Saturday, March 7, 2015

David Passover Pack: To those outside the RCG there is no other ONE possible than ME!

Dave is still stinging from the fact that tens of thousands of COG folk did not jump to his ship the past two to three years.  There is no human leader in the Church of God or anywhere on this earth who is as great and as important as David Passover.  He's younger, he's better, he's more important!  There are NO other candidates and there is NO possibility of others arising.  There is no other way to salvation but through David Passover!

To outsiders – those outside the Restored Church of God, a few final thoughts here – if you reject these 130 points, then where are your candidates for Elijah. Who is on your list? The answer? Likely no one. Those who might have a list are looking for ones like themselves. Put your money where your mouth is and go find Elijah. I'm not talking to us, I'm talking to those outside. Sooner or later those who claim to be looking for Elijah will have to get accustomed to having the one that God chose. No other man is coming. Two reasons: 1, all that would have to be done – who would do it? A lot of the men are much older; I don't think I could write everything all over again. And 2, there's no time, even if the man had started five years ago, and no one did. Think of where we are, there are no candidates, there's no possibilities, there's no other way, and God waited until there was no other possible way to see this to reveal even to me what my role was. 


Black Ops Mikey said...

Yes, because Elijah died millennia ago and he's not coming back.

Byker Bob said...

How 'bout there is no Elijah? Skip the ego, and fast forward to two supernatural witnesses, who will do just fine without any sort of "training"" from some sort of fake cowpie version of Elijah.


Retired Prof said...

I've got to revise my estimate of Dave Pack's prophetic gift. He says people who reject his 130 points probably have no one on their list of candidates for Elijah.

Well guess what. I reject his 130 points, and--get this --my list of candidates for Elijah has NO names on it. Exactly zero, the very number he predicted!

How could Dave have gotten the math so precise without divine guidance?

Anonymous said...

“To outsiders – those outside the Restored Church of God, a few final thoughts here – if you reject these 130 points, then where are your candidates for Elijah. Who is on your list? The answer? Likely no one.”

I thought they were “130 PROOFS.” Now they are just “130 points.” What happened?

One possible candidate for Elijah would be Herbert W. Armstrong, since he was the person who first taught everyone in the Worldwide Church of God about someone coming in the spirit and power of Elijah in the first place.

From the Old Testament:

“See, I will send you the prophet Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the LORD comes. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse” (Malachi 4:5-6, NIV).

In his later years, Herbert W. Armstrong started Worldwide Church of God programs like Youth Opportunities United (Y.O.U.) and the Summer Educational Program (S.E.P.) to try to do something along these lines. There was even a magazine called Youth [19]8X near the end.

From the New Testament:

“Jesus replied, 'To be sure, Elijah does come first, and restores all things'” (Mark 9:12, NIV).

By the time he died in January 1986, HWA had restored to the WCG everything that it then believed, including about 18 major doctrines. HWA had preached the gospel of the kingdom of God to the world. All of the WCG's teachings had come through HWA. In recognition of what he had done, the 1982 Advisory Council of Elders in the WCG presented HWA with an expensive Steuben crystal art glass called “The Cup of Elijah the Prophet.”

On top of all this, someone named David C. Pack later wrote a book called I Will Send Elijah to Restore All Things that proved that HWA was the one who came in the spirit and power of Elijah to restore all things.

Strangely, after about 14 years of teaching this, David Pack suddenly deleted this book of his from his own Restored Church of God's website and came up with about 6 hours of noise spread over 3 sermons that supposedly included “130 PROOFS” that HWA was actually Moses and that DCP is actually Elijah. In the midst of all this noise, DCP actually suddenly railed against anyone who still believed that HWA was Elijah and called them “idolaters.” This is more than merely interesting, considering that DCP had complained over the years that Roderick C. Meredith of the Living Church of God did not believe that HWA was Elijah, and had accused RCM of secretly desiring to be the Elijah himself. Early on, DCP promoted himself from being just a minister to being an apostle so that he could lead his own church. Next, DCP raised himself to being Joshua the High Priest. That not being enough to satisfy some irresistible, overpowering urge within himself, he was possessed to claim in 2015 that he is Elijah.

Anonymous said...

5:40, nice diatribe against Pack, but did you have to spoil it with all that "HWA did this and that" nonsense? Methinks you're as delusional as Pack.

Michael said...

Anon wrote:
"David C. Pack later wrote a book called I Will Send Elijah to Restore All Things that proved that HWA was the one who came in the spirit and power of Elijah"

I'm gonna restate my inkling that this all has the smell of something being hastily concocted for a specific reason.

All that time claiming HWA was Elijah, booklets, sermons etc.
Now suddenly, it's all wrong: I'm the Elijah!

Maybe I'm reading too much into it but it does seem that instead of being a mere megalomaniacal delusion, he desperately needs to be the Elijah for some sinister reason.

I put my money on him "disappearing".
After all, his clearly stated that his "job is done". Elijah "has been sent".

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 5:40 ... All that crap about HWA the child molester being some sort of prophetic incarnation? HWA may have turned his heart toward Dorothy, but he certainly did not turn her heart towards him!!!

You can quote from the holey babble till you're blue in the face, and make all kinds of stoopid assertions that those verses are foretelling the future (they're not) and should be interpreted in terms of modern events (yeah, right!) and dredge up doctrines and magazines, but the fact remains that HWA was a vile individual, and I'm just thankful he never got to do any noteworthy damage. DCP is a similarly vile individual, and I'm thankful he has fewer resources than HWA. Soon they and their damage will all be forgotten, praise Zeus!

Anonymous said...

Dave, if there's no more time why do you keep building shit and planting trees? Why wouldn't you use that money to save as many as possible? Let me answer that for you because I know you won't. None of the stuff you talk about is true. It's all about you and your legacy.

Anonymous said...

8:10 PM,
You are right that '5:40' has a nice diatribe against Pack.

It's interesting that for some people, it's not easy to leave Armstrongism altogether or completely.
'5:40' is a case in point, and hopefully he'll move more toward reality as time marches onward.