader of Malm's blog notes:

Gordon sighted the moon near Eilat. See his initial message below. Also confirmed at his Site

Quote: The new moon was first sighted from the Eilat Mountains in southern Israel by Nehemia Gordon at 5:53pm and by Tim Arndt at 6:01pm. The new moon was also sighted from Kiryat Ata [Haifa] in northern Israel by Yoel Halevi at 6:38pm and by Naomi Halevi, Yedidyah Halevi, and Aharon Halevi at 6:46pm. My thanks to the observers in Jerusalem (and other locations) who stood out in the cold, but were unable to sight the moon due to clouds. End Quote

James Malm, the law mongering Chief Pharisee is not happy that his "observers" were usurped in their roles.

The Chief Pharisee responds:

In your link he is trying to deceive by using the term “Jerusalem time” and not mentioning that the location was actually at Eilat. There is no such thing as Jerusalem time. It is Israel Time throughout the entire country. He used that term to try and trick people. Beware of this person and his tricks.

I will make his email available to anyone who wants it.

FYI our COG new moon searchers have reported that: “the sky was completely covered in clouds and in fact raining in many of the environs around Jerusalem.” The new moon was not seen anywhere near Jerusalem. Brian Convery writes “It appears we have seen the same thing [about Nehemiah Gordon]. Yes he is an evil fellow but that is what happens when brethren entertain one who denies Christ. John has warned us about having nothing to do with them. I was just about to sit down and update the festivals page with the new dates.” James


Anonymous said...

LOL. Such "evil" fellows and their "tricks." And what was their crime? Observing a new moon from the wrong barley field! There oughta be a law!

And where is the exact boundary of where the new moon can and cannot be sighted from? I'm sure there must a verse in there that says so somewhere. I'm sure it must say within the walls of the old city, or something like that. Not that newfangled city sprawling outside those walls. Not Eliat. Not Haifa. That won't do at all. Those places are unscriptural. Those places are defiled and unclean. Yes, I'm sure of it. There must be a verse in there that lays down the law. It's must be a crime to sight the moon for your silly, antiquated, lunar calendar from anywhere outside the walls of the old city of Jerusalem.

What? The bible doesn't lay down any laws like this?

Well then, where does Malm get all his calendar laws from? You mean he just makes them up? He just pulls them out of his ass? And then he demands that everyone else live by his made-up laws?

Where does this jackass get off?

Byker Bob said...

James Malm,

Next time, hire a pilot as one of your observers, or maybe send up a balloon. Or, better yet, use the conjunction method that is favored in fixed calendars. Everyone around the world knows that the new moon was present. We live in times when greater accuracy is available, through better technologies, and broader data bases.

Repeat after me: Any strength, practiced to extreme, becomes a weakness, or liability.


Byker Bob said...

By the way, this is a perfect illustration as to why the people who do not believe that the calendar has ever changed, meaning that we can be certain today of when each and every one of the sabbaths and holy days fall, are misguided and naive. Once the temple and priesthood fell in 70 AD and the bar Kokhba revolt, and with them, the authority structure, the calendar fell into this same sort of debate and disarray. This is why there is a Hillel II calendar.

We also need to remember that HWA was filled with such rabid anti-Catholic bias that for years, he would not even entertain the possibility that Pentecost could fall on Sunday.


James said...

This 'cluster fuck' was created by James Malm with his legalistic views as to the Jewish calendar.

What he fails to see is the big picture as to the sabbath and the holy days. He views them not as an opportunity to rejoice but a burden to endure.

If 'God" expects people to follow him the 'right way' maybe He needs to create a Facebook page. Or write it in the clouds for the world to see. To trust James Malm on this, well that is too much to endure. A fool and his folly.

Black Ops Mikey said...

One would think that if the calendar is so important, God would have made it so clear, there would be no latitude for error or discussion.

But that's not the way it is.

As it is, the Jewish calendar in use by most Armstrongists is not only wrong, but the Jews know it is wrong, but can't fix it because they can't get a Sanhedrin together.

One would think that God would pave the way to clarify all the issues, but, you know, if you're a New Testament Olde Testament Christian Pharisee, there doesn't seem to be anything but confusion.

And the question is, just who is qualified to speak for God?

No one seems to have a clear endorsement so far.

Anonymous said...

I can't even. This is absurd past the point of anything even the writers of the Onion could dream up.

Anonymous said...

"I can't even. This is absurd past the point of anything even the writers of the Onion could dream up."

Yep. And yet, if you keep following legalistic, perfectionistic tendencies to their logical end (and yet illogical end — thus demonstrating the incoherence of fundamentalism) you wind up becoming a ridiculous caricature of everything you thought you stood for. You get James Malm.