Sunday, April 19, 2015

LCG Members Asking: "Was LCG Behind the Take Down of Mark Scarboroughs HWALibrary Videos?"

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...

This is from an LCG member:

This past Sabbath the conversations were centered around the take down of the video sermons by Herbert W Armstrong that the HWA Library had posted on YouTube over the past several years.

What many people did not know is that the HWA Library site was owned and operated by Mark Scarborough.  One of your blog followers did some sleuthing and discovered this:

The owner of the is listed on as this...
Registrant Name: Mark Scarborough
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: PO Box 1550
Registrant City: Independence
Registrant State/Province: Missouri
Registrant Postal Code: 64055
Registrant Country: United States

The questioned that many were asking was, "Is the LCG behind this?"  The LCG has had a deep seated hatred of the Scarborough family over the last few years.  Mr. Meredith had previously disfellowshipped the entire Scarborough clan except for Mark Scarborough and his wife.  They too recently felt the wrath of Mr. Meredith when they were also disfellowshipped.

Did LCG HQ staff go behind the scenes and contact Grace Communion letting them know that Mark was the owner of the HWA Library site?

LCG is creating its own firestorm right now with all the bitterness and anger that emanates from the HQ staff.  Many are wondering if we are now witnessing the destruction of the LCG.


Anonymous said...

Everything in this story is true except that Mark and Teresa Scarborough were marked and disfellowshipped from LCG 3 years ago with the rest of the Kansas city Scarborough's. That was when they started hwa library.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your Wizard of Oz pic lol

Black Ops Mikey said...

You know it's so inspiring that the LCG and CGI can work together for a common goal!

Charlie Brown said...

That site has been up longer than three years.

Byker Bob said...

People in mainstream Christianity often have their own personal ministries, ministries that don't involve having a church or a congregation. One example might involve supplying blankets or sleeping bags to homeless people for whom there is no room during the cold winter nights at the missions.

Although personal ministries and personal evangelism have been frowned upon in Armstrongism, some members do have the means and the know-how to start and maintain a personal ministry. I am certain that this is the idea behind the HWA Library. These folks probably consider that to be their personal ministry. It's a P.R. problem for the splinter leaders, because how could you justify forbidding someone from making the HWA archive available to the public? How could you forbid newspapers or blogs which seem to have the goal of promoting unity amongst the ACOGs? These are efforts which are consistent with Armstrong theology, but 1). The splinter leader whose church these people attend is not in control of these sites. 2). That same leader would prefer to have the money which funds the personal ministry to use as he deems fit. In fact, he considers that to be rightfully his!

Isn't it convenient that the entity which controls the copyrights is an entity to which the people with the personal ministry would NEVER run and join? They can be exploited and "used" to control an internal problem. And by the way, this is not a Bob Thiel type of situation, where most of the members saw Bob as some sort of loathsome Niedermeyer figure (from Animal House). From the reports, the Scarborough family appears to actually have the respect and admiration of the entire LCG.

Finally, people have used this library in accordance to however they believe. In it is contained all of the tools for full blown idolatry, or damning evidence proving that HWA was a despicable money grubber and false prophet. And, its audience consists of people well schooled in the art of "pick and choose" as the preferred method of "proving all things".


David said...

?? "From the reports, the Scarborough family appears to actually have the respect and admiration of the entire LCG."??

Please detail such reports. My experience has been shunning and dirision.

Jesús Christopher de la Cruz said...

"You know it's so inspiring that the LCG and CGI can work together for a common goal!


"I don't always work together with deceived heathen former brethren scum toward a common goal, but when I do, it's to kick the livin' s**t outta someone!"

...said every COG splinter ever...

Jesús Christopher de la Cruz said...

"Former LCG Members Asking: 'Was LCG NOT Behind the Take Down of Mark Scarboroughs HWALibrary Videos?'"

Anonymous said...

Who is the alleged LCG member who wrote the alleged letter? Anyone could write a letter claiming to be a LCG member.

Anonymous said...

