Sunday, March 22, 2015

God Was Too Lazy Last Night To Wipe The Clouds Away In Jerusalem

The god of the Malmites was either too lazy or unconcerned that they were standing out in a field in Israel last night waiting to catch a glimpse of the "new" moon.  It was cloudy and because the legalists could not see it, even though it was there, they "new" moon did not happen.  The Malmites god could have taken his hands and pushed away all those clouds, but noooooooooo it did not! 

Soooooooo, they made the determination that the "new" moon actually begins tonight.  That in turn throws off all their other calculations and moves Pentecost around to another day.

It is always important to remember that the law trumps in every case.  The law is their god.

Last evening the light of the new moon was NOT seen in or anywhere near Jerusalem where God has placed his name.  Remember that Almighty God controls the weather and he could have opened the clouds with a wave of his hand.  This is God’s will. Sunset tonight brings the first new moon day of the first Biblical month.  Welcome the New moon with the shofar.  For details on New Moon observance lease see our Calendar Category articles.

The first day of the first month of the new biblical year will be Monday 23 March, beginning at the sunset ending 22 March.  

Passover will be Sunday 5 April, to be observed after sunset ending the Sabbath of 4 April.  

The first Holy Day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread will be on Monday 6 April and the seventh day Holy Day will be Sunday 12 April.  

As previously posted, this will move the Wave Offering and Pentecost forward a week. 

The Wave Offering day will be Sunday 12 April.  The seventh Sabbath after the Wave Offering will be 30 May and Pentecost will be 31 May.


Anonymous said...

Give the airport a call...

Anonymous said...

Just what kind of a hand and what is the nature of that hand that God can wave? Does God have teeth to chew his food n digest it? Does God go potty?

Anonymous said...

What if it is cloudy for a month??

Byker Bob said...

This is one of those areas where common sense and modern technology should enter the picture. It is also why the civilized world turned to "fixed" calendars, starting with the Babylonians, and began calculating the new moons by the mathematics of conjunction.

Let's use an analogy. Suppose pilot X were flying a twin engine Cessna from Toronto into the Saskatchewan Airport (Isn't that close to Malm?). Complicating things, the weather is overcast. Now, suppose pilot X were instrument-rated, and could safely land under instrument flight rules, but insisted on not landing because he preferred visual flight rules. That is the equivalent of what Malm is doing!

What is so peculiar is that when I saw the first sliver of the new moon last evening, I immediately thought of James Malm, and the other sabbatarians who want to keep a fixed calendar to number off their sabbaths, but insist on using the old pre-fixed rules to determine when the new moon actually occurs. This is exactly the sort of ridiculous situation that fanaticism gets people into. We have international communication, we have airplanes which could fly above the cloud cover, and we have modern mathematics, but a fanatic insists on throwing off the measurement of an entire year that is supposed to be holy to himself and his followers because there were clouds!


Connie Schmidt said...

Shucks! Thats going to ruin our annual Memorial Day camp out and woman's softball tourney by moving Pentecost up a week to May 31st! We already were booked!

Come on Malm, there has to be a better way to do this, as a woman has a schedule to keep! No fried chicken or potato salad for you if you show up!

Connie Schmidt said...

I think Malm's mind is CLOUDY!

Anonymous said...

"What if it is cloudy for a month?"

Unfortunately, if they don't see the crescent moon the first night, they have to call it the next night, they don't even have to look anymore, because a lunar month can't be any longer than 30 days. But that would be great if it would make a month be 45 or 60 days lol.

"Just what kind of a hand and what is the nature of that hand that God can wave? Does God have teeth to chew his food n digest it? Does God go potty?"

Of course he does, and he uses that hand to grab those fluffy white clouds to wipe his omniscient butthole with. Why do you think the clouds are dark sometimes? Those are the used clouds. Then he depresses the lever and it starts to rain. Don't listen to meteorologists. They have a conspiracy going. They all know the truth, but they tell you all this "sciencey" stuff instead.

Anonymous said...

And since the new moon sighted in various places well , uh, 'varies' the Malmites, not to be confused with Malamutes, will be observing holy days at all sorts of different times thus ushering in an age of mass confusion.
It is a great time to be a Pharisee of Pharisees.

Questeruk said...

Under James Malm’s rules, on day 29 of the month the moon must be actually observed from Jerusalem. If it’s not seen, even if it is there but behind a cloud, the month cannot begin.

James considers this is God’s prerogative to either move the clouds or not. But only for one day!

On day 30, regardless of the moon being seen or not, a new moon is declared, because it ‘must be there’, regardless of the clouds.

This is why he has gone ahead and published the amended dates. It seems that James will only allow his god to delay the month by one day, and no more.