Tuesday, March 10, 2015

David Passover Pack: Joe Tkach Sr. Was A Modern Ahab That Was Out To Get Me!

David Passover is now whining that Tkach Sr. was out to get him.  I am sure that Tkach Sr. knew what kind of abusive moron that Pack was and most likely had a good reason, if this is true at all!  Everywhere that David Passover was sent as a minister soon resulted in a deluge of complaints from members on how abusive he was.

58: Joe Tkach, a modern Ahab if there ever was one, pursued me for years like Ahab did Elijah. And like no one else, like Ahab – like Ahab – he did die soon enough, and God went on to curse his son Ahaziah; leaves some things to the imagination. Elijah played a role in what happened to that son. God sent him to go talk to that son; I don't know whether that will happen. The angel told him to go, but Ahaziah sent two groups to come get Elijah, and a hundred and two burnt men later, the third captain realized, "Ew, would you be willing to come and talk to the boss, he fell through a window and he's got a bad infection, he's sick," and Elijah was told by an angel – interesting, twice actually in that first chapter of 2 Kings – and he went.  
Poooooor Davie, always the bridesmaid but never the bride.


Retired Prof said...

I think Pack is thinking of the wrong Ahab.

Actually, Tkach is a type of Captain Ahab of the whaling vessel Pequod and Pack is a type of the white whale called Moby-Dick.

Anonymous said...

Well, why don't you just get up on your high horse and go talk to Li'l Joey! Then tell everyone god told you to do it.

That will make as much sense as anything else you've ever said about yourself!

Byker Bob said...

Joseph Tkach, Sr. was an enforcer. It's what he did. And, he had the authority from higher levels of management in WCG, and was trusted to act in their behalf in exercising that authority. I know of a number of people, myself included, who were admonished or corrected by the man. What is true is that most of us did not take it personally. We balanced it against other redeeming attributes that the man possessed. He could be stern, and, yes, at best, he represented a questionable system. However, I felt that he was much more even handed, and eminently reasonable and fair, much moreso than most of the authority figures within Armstrongism.

Dave Pack has a reputation of being OK with his own authority, but having a real problem dealing with the authority of those who have been above him in the report structure. If a district supervisor had told him to get a haircut or manicure in 1974, he would still remember it as being a personal outrage 40 years after the fact.


Black Ops Mikey said...

It would be more convincing if Joseph Tkach Senior wife's name was Jezebel.

Anonymous said...

For some reason, at that size, my first impression is that this woman is snorting a line of blow off that coffee table.

Anonymous said...

Byker Bob, you are absolutely correct. Anyone who has read Pack's autobiography knows he holds grudges. Of course in all situations he was in the right.

Charlie Brown said...

I'm still kinda wondering how he will handle 400 priest of Baal when can't handle burning up three church leaders.