Sunday, March 8, 2015

David Passover Pack: It's Part of My Personalty To Mock

David Passover admits he is here to mock other COG leader and member.  Not as if any of us never knew....

 Moses had a strong hand; bring any names to mind? How about Arm-strong. Interesting. Now, every so often I suppose I oughta stop and say, brethren I'm not suggesting that any one of these points by itself would be enough to convince us the identities of these two final men, but I do understand that when you put them all together there would have to be a tremendous mass of evidence; when Jesus Christ came the first time it was understood, when he came the second time it's understood, when the beast arrives it's understood, when the false prophet arrives it's understood, when the tribulation begins, the Day of the Lord, it's understood, when great things happen in scriptures it's understood. When this prophecy was to be fulfilled it had to be understood; God had to be waiting with an avalanche followed by three tsunamis of information so only the carnal or the idolaters who want to reduce Mr. Armstrong. We're gonna show how some have been idolater in that way; later on I'm going to explain, if you're gonna be an idolater of Mr. Armstrong have a big idol – I'm having fun – I mean, don't be dumb, don't be a dumb idolater, be a good one , go big or stay home, you see? (Audience laughter). I'm gonna have fun with that later on. By the way, Elijah mocked once in a while and I have found that that is part of my personality (audience laughter), so… but anyway.  


Anonymous said...

“Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings” (I Peter 5:8-9, NIV).

Recently, while walking through the electronics department of a large store, I passed by some flat panel, large screen, high definition televisions that were turned on. One of the televisions was displaying a wild animal kingdom type of show that caught my attention, and I stopped to watch for about a minute. Some lions were tearing apart and eating another animal that they had caught. When the lions saw another one of that type of animal watching them do this, they chased after it too and mauled it severely. They were brutal, vicious, and cruel.

Immediately, I could not help thinking about the various self-appointed WCG splinter group leaders on the COG scene, from the small but extremely perverse runt of the litter types like Gerald Blurry (the alcoholic who prefers to go by two or three dozen other names) to the tall and extremely proud Lion King David Packman (the devourer of everyone's house, not just the widow's house). Thousands of former WCG members are currently learning the painful way about the brutality, viciousness, and cruelty of these Satan-sent, Satan-directed impostors.

Anonymous said...

“David Passover Pack: It's Part of My Personality To Mock”

Sometimes when DCP says something perverse, you can hear what appears to be laughter coming from his suckers in the audience, who are actually on the receiving end of the sick joke. Of course, it could just be canned laughter piped into the sermon by the staff at DCP's fancy new media center.

Anonymous said...

“David Passover Pack: It's Part of My Personality To Mock”

It is also part of DCP's personality to lie and steal.

Here is the order:

1. First he lies to people.
2. Next he steals their money.
3. Then he mocks them.

Anonymous said...

Some questions:

Why does this person keep saying "Interesting!" every time there's a new Scripture he's twisted so it refers to him, somehow? It's the same old so-many-times-repeated crap about aren't we great (the "true" "church") and, especially, aren't I great for being your leader! No, Dave.

Why does saying more and more and more and more prove (that word again!!!) that you're somebody special? You're the one, with all your made up miracles-in-my-church stories, that talks about FRUIT. The fruit you bear? BOREDOM by what you say. FRUSTRATION in those who try to meet your never-ending demands for obedience. And, yes, MOCKERY by those of us out here who know Armstrong was a false minister. Do you KNOW, Dave, what you're full of?

Anonymous said...

Yes dave, when Christ came it was understood because He had accompanying signs. You haven't done or proven shit. I can put together enough scriptures to proove your Balaam's talking ass. And I won't need a three part sermon and 130 points!!! You jackass!!

Black Ops Mikey said...

Yes, Elijah mocked -- the mocking was followed by the death of false prophets....

Anonymous said...

Could it be that's why we mock you, Dave? That's interesting.

Mark Wolfe said...

Dave, it is also in my personality to mock:

So where does it say in the Bible that God will send Moses first and then a Joshua/Elijah before the day of the Lord? Please point this out to us. It would make your claims much more clear and believable. If Rod Meredith used this logic and taught this in Global you would have rejected it completely-----and mocked him.

Explain to us why we are to believe a man who has just come off an epic failure in his prophetic utterings. A man who copied a Ron Weinland prophecy and laughed that man to scorn when you received it. Explain to us the credentials you have obtained to be all you say you are when nothing you prophesy comes to past.

You saw that Gerald Flurry built a mini-empire by stating grandiose claims about himself and deifying HWA. You mocked him for not even being seen on campus during the time you were the big man there, but you brand your own version of a Malachi's Message and double-down on your own version of grandiose titles to define yourself----as well as deifying HWA when it served your purposes.

