Saturday, March 7, 2015

David Passover Pack: Will The Islamic Nations Soon Honor Me As The Real Elijah?

Being born tot he world's most favored parents, David Passover Pack has such an important lineage to his name that even the Muslim hoards might soon be looking to him as the Elijah they have been waiting for!  Say what??

Sermon 2: 1:05:00 
Number 117: This longer point has many points or sub points within it; it speaks to numerous parallels, forerunners and types – quite a number; a series of facts. John was almost entirely a Levite; his mother was part, maybe half Levite, maybe half Jewish, because her cousin Mary delivered Christ as a Jew – the Bible says, "Our Lord sprang out of Judah." But John the Baptist's father was a priest and therefore a Levite. He was named Zechariah – remember the Hebrew – which of course means God is Marked. My name is Passover, and that's likely Levitical; kind of an interesting parallel to me. But John's father is introduced as a "certain priest," meaning a regular priest or person, not a high priest. John's mother must have also been descended from David; she, again, shared the same Jewish roots as Mary. My actual genealogy might be a kind of parallel, and I've wondered if my extraordinary parents form a parallel with John's in some way. The angel Gabriel told Zachariah of John's coming, or Elijah's coming – the first Elijah – and miracles surrounded the birth. Now, John's parents are obviously much honored in scripture; they must have been unusual to have been given John as their only child and coming at a great age. Even Islam honors John the Baptist's parents, partly just because they are his parents. John himself is revered almost everywhere including holding a very high position within Islamic thinking. Brethren, I guess we'll just have to see if this becomes a bigger point in time. And again, recall from earlier sermons that the name Zechariah means God is Marked; certainly this is prophetic in light of Zechariah's son's future role in introducing Christ's first coming. Of course, it was a prophet of this same name that announced the voice that came in Haggai. And recall that I said some weeks ago that the ancient prophet Zechariah carries out a type of my duty in this regard. This point grows in meaning because the prophet Zechariah's now seen to be a type of the final Elijah. I knew he was sort of typing what I was to do; well now I understand my role and therefore the greater sense of what he types. Certainly his fourteen-chapter book – now think about this – is foundational to the final Elijah's message. Brethren, surely this is not coincidental that the father of the first Elijah, John the Baptist – not the ancient one, but John the Baptist – has the same name as the ancient prophet who was himself a type of Elijah. Re-listen to this point in the sermon when you go back through all of it, maybe a couple times, to get it straight, but let's go further.                  


Byker Bob said...

Somebody needs to send this to Flurry! One ACOG is Islamophobic while another one seeks Islam's approval as Elijah! Maybe Dave heeds to hook up with Electrolux!


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes they will Dave. In fact, you should go on a personal mission to western Africa and proclaim yourself to the leaders of Boko Haram. You are quite clearly the prophet they await and they will gladly welcome you. Please, go.

Anonymous said...

"Brethren, I guess we'll just have to see if this becomes a bigger point in time."

It probably will. That doesn't mean it will become any more true.