Saturday, March 28, 2015

Thanks To Rod Meredith Readership Increased by 10,000+ Hits This Week

Thanks to Rod Meredith's rant in his sermon last Saturday the viewership on this blog has increased this week by well over 10,000 hits.  That is NOT a few disgruntled people in LCG checking us out.  Its a LOT of people looking into what is said here. People are waking up!

Thanks Spanky and Lil'Jimmy!!!!!!


Charlie Brown said...

If this keeps up I can see Doug Winnail, or Dick Ames paying the shipping guys to accidentally leave Rod's sermons out the monthly allotment of "spiritual food".

Black Ops Mikey said...


The truth is stranger than fiction.

Does this mean your site is more effective than Reader's Digest ads?

Connie Schmidt said...

Thats more people (by many times) than respond to his "Tommorows World" Television Program!

Rod should just start advertising on this site for marketing! LOL!

Anonymous said...

regardless of the weaknesses and bigotry of Kefa, the gates of hell shall not prevail...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps RCM visited 10,000 times this week as sermon prep?

Byker Bob said...

Kudos to all of these people for being open minded and for taking the time to investigate for themselves. That can't be an easy thing.

There is a basic sleight of hand behind Armstrongism. People have been convinced to the bottoms of their souls that the teachings of a man are actually the teachings of God. Now, one theological case can be made for keeping the oracles of the Old Covenant. Those, in and of themselves, if practiced reasonably and not strictly legalistically, or in an elitist manner do not produce bad fruits in believers' lives. There are passages in the Bible which indicate that if you keep part of the law, you are required to keep all of the law, or you are under a curse, but, for the moment, let's set those aside.

What about British Israelism? That is an extra-Biblical doctrine, a "borrowed" theory introduced into the doctrines of COG-7 by Herbert W. Armstrong. It was his hook, that which was used to create a sense of urgency amongst his acolytes. However, since the 1950s, much research has been done into history, linguistics, ancient cultures, into all related passages of the Bible itself, and through the mapping of the human genome. Guess what? On all fronts, the theory has been proven to be physically impossible! The tribes were never lost, and it is not genetically possible that Anglo Saxons or other Europeans could be the physical descendents of the so-called lost tribes of Israel! Yet, Herbert W. Armstrong has called this theory the key to understanding end-time prophecy. Such theories were actually used as the basis for his authenticity, and therefore his authority, and continue to be throughout all of the splinters.

And, there is more! Authority from the top down is not even a New Covenant principle. That was part of a dispensation designed for slave people (dumb sheep?) The veil of the temple was rent from the top down. There is direct connection between God and His children. That is New Covenant authority. Three tithes, and on money or currency, is based on misunderstanding passages in the Old Testament, let alone the New. Church eras are based not on specifics enumerated by scripture, but on the interpretive theory of a man.

Did you ever wonder, why you were admonished not to study written materials other than those "approved" by the Armstrong movement? Were you ever troubled by the fact that in order to be considered converted, or in proper attitude, you were only allowed to reach the conclusions to which you were carefully guided, and not permitted to ask the really hard-ball questions which troubled you?

To a certain extent, it is good to question authority, and to hold authority accountable. If something seems to be horribly wrong, it probably is. Somewhere along the line, the teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong were substituted for, and made equal to, the teachings of God. Once that programming, and loyalty to a philosophy has been superimposed on the human mind, it becomes very difficult to correct. However, something has gone terribly wrong. Things are now taking place in the Armstrong organizations which none of us knowingly signed on for. Perhaps it is time to at least do some fact checking, and reinvestigate your data. Like a good accountant, make sure it all computes!


Ed said...

My guess is that the leaders of the other COG's secretly desire the LCG to go under so they can pick-up more tithe slaves. This isn't going to happen. The LCG may split. The result would be another COG splinter group which would result in the COG pie being divided into even smaller pieces. Some from other groups may latch onto this new group and a handful may drift to some of the other splinters but their wish to pick-up any large number of tithe slaves will just not happen.

Anonymous said...

Ames, Winnail and others allow RCM to run his mouth and spew insanity because it is all part of their plan to discredit him and take over. It's not accidental. It's intentional.

