Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rod Meredith Disgusted By Traditional Christian Hymns

Songs of Praise at the Royal Albert Hall. 

Living Armstrongism has posted an entry about a sermon that Rod Meredith preached in 1953.  Meredith was fresh out of the "college" headquartered in Pasadena at that time. The sermon shows that Meredith's arrogant dismissive disdain for anything outside of the Church of God was formed at an early age and is retained to this day.

Many of the traditional Christian hymns that have been passed down over the last several centuries are magnificent pieces of music praising God in ways that hymns in the Purple Hymnal never did.  Armstrongism prefers hymns that sing about a vengeful god ready to squash and kill all those who are outside the Church of God.  Armstrongism sings it hymns to a god who is a god of war, violence, pestilence, and death. These hymns are usually the ones that are sung the most and with gusto.  Anything that smacks of grace or love from God towards creation or humanity are rarely sung.  If a hymn that is in the LCG hymnal is "protestant" based you can be guarantee many words have been changed to fit Meredith's theology.

Below is summary notes take by the blog owner on the things Meredith said in his sermon.
Condemning Non-Armstrongite Hymns

Now Meredith begins to discuss hymns. Meredith talks about how disgusted he is by the hymns of the other churches because they contain ideas that contradict what HWA has said, (or as he puts it in Armstrongite jargon "lies".) 

You (the Radio COG lay members) were finishing "Praise Him" which he approved of. Must "not let paganism come into this church". Thankful and congratulates Dwight Armstrong for writing the Bible Hymnal. (13-14 minutes.)

The more he listens to other hymns the more thankful he is that Dwight Armstrong has made the hymns in question. Other hymns have been edited.

Onward Christian Soldiers speaks of a cross. This has been changed to a sword. Nothing loving about the cross. Despicable cross. Not to be "worshiped" in any form.

Singing Hymn 33. Have to watch it regarding what is sung. Meaningless poetic language. Draw me to the cross. Offended that it talks about Christ bleeding. Not the Christ preached in the Bible. (17 minutes.)

Talks of how Protestants believe in "Little Lord Jesus", in mocking tone.

Christ did not have long hair. Protestants have pagan pictures -- idols -- of Jesus. With effeminate features. Portrayed as "sickly individual." He was a "he man". Not a sissy. Not a sissy. (He uses that phrase twice very quickly.)

HWA is preaching the word of God. Soundly. Sober.

Not just telling about the person of Christ.


Byker Bob said...

One of the qualifications for being a minister within Armstrongism is that you had to like to speak out against things. That had to be one of your passions. And, of course, they spoke out most against all of the things that make life enjoyable, or worth living. Can't have any distractions from properly plagiarized Pharisaic Philadelphian protocol!


Redfox712 said...

Thanks for the mention, No2HWA.

I can well recall back when I was an Armstrongite how Meredith would mention his disdain and disgust for traditional Christian hymns.

One time I even heard him say that he never listens to Ave Maria when the lyrics for it are being sung. Sometimes he'll listen to it when there are no lyrics with it.

(Most emphatically he does not mention any Catholic hymns in the 1953 sermon under discussion.)

Imagine my surprise many years later when I learned Ave Maria was originally written as part of a play but later it came to be often used as a song.

Back when I was an Armstrongite I ignored his disdain for traditional Christian hymns. I was unable to take notice of it. But now I find his hatred for such things strange and bizarre.

Of course the real reason he makes sure his followers do not listen to such things is make sure there can be no feelings of togetherness with anyone outside of his following.