Friday, March 20, 2015

UCG's Scott Ashley Lashes Out at James Malm's "Vomit" While Calling Him a "Congenital Liar" a "Lying Fool" and a "Useful Idiot"

James Malm has been working overtime to stir up a stink in the UCG over the idiotic nonsense of who is using the right calendar.   Various other useful idiots over the decades have written countless papers attempting to prove which calendar is to be used, which dates are proper dates, when the first grain of barley is found in some forsaken field in Israel or when the faintest glimmer of a new moon is sighted in Jerusalem.  These apparently are supposed to have relevance to people in other countries who are a part of the minuscule chosen remnant who pretend to be "christian" Jews who place more importance on keeping the law than on anything Jesus ever said or did.

Scott Ashley did not take kindly to James recent rantings.

Hello James,
I see from your comments below and a look at your website—which I haven’t looked at for about 2 1/2 years—that you remain a congenital liar incapable of telling the truth.
As recently as last week your website continues to beat the dead horse that UCG plans to change the Sabbath—even though more than four years have passed since the cogwa split and the United Church of God has made none of the changes you’ve predicted. You seem to fail to grasp that you were used as a useful idiot by those who left UCG to form cogwa, knowing that the only way they could attract a following was to allege that UCG was going to change doctrine—a charge they knew was false. But they couldn’t state the real reasons for the split, which were that they demanded to be in control. They found in you a tool they could use to spread those lies, and you were too stupid to realize that you were being used. I feel sorry for you that you were too blind to see what they were doing, and were able to use you as a tool for deceit and division.
You say “It is widely reported in UCG that you and Gary Petty have said that the paper ‘the Defense of the Biblical Calendar’ has merit.” Really? I find that impossible to believe since the only people who have ever asked me about it or said anything about it to me are the family who gave an earlier version to me and one other elder I passed it on to as a heads-up. I’ve said nothing to anyone about the merits of the paper since I hadn’t read it (and still haven’t). So in your message to me you write two more lies that have no basis in fact.
For the record in the interests of truth, I do not know when or if the paper will be looked at the Doctrine Committee (of which I am a member). If it has been submitted according to the defined process, we have not been notified yet.

Scott Ashley

PS—As for your book, I have no interest in reading it since your track record of predicting the future has been so abysmally wrong over recent years (as in UCG is planning to change the Sabbath, UCG is planning to introduce the Trinity, UCG is planning to change the Holy Days, ad nauseum). You’ve shown by your track record that nothing you write is worth my time reading. I have no time for lying fools whose mission in life is to slander and spread division—which I have no doubt you will try to do with this calendar issue. Take your vomit somewhere else and don’t waste my time.

Revelation 21:8—“. . . and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”

Romans 16:17—”Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.”


Anonymous said...

As much as I cant stand UCG, I have to say that Ashely is correct on this account. Hat's off to him. Malm is truly a useful idiot!

Anonymous said...

Wow Scotty. Where's the love?

Anonymous said...

Malm was so happy that one of his pet beliefs might have been examined by UCG. Then Ashley bitch slaps him back into reality. Epic.

Charlie Brown said...

Beam me up Scotty. The world you live in is so much better.

Anonymous said...

This is the way Scott and his fellows treated Sabbath-keeping HWA loyalists in the early 1990s before UCG was formed. Yet, once it became clear that the members were not going to put up with the new teachings, Scott and others like him quickly rediscovered what they had previously taught, and tried to pretend they had never gone along with the Tkaches.

The way things are moving on the calendar issues among thousands of former and soon-to-be-former UCG members, don't be surprised to see Scott to do a complete 180 degree turn when he realizes his paycheck may depend on it. He's the textbook definition of a hireling.

Anonymous said...

Gooooo Scotty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black Ops Mikey said...

Well OK, just so British Israelism is on its way out of the UCG, along with any prophecies associated with it.

As for Doctrines, the CoG7D finished years of participation among the ministry and membership to produce "This We Believe". Since all of Armstrongism came from the CoG7D originally, and it's doing better than the Armstrongist churches, the United Doctrinal Committee needs a copy of its own to get back to the faith once delivered.

Ha, ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what's better, seeing Malm get slammed or having Scott Ashley's true colors exposed. Only true Christians my a$$.

Anonymous said...

The true colors of the asswipe Scott is now on view for all to see. We've know about this nasty turd for a long time. Glad to see everyone else will now too!

Byker Bob said...