Meredith used to make decisions and tell the council of elders what he was going to do. Now he's incapable of making decisions because his mind is slipping. He asks everyone's opinions, which would ordinarily be an improvement, but unfortunately those he has surrounded himself with are just as bad as he is with Little Jimmy being the worst.

Anonymous said...

LCG needs to terminate with extreme prejudice

Anonymous said...

While it's certainly possible that stories of Charlotte HQ being in an uproar have been greatly exaggerated, one thing is for sure, if RCM dignified this blog by condemning it from the pulpit, and none of the naysayers have disputed that, then it's definitely causing some kind of consternation in the conference rooms and back offices of Charlotte HQ.

And if this blog has received 10,000 hits over and above it's usual weekly average, then that one mention alone has already successfully evangelized it to the greater LCG community. Will it be dignified again today from LCG pulpits?

Anonymous said...

Jim Meredith called his viewers "frogs boiling in a pot of water" in his last disgusting video which is ironic since it's actually the members of LCG that are slowly boiling to death! Many of them are aware of the madness and lack of character at headquarters but yet they sit in silent submission either incapable of or in refusal to get out before they die spiritually.

LCG members are now in a version of a Pack/Flurry church.

They tell you who you can and can't be friends with.

Disfellowship you if you read non-LCG approved books.

Disfellowship you if you don't tithe.

Disfellowship you if you have private Bible studies.

Disfellowship you if you don't agree with their doctrinal "upgrades".

Disfellowship you if you don't believe that Meredith's word is equal to the word of God.

Disfellowship you if you like to prove all things to yourself and dare to question ministerial behavior or church doctrine.

Disfellowsip you if you have money and don't turn it over to them in blind submission.

Disfellowship you just because they don't like you or for any other reason they see fit.

When I first joined LCG there was a completely different spirit.

It has gone completely down the toilet and seems to get worse by the day. I can only imagine how bad it will be when Jim takes over. Uh.

Anonymous said...

Winnail gave the sermon today in Charlotte. He talked about the terrible poverty affecting South American LCG members, and contrasted it with wealthy American standards of living.

During his sermon, Winnail listed signs that a church is not fulfilling its mission properly, One sign was "spending money on changing the color of its carpets." LCG insiders will instantly recognize Winnail's reference, since Jim Meredith spent tens of thousands of dollars putting new carpet all over LCG headquarters even though the old carpet was fine.

But Winnail's sermon wasn't an attack against Meredith. It can't be. LCG is more unified than ever. Rod has said so.

Anonymous said...

Jim Meredith is in Hawaii on the tithe-payers dime right now(again). He needs to be there to set up the Feast venue even though it's been at the same place for years and there's this new invention called a fax machine which could be used to send signed documents, etc.

Any excuse to have a luxury vacation at our expense.

I would love to find information about his California bankruptcies and get them published on this blog. I looked up his house in the Mecklenburg county tax records which are public information and saw that it is in his wife's name. My guess is that under chapter 11 he couldn't get a mortgage in his name. The tithing members of LCG need to fully understand how poor his business sense is and how extravagant his spending habits are.

Anonymous said...

Winnail was free to make subtle digs at Little Jimmy today because RCM is too out of it to notice and Little Jimmy is in Hawaii AGAIN on the tithe payers dime. I hope he is able to enjoy a nice bottle of wine and some mahi mahi on his company credit card. Servant leadership in action.

Anonymous said...

I was reading in the Wikipedia article on feces that people from all cultures throughout the history of mankind have reacted to feces with disgust, which the article is then kind enough to point out is a human emotion. I said to myself, "Shit, judging from all the reports, LCG members universally react to NCIS Jim with that very same human emotion!"

~Miguel de la Rodente

Silence said...

Kickass. You're helping to break LCG with the truth.

Charlie Brown said...

The mole inside LCG can be none other than Wyatt Ciesielka. I'm sure that a group of them are staging a coup as we speak. Wyatt is a liar, and a fraud like all the others there. I guess that's why he's there. If old Rod doesn't die soon there has to be a split.

Anonymous said...

Indeed Wyat is a liar and a fraud but he's also an idiot. He's too stupid to stage a coup.