Thursday, April 30, 2015

Family In Desperate Need To Find Out Name of Abusive Philadelphia Church of God Minister

A family is asking for any help possible in find out out the last name of the man described below.  He is attempting to take money and vehicles from the family.  The wife is still part of PCG and the husband is not.  He is constantly taking money from the wife unbeknownst to her husband.  They are also attempting to stop him from getting proper medical treatment.

Need your help. There is a man named Todd who attends the Austin, TX congregation of the PCG. He is about 40 and a car salesman. I need his last name so he can be blocked from helping the PCG steal money from a friend's dying father.


Anonymous said...

Twice the writer used the word 'form' instead of 'from.' Needs to be corrected.

One would think that the finding out of the minister's last name would be extremely easy. Why not just ask the wife or husband?

NO2HWA said...

I copied and pasted the item from FB where it is posted. Corrected those mistakes.

The wife will not say who the scumbag is and the kids are desperate to find out as their father is struggling with cancer and the PCG vulture is taking all kinds of money from the woman. The children of this couple found and and want him stopped. Just one more example of the devious nature of the PCG.

Byker Bob said...

I hope this man is found, and justice is served.

The basic problem is that the "work" that PCG is allegedly doing is considered far more important and worthy of a family's money than the health and suffering of a non-member. It is another misapplication of "Let the dead bury the dead." It means that rather than help a dying man and his family, money goes down the Flurry rathole, financing the idolizing and imitation of HWA and Irish tap dancing lessons for the "children of the corn."

These people need to hire a private detective and or get a court order.


Connie Schmidt said...

It appears that both dealers and sales representatives in Texas are required to be licensed.

At this website from the State of Texas one can enter in a name like "Todd" and several dealerships will pop up...

A couple of dozen names popped up.

If "Todd" is just a sales rep and not dealer licensed, the Attorney General of the state maintains records for both dealers and for salespeople. They too can be contacted for information. This is a case of elder abuse and the AG should be contacted.

Connie Schmidt said...

In the following link, there is a minister from PCG named "David Todd". He was the one who helped Flurry find HWAs supposed "prayer rock".

Robby Vasheath said...

Is it a minister or just a laymember doing this?

NO2HWA said...

This is supposedly a minister. Considering the horrible abusive PCG minister like Cal Culpepper and others this is really no shock.

Ex-PCG said...

It isn't David Todd. He died several years ago.

Anonymous said...

These people need to go to the media they can investigate and expose the PGC corruption.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Leave it to these Armstrongite vultures to lust after the estate of a dying man. The children need to protect their father's estate and THEIR inheritance from these money hungry sleaze balls in the PCG.

It disgusts me when I read stories like these about Flurry's PCG greed. I seem to recall perhaps on Gavin's old Ambassador Watch website reading about a family that successfully sued PCG for its mind control influence in a dying member's life end estate decisions - "Give your money to PCG and you will be in the first resurrection". I seem to recall that it was in Canada.

What leeches these wolves in sheep clothing are on the dumb tithe slave members! It is so bad in the ACOGs that you cannot even dye with dignity after a lifetime of financial support to the Church without being hounded to death for one's estate. When will the dumb sheep wake up to the Plain Truth?


Robby Vasheath said...

This is not an uncommon story.

A member in the Canadian region just sold a car and is being told that 100% of the proceeds needs to go back to the church because it was originally purchased on money saved up via 3rd tithe assistance!

Does that seem right to you?

Byker Bob said...

Humans can control their actions, but it is nearly impossible to control the often involuntary thoughts which stream through the human mind. This includes the part of the mind which assigns a sense of fairness, or basic goodness to human activities. If this were not true, it would not be possible to sear the human conscience.

I believe that when authority figures in the ACOGs do horrible things to members and nonmembers of their groups, the same twinges about fairness and basic goodness or badness also pass through their minds, just as they do through ours. They unfortunately override them, choosing unfair and bad, because that is what their evil leaders demand as the primary condition for their continued status and employment. Over time, this sears or reprograms a conscience to suit a particular agenda. Even in our anger, most of us would be nearly incapable of doing the same types of things to these individuals as they have done to all of us.

When leaders' consciences are seared from such things as fomenting continued deception regarding the dates of the end, and continuing the lie of British Israelism, and any number of other things, bad character traits are going to radiate up and down the authority structure of the organizations. The single most punishable offense in an ACOG comes from the T-Shirt that reads "Question Authority." They hold themselves to be above accountability (which would normally be the very reason to avoid them or the self-proclaimed authority which they always falsely equate with God).

Get Todd! Do it legally, of course. He needs to be held accountable to higher standards than his seared conscience is dictating!


Anonymous said...

Bring it to the attention of the Dept. of Elder Abuse in Texas to investigate.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a story.
[Jacob, Rebekah, Esau and the Birthright]
a lesson well learned?
it seems stealing and conning from others is fair game.

Anonymous said...

It might be Todd Barnaby. He's an asswipe that sells cars.

Connie Schmidt said...

If it is Todd Barnaby, there are some things that match up. One, this guy lives in Austin TX as does the victim. Two, although the business listed here by Manta shows him in the computer business, he is ALSO a licensed car dealer according to

Two very unusual coincidences.
Here is the Manta website :

Here is the contact information from the accudata website:
Austin | San Antonio | Central and South Texas
4521 Golf Vista Drive
Austin, TX 78730
Telephone: 512-380-9300
Fax: 512-380-9301
Todd Barnaby
Owner/Sales Engineer

Connie Schmidt said...

Todd Barnaby, car dealership license from the State of Texas, in Austin...

Connie Schmidt said...

4521 Golf Vista Drive, Austin TX

According to Zillow, this property is worth $562,000!

Click on the property on the map to see interior pictures of this luxurious home.

This appears to be our villains home. Stealing and pressuring from the dying and distressed. DISGUSTING!

NO2HWA said...

A n update from teh family:

They have reported that they have told Todd to stay away from thier parents and that if he doesn't they will go to the news media and drag Gerald Flurry into it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, NO2HWA, I wish they would do that anyway!

Anonymous said...

“Family In Desperate Need To Find Out Name of Abusive Philadelphia Church of God Minister”

What is the problem here?

Finding the name of an abusive PCG “minister” should not be very difficult at all. All PCG “ministers” are abusive.

Try finding the name of a PCG “minister” who is not abusive. Now that would be difficult!