When are these people going to realize that strict legalism is not even possible any more? Too much information has been lost, and times have drastically changed. If a Malmite wanted to get a cup of Starbucks on a week day, the minute he adds a little milk, he's drinking something ceremonially unclean because the vitamin D in commercial milk came from porcine sources. Also, how does a Malmite know whether Starbucks corporate donates to a charity that funds abortions, or promotes any of a number of "sinful" agendas? His bank could also be doing these things, as well as the manufacturers of many of the products he purchases in order to carry on some sort of life.

If you really wish to pursue this to its logical conclusion, you could become one of the tinfoil people over these things. Malm is a fanatic. There is no other word which could begin to describe his personality. He'd probably have a heart attack if someone next to him who eats unclean meats blew a fart and he accidentally breathed the fumes.


Connie Schmidt said...


Burn up the dilithium crystals if we have to, but all power to main phaser banks locked onto the Planet Malm.


Anonymous said...

“UCG's Scott Ashley Lashes Out at James Malm's 'Vomit' While Calling Him a 'Congenital Liar' a 'Lying Fool' and a 'Useful Idiot'”

Wow, Scotty, where is that fake UCG “love” that you phoney baloneys like to pretend you have? Are you so enraged because Malm exposed your secret plans to turn against everything again like you did in the WCG under the Tkaches, and thereby made you feel pressured to delay the UCG's apostasy plans for a little longer?

I personally know of second generation perverts in the UCG who are congenital liars, lying fools, and useless idiots. Is all the godlessness in the UCG part of the preparation for a coming apostasy?

Anonymous said...

You could plug Scott into Luke 18:11 and not miss a beat.

Their Council of Elderly White Guys is OK with this stuff?

Brian said...

Scott Ashley knows he can respond in any unChristian way he wants because he can "mark" anyone attending UCG who calls him on it - only those reading divisive e-mails and visiting divisive websites will read his immature response. So no one will because then they will just get kicked out.

Even if I agree that Malm is ridiculous, Ashley's letter was not the response of a mature man.

Anonymous said...

Someone seems unduly "fixated" on Malm, and I don't mean Scotty. Maybe it's something personal. Maybe Malm deserves it, I don't know, but it does seem like he gets a lot of attention.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Scott Ashley wrote, "They found in you a tool they could use to spread those lies, and you were too stupid to realize that you were being used".

MY COMMENT - Yes, but isn't this true of all tithe slaves who were ever sucked in by Herbert W. Armstrong and his false fear religion business?


Quote of the day - "If you want to dine with the classes, you must lie to the masses".

Anonymous said...

IMHO, FWIW, not enough attention gets paid to James Fruitloop Malm. He is out there making up "new truth" every damn day day, being a general asshat to everyone else (and I do mean everyone) while putting his own hypocrisy up on a pedestal. He doesn't get the ball spiked in his face enough, given that it's all *completely* wrong at worst, and totally indefensible at best.

Anonymous said...

For sure, James Malm is an ungodly mess, but so is the UCG.

Though the UCG might officially believe a few things yet, there has in reality been a defacto apostasy in the UCG from the beginning. In actual practice, many absolutely godless and wicked people were welcomed into the UCG and supported in doing evil to others. The victims of these malicious, outright liars were forced out. Incidentally, doing this sort of thing is what the UCG in actual practice calls “showing love.” How crazy is that, you ask? Continue reading.

One of the surveys in the sidebar at the Banned by HWA Blog asks “Which COG IS Bat Shit Crazy?” At the moment, the PCG has 259 votes or 15% of the total. I had personally thought that Gerald Flurry had done many bad things to win the title, and certainly appeared worthy of it. Recently, though, David Pack, with a burst of energy from the dark side, managed to swim ahead of the PCG and get his RCG a little further downstream with 279 votes or 17% of the total. Beating a satanic kook like Gerald Flurry at his own game takes some serious focus and commitment and dedication to the sport. Interestingly, Roderick Meredith`s LCG managed to surpass both of these terrorist extremists with 410 votes, or 24% of the total. However, the biggest upset of all in this race to the bottom was the UCG getting exactly 666 votes, or 40% of the total. Just by being Laodicean, or worse, and consistently doing things wrong, the UCG has plodded along methodically like a tortoise and has beaten the hare-brained types to the cesspool at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

UCG is not the 1st cult to come out of 'Lost' Angeles. Not by a longshot. It reminds me of someone in the bible who said they fasted often and gave lots to the church, but forgot the 'weightier' things. Oh well, sometimes it's hard to find a decent stone to throw when you are living in a desert.