Why would Mark and Teresa Scarborough be the one's to be picked on ???, since there are many other sites containing HWA's articles, sermons etc. Why weren't those site's taken down ????. If LCG are involved in this, then they are taking members tithe in a corrupt manner (THEFT), as RCM always states that he follows HWA 100%. They will need to explain to their membership, if they were involved or not.

Anonymous said...

Byker Bob wrote about the LCG not being able to control personal ministries. I have suggested to the letter answering department of LCG that members attend Bible studies and Sunday school classes in local mainstream churches. After all, going "into all the world" should include the blind in local churches. Let the LCG member sit in and participate and share their wealth of Bible knowledge with others. But of course, the leadership wouldn't allow this since the leadership wouldn't be in control. Also, they are probably afraid that the LCG members might come to realize how little they know and how wrong they are. Leadership demands loyalty and must be in control.

Anonymous said...

Annon 11:27

Do you actually think that Meredith, who has a historically documented reputation as a big fat liar, is going to admit or explain anything?

Anonymous said...

LCG hates HWAlibrary. Especially sermons by Carl McNair, who preaches in direct opposition on several topics to what LCG now pushes. There's no doubt they are behind this.

The reason Mark and Teresa Scarborough's are being picked on while other HWA sites are being left alone further adds evidence, in my opinion, that LCG is behind the youtube complaint because Meredith hates Scarborough's. If it were owned by anyone else, it might not even be on his radar. But how dare these people he kicked out of "God's only true church" not wither up and die without him?! BB is exactly correct in his comment about control, containment and tithing.

Anonymous said...

This news can be funny in the eyes of people no longer ensconced in Armstrongist thought!

Some people come to the defense of a couple which promulgates, as widely as possible, the very worst of Armstrongism.
Are HWA's original blatherings any better than Rod's?

I don't know.

Bottom line is they all suck as bad as assholes like Creflo Dollar, David Barton and Ken Ham do.

Byker Bob said...

Here is a thought prompted by Anonymous 5:03 regarding LCG members attending services and Bible Study at local mainstream Christian churches.

Mainstream Christianity teaches that Jesus and the disciples went to Temple on the sabbath and holy days to evangelize the Jews. This is because those highly educated in the field of theology have noticed that unlike some of the examples in the Old Testament, the New Testament words do not specifically say that Jesus and the disciples kept the sabbath. The only passage that does specifically state this regards the Galilean women who were preparing the herbs to annoint Jesus' dead body, and with the general shock and confusion following Jesus' death, it could be taken in the same context as Peter's "I go fishing." With their guide apparently gone, they, too, could have simply been returning to their previous condition.

Is it possible that Armstrongism has drawn the wrong conclusion regarding the sabbath from the gospels and the life of Paul? Is it possible that the greater lesson all along was intended to be about evangelizing, not about Old Covenant sabbath keeping? If so, or even if that were just part of the lesson, clearly, at least the LCG is missing the boat and making this a bone of contention or pretense to mistreat their own people. Regardless as to how damaging some of us feel that the HWA material would be for those who might take it at face value, who amongst us would question the sincerity of people who invest all of the time and money to keep it up there?

This issue can't help but cause more members to leave their affiliation for other groups, or to go independent. Somehow, the current leaders of the ACOGs seem to have acquired an ungodly knack for causing divisiveness and splinters.


Anonymous said...

David - the Scarborough's do have respect within LCG. They have been publically marked (in my opinion without just cause) but yet many in LCG still go out to their house for fellowship on Friday nights or invite them to attend LCG baby showers, etc. Obviously there are going to be a number of obedient drones who blindly obey regardless of right or wrong so there are indeed LCG members who de-friend them on Facebook or stop associating with them (shun). Overall, it is known that they are a kind, converted, loving family who Meredith hates despite the Scarborough's being willing to give them the shirts off their backs for GCG and LCG. I have known this family for 20 years. Their problem (if you want to call it a problem) is that they ask questions instead of blindly accepting new truths which puts them in the crosshairs...