Sunday, March 8, 2015

David Passover Pack" Just as Joshua was to Moses; I am to Herbert Armstrong

While David Passover Pack now declares he is Elijah, he also claims the title Joshua.  As Joshua in the modern age, he compares his amazing life to that of Moses and Joshua in Hebrew scriptures.  Moses died (like HWA) and Joshua (David Passover) leads the people into the promised land (millennium).  As the Joshua of old, David Passover will be the glorious leader who leads all to the marriage supper in the soon coming kingdom of his god.

David Passover also always feels the need to give the impression that he was trained at HWA's feet.  As if HWA gave a rat's ass about David Passover!   We have all seen how those closets to HWA turned into the most abusive ministers the church ever had, so I don't think Passover Dave should be bragging about it!

sermon 2  5:00

41: Moses died before entering the Promised Land, but with it right there in sight. Joshua lived into it. How big is that parallel? It's a parallel you might not have understood thirty years ago.          

42: Joshua was first a scout for and a minster – that's what it calls him – under Moses. So was I scout for – believe me I was – and a minister under Mr. Armstrong. A much younger man, you could add those other parallels. Joshua was thirty five years younger than Moses, Mr. Armstrong was even more than that older than I, about fifty six and a half years older. Now, I wasn't his direct assistant, but I was a minister under him. It makes sense, by the way – kind of a related aside here; this could go in other places – that another Joshua could best train the two final world scouts who will function in hostile territory; think of the spies going into Jericho; think of Joshua having been a spy alongside Caleb. Now, this will take on greater meaning later on. 


Anonymous said...

Moses struck the rock in a wrong attitude and was not allowed to enter the promise land. Mr.Armstrong molested his daughter Dorothy and was not allowed to enter the promise land. Yep Dave it's all starting to make sense now.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Multiple Personality Disorder.