You love the Armstrongite narrative about the world, but hate and have disdain for the role the member plays. You could never be a happy member or even a loyal pastor to anyone else-----and that includes, as it is now clear, Herbert W. Armstrong. What part of your being would ever be content with following God or Christ in the Kingdom. I can see you backstabbing Christ given the first chance you get. Just like you did with the first minister you reported to in WCG.

You were the biggest nitpicker in Worldwide. Constantly, complaining about and undermining the authority of your supervisors. And now you mock the nitpickers? Well, many took the pains to bore your presence too.

The "proofs" you use to establish your claims are based on the same faulty logic that you claim scientists use to prove evolution. You use circular logic and down right assumptions constantly. By doing this you "prove" your disdain for the membership and mock God.

You try and substantiate your credibility by citing sources but blatantly overstate your knowledge and accomplishes:

"I probably know more about trees than any other man alive today."

"Herbert Armstrong talked to me about prophecy more than any other man."

"I have studied the Bible more than any man alive in history."

"I have written more about prophecy than any other man in history."

"I have pastored more people than any other minister in the COG."

"The RCG has grown more than any other splinter group by far." (you then conveniently do not disclose the numbers to prove your point----just claim it is obvious)

"We have built a campus that dwarfs any other group."

"We publish a magazine that is far superior in quality than any other magazine."

Then you go on to state that with all of these clear facts, the only reason that all of the brethren don't come to your church is because the leaders perform sorcery on the members? They cast a spell? The worst violator of all the evil you claim leaders do to the brethren is YOU!

Priam said...

Dave Pack used to hang around the stenographer pool courting his first wife. Her position got him close to the 'foyer' of HWA's office. Once HWA asked rhetorically to anyone in earshot, "Why is that goy always hanging around here." (I know that by a typo I misspelled guy as goy. I will leave it in place.It's fitting.)
No Dave you did not spend a tremendous amount of time one on one with HWA. You chatted-up his secretary. HWA considered you a hanger-on. Fact!

Byker Bob said...

I believe that it's time to call Angel Soft to place a special order for a carload of David C. Pack toilet tissue!

For, it is written, "As ye mock, so shall ye be mocked! Thou shalt be mocked in the field by thy neighbor, and by thy neighbor's wife. Thy neighbor's gentile servants shall rap their mockery of thee to the backbeat of their native tribal rhythms on the tabla and dulcimer. It shall be a great annoyance to thee, and a vexation unto thy spirit, to despoil many of thy sabbaths. Verily, it shall go viral on You Tube so that it becometh a mystery and a byword throughout the land. Surely, ye shall learn humility, and not to speak presumptuously and falsely, or to take unto thyself blasphemous titles for the purpose of enriching thine empire, or building thy monuments!"


Minimalist said...

"..enough to convince us ...there would have to be a tremendous mass of evidence; [like] when Jesus Christ came the first time.." -

Really Dave? Let's have Evidence:
Show me a contemporary secular Historian, Chronicler, Public Official that noted this fantastical miracle-working god-man.

Britain Stevenson said...

Is this guy still yapping. He's like a soap can stop watching for thirty years or more and turn it on one day and just pick up where you left off.

Anonymous said...

“David Passover Pack: It's Part of My Personality To Mock”

David Pack has always whined that people were not joining his RCG because of what his enemies (that is, his previous victims) had said about him (that is, they told the real truth). While people have always been willing to listen to what DCP's detractors had to say about him, and have kept what his critics said in the back of their minds, it has never been the major, determining factor in them not going with his RCG. Lots of people have read many of DCP's writings and listened to many of his sermons. The real truth is that the real problem is with what DCP actually says (and then later changes) and writes (and then revises or totally deletes and changes) and does (or does not do). Much could be said about it over the years. More recently, DCP used wrong prophetic guesses like his August 31, 2013 Haggai/Zechariah fiasco to try to frighten people into joining his RCG and turning over all their assets.

To initially ensnare people, DCP had claimed to be loyally standing up for exactly what HWA had taught in the WCG. Then DCP went on to add all the usual and to be expected “new understanding” that everyone like him always comes up with. After building that up for a while, DCP then went on to make all the usual and to be expected truly massive doctrinal changes to what HWA had taught. All along, DCP always got angry and actually SHOUTED at his followers to “GET OUT” of the RCG if they didn't like it. And then a new batch of suckers was always supposed to miraculously present themselves to DCP for his continuing sadistic delight. Someone ought to SHOUT a warning to prospective RCG members: ”DON'T GET IN!”