Saturday, March 7, 2015

David Passover Pack: Will He Be Unleashed On The World At Supper Time As He Pokes His Poker Around Causing a Fire?

David Passover says his job is to be a hot poker from a fire poking around.  He is still butt-hurt that some many ministers and members have left him.  He is shocked that they did and of course has to berate them and belittle them for doing so because they do not understand his magnificence.  It's all their fault.  Dumb idiots never understood how important he was.

The last, and maybe most crucial point maybe, announcing Elijah is a catalyst to events about to happen or even the catalyst to the remnant prophecy, we'll see. They have to know, it's who they're waiting for. And if they'll listen and hear the case then where does that put us? Elijah is sent. [By an] apostle? Is this publically known when he's sent at supper time? Could this be soon? I don't know. Do people know who he is when he comes? I'm not sure, but remember that today waiting for Elijah; we'll see what God intends. Joshua is called a "brand plucked from the fire," but he's not just plucked from the fire he's a brand, he's a poker plucked from the fire. My job is to poke around, maybe I can cause a fire, we'll see. How interesting. The fuse may have been lit with men who were sent away, they'd all gone beyond the pale, more than you can know. How long we bore with them, I wish I could've gotten rid of them sooner, they turned out to be worse than we thought, but it's been its own interesting experience to see how God is just gonna turn certain men – just wham! in the splinters – and they're gonna scatter, and they're not gonna come with us. Wish I had more time to tell you that. I've learned a lot more about exactly how God is gonna just scatter everybody, it's gonna be very quick, but that's another subject.


Anonymous said...

This man is a nut case. The sad thing about Pack is that he makes groups like the UCG look sane in comparison. Armstrongism in general is not a sane religion weather it is the Pack, Flurry, or Meredith variety or its the UCG variety.

Anonymous said...

"My job is to poke around, maybe I can cause a fire, we'll see."

Now he's threatening arson? Is this how he's gonna terrorize his competitor's feast sites? Instead of blow them up, burn them down?