Sunday, March 29, 2015

Doug Winnail Takes A Jab At Lil' Jimmy Meredith And His Wasteful Misuse Of Tithe Payers Money

This in from a Charlotte member:

During his sermon, Winnail listed signs that a church is not fulfilling its mission properly, One sign was "spending money on changing the color of its carpets." LCG insiders will instantly recognize Winnail's reference, since Jim Meredith spent tens of thousands of dollars putting new carpet all over LCG headquarters even though the old carpet was fine.

But Winnail's sermon wasn't an attack against Meredith. It can't be. LCG is more unified than ever. Rod has said so.

Alas, Lil Jimmy was not in town to hear the little dig at his expense. Lil' Jimmy is in Hawaii staying at his expensive resort hotel negotiating LCG's Hawaii feast site.  Only the best for the Emperors child!  Why worry, it is at tithe payers expense. Besides, since he entire LCG is so incredibly unified every single LCG members thinks that Lil'Jimmy deserves to be in Hawaii at their expense.  His is the holy offspring of the sinless Leader after all.


Anonymous said...

frankly this makes my blood boil, it is de ja vu all over again;

dr. meredith is repeating the same mistakes that mr. armstrong did, namely not reigning in his son's excesses, and frankly not refraining from promoting his son in the first place.

samuel made this mistake also; generation after generation these kind of mistakes are made and shortly thereafter is the collapse...

Black Ops Mikey said...

Hey, hey, now! None of that!

You people sent in your tithes. What your cult leader chooses to do with them is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! As long as he pays his income tax on it.

Get over it!

Anonymous said...

I remember Mr. League preaching in a sermon one holy day that it was our responsibility to send in our tithes, NOT to worry about how they are spent. He went on to say that they (the ministry) should be trusted without question to do whatever they saw fit with the money. He continued on to say that even if Mr. Meredith decided to go behind the headquarters building and "light the money on fire" that was his prerogative and that we should respect whatever decision he made because he is the "human leader of God's church".

What's worse than League saying those words is the number of zombie apocalypse tithe paying drones who submit to that kind of insanity. There are actually a large number of LCG members who I think would cast themselves off a cliff if RCM said to. They truly believe that his word is equal to the word of Christ.

In their defense, maybe they had drifted off to sleep (it was 2nd service afterall)or perhaps they were checking out Facebook or Pintrest on their phones passing the time until they were free and could go home.

I actually had a visualization of Mr. Meredith dancing like a trollish Rumplestiltskin around a bon fire made of dollar bills when League spoke those words.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Anonymous 7:17 AM said, "dr. meredith is repeating the same mistakes that mr. armstrong did, namely not reigning in his son's excesses, and frankly not refraining from promoting his son in the first place."

MY COMMENT - The Radio/Worldwide Church of God was a family business. Garner Ted was groomed to be the heir. Give credit where credit is due, Herbert finally dealt with his son's excesses and excommunicated him in an ugly public dispute. Unfortunately, it left the Worldwide Church of God without a successor.

What qualifications does little Jimmy Meredith have to be the next Pastor General of LCG? Did he attend God's Ambassador College like Garner Ted or Stephen Flurry of Philadelphia Church of God did?

Like the parent Radio/Worldwide Church of God, the splinters are primarily family businesses.


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Back Ops Mikey said, "What your cult leader chooses to do with them is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! As long as he pays his income tax on it."

MY COMMENT- I suspect if Little Jimmy's travel expense reports were ever audited, we would find personal expenses (income to little Jimmy) being run through the tax exempt Living Church of God. Why does the name Ron Weinland come to my mind?


Anonymous said...

"Mr." "Dr."

Drop the formalities, 7:17. Try Herbert and Rod. Or Armstrong and Meredith.

They're just people. This obsession with titles for these guys is silly, not to mention pretentious.

And please, can we stop with the comparisons to biblical figures? It just doesn't apply.

Byker Bob said...

This makes one wonder if Dr. Doug is testing the waters regarding the viability of a new splinter. He's got to know that a remark such as this will not ingratiate him with Uncle Roddy.

Even if this had been so subliminal that when it was originally stated in the sermon it got by Rod Meredith and most of the members, now that it has been restated here, everybody knows.


James said...

The money could have been used to feed the poor.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Or the money could have been better used to search for obscure ancient codices, ancient pottery and 2nd century scrolls.

Ancient stories of the paranormal are much more important than a pseudo Jewish Olde Testament Christianity keeping non Feasts (without a temple, priests, animal sacrifice) in Hawaii.

The good news is that they could have a Luau featuring roast in a pit encased in native leaves. The really good news is that beer is a traditional drink which goes a long way to sate the alcoholic boozers of the church. Be sure to sample the poi. Hula dancers in grass skirts may be featured.

Great fun.

Maybe much more fun than discovering ancient artifacts, which is sort of a niche interest reserved for those who ponder such things as the Gospel of Judas.

Minimalist said...

Having Spies in the Meredith cult is sweet!

Need some in the

RSK said...

Well, much could have been done with that money to better exemplify Matt 5:16, no doubt. However, doing so would not directly benefit the LCG leadership so much as spending it on themselves.

RSK said...

As for James' comment at 12:27, I'd guess LCG would likely trot out John 12:5 while ignoring Galatians 2:10. Be that as it may...

Anonymous said...

when they do the same things as biblical figures did, and have the same results, they repeat history, and it does apply...

Anonymous said...


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Black Ops Mikey said, "You people sent in your tithes. What your cult leader chooses to do with them is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! As long as he pays his income tax on it."

MY COMMENT - This comment is merely meant to be a "what if" scenario:

What if... LCG pays to fly Little Jimmy Meredith round trip to Hawaii to negotiate (wink wink) with the resort that the LCG has had past business relations with. As stated by a previous comment, it probably could have been accomplished by phone, fax and e-mail.

What if...little Jimmy Meredith spends 2 hours at the resort conducting documented Church business. The rest of the business day is spent hanging out at the pool and in his luxurious hotel suite paid by LCG so little Jimmy can watch NCIS in style.

What if...LCG paid for all his meals and drinks.

What if...Little Jimmy spent several days at the Hawaiian resort while he was there for personal rest and relaxation - otherwise unknown as a vacation.

While LCG and the dumb sheep tithe slaves paid for the entire trip of this hypothetical scenario for little Jimmy Meredith's Hawaiian Feast site negotiation junket, the entire "business trip" expense as described above WOULD BE TAXABLE INCOME to little Jimmy Meredith!

Who thinks my "what if" scenario is way off base and couldn't possibly be reality? Who thinks Little Jimmy would report it as income if the scenario was true? Again, why does the name Ron Weinland come to mind?


Anonymous said...

You want to talk about the new offices that LCG built in the back of the building? They spent huge amounts of money on it. But it is funny you never see any pictures of it so the members can see what their money bought. The office are huge with specially built furniture. they had to put a staircase outside the building (so they could get out quick if bad people made it that far into the building). I wonder if they finally put in the secret escape for Dr. Meredith so they could get him out quick too. Did you know there are special White Noise devices in the ceiling so their conversations can not be recorded? That place is like Fort Knox.