Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Living Church of God Needs 377 Page Manual To Tell Ministers How To Behave


Church Administration Department 

The Living Church of God has always attempted to portray itself as the most loving and merciful Church of God to exist after the Worldwide Church of God imploded.

That image has never gained footing with the broad majority of Church of God members.  Rod Meredith and his hierarchy had visions that when Meredith left WCG that large numbers would come over with him.  It did not happen.  Given the horrendous track record that Meredith has with his mistreatment of ministers and members, well over 90,000 members turned their backs on him.

It has been well know through countless documented horror stories on how bad Meredith has treated members and ministers over the many decades he has been in power.

Scores of letters from former LCG members are posted on the Exit and Support web site detailing the horrible ways they have been treated by Meredith and LCG ministers.  Many Global Church of God members remember the hell they went through when Meredith apostatized from their group, took all their money and then treated Raymond McNair as subhuman Laodicean garbage leading McNair and his wife to grovel at Meredith's feet on their knees (with trembling lips) in order to preserve their eternal salvation.

Due to his literal interpretation of scriptures, Meredith has used control and power as his operational standards.  Ministers in the LCG and the COG as whole are hand picked by their superiors.   These are usually yes-men who will do everything in their power to impress the Dear Leader at the expense of the membership.

In many Christian denominations people feel they are "called" to serve the church.  This is no short  period of time.  Many churches have lengthy discernment processes where members of the church meet with and discuss the persons call with that person.  This goes on for months and sometimes for well over a year.  Hard questions are asked in order to discern whether the person is really called to the job or not.  Then after the discernment process is over, they meet again with church leadership who then do more counseling.  They then head off to 2-4 years at a seminary where they learn about the book they are supposed to be following, real church history and real ethics.

Nothing like this ever happens in the COG.  No discernment is ever gone through.  A minister sees a man (always a man) who they feel are well rounded individuals. Most of the time it is men who cater to and slap the back of the leadership that are over them.

Since the LCG and the other COG's claim to believe every single word of the Bible, here is what the ministers of the COG should be doing:

1 Timothy 1) Above reproach, 2) Husband of one wife, 3) Temperate, 4) Prudent, 5) Respectable, 6) Hospitable, 7) Able to teach, 8) Not addicted to wine, 9) Not belligerent, 10) Gentle, 11) Uncontentious, 12) Free from love of money, 13) Manages household well, 14) Not a new convert, 15) A good reputation inside and outside the church.

Titus 1) Above reproach, 2) Husband of one wife, 3) Having children who believe, 4) Not self-willed, 5) Not quick tempered, 6) Not addicted to wine, 7) Not belligerent, 8) Not fond of sordid gain, 9) Hospitable, 10) Lover of what is good, 11) Sensible, 12) Just, 13) Devout, 14) Self-controlled, 15) Holding fast the word —both to exhort and refute.

How many COG leaders are above reproach?   Even sinless Meredith cannot meet this first hallmark.

How many are temperate and hospitable?  Most demand strict allegiance to themselves and certainly are NOT temperate individuals! 

How many are really teachable?  The vast majority will not even consider reading a booklet or book by a person outside the CCG who is far more educated than they are.  How many ever read a book that was opposite their viewpoint in order to understands both sides of an issue or teaching?  How many have ever had a real class on the Bible outside the fake 'universities" the COG pretends to be 
pseudo-seminaries?  How many have ever studied doctrine without the lens of Herbert Armstrong's interpretations?

How many COG ministers are not alcoholics?  Alcoholism is rampant in the COG.  The leadership in UCG, LCG, PCG and LCG have some big time alcoholics in power.

How many COG ministers are not belligerent?  All one has to do is look at the horror stories online and you will see belligerent ministers make up most of the COG leadership.  Just look at Dave Pack, Rod Meredith, Cal Culpepper, Gerald Flurry, and others.  These are men without scruples when it comes to making members lives a living hell.

How many COG leaders/ministers are free from the love of money?  Is it even possible to name one person?  Love of money has created cult compounds in Edmond Oklahoma, and Wadsworth, Ohio where mini Ambassador Campus are being built with mini-Ambassador Auditoriums. Being free from money certainly is NOT part of their ministries.  Love of money helped LCG get off the ground after they took all they could from Global Church God leaving them bankrupt.  If they truly did not love the money they would have stepped out on faith.  But we all know that has never been the foundational principle of any modern day COG.

How many COG leaders/ministers have managed their households well?  How many still have children even part of the COG?  Children of many COG leaders and ministers have been the most rebellious in the church.  From drugs to sex, the minister’s kids did/do it. Some of the biggest drug peddlers in Imperial Schools where children of ministers and evangelists.

How many COG leaders have ever "held fast to the word?"  Every time they get their panties in a wad they leave and form a new group with "newly revealed" teachings.  All one has to do is claim that "God has revealed new understanding" and they are off and running with clap happy seals slobbering all over them.

All of this really boils down to two major points that all COG ministers should be doing.  Love God and their neighbor/members.  Love should always trump over the rules, but in the COG rules always trump love.

Rules are so important that the ministry of the Living Church of God needs a 377 page manual telling them how to behave!  377 pages!

Apparently loving God and loving their neighbor is not plain enough!

The LCG Ministerial Manual (2008) states:

The main objective of this manual is to assist Pastors in their support of that mission, which is: 
• Preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and the true name of Jesus Christ.
• Preach the END-time prophecies and the Ezekiel warning to the Israelitish peoples.
• Feed the flock and build all our members to the stature of Jesus Christ, as best we can.
• Be EXAMPLES to the Church at large and to the world of Christ’s way of life.
• Learn and practice Servant Leadership in all our dealings with others.
• Build an atmosphere of radiant FAITH within God’s Church.
• Restore Apostolic Christianity and all that this implies. (pg 0-1)

Anyone with any COG knowledge at all knows that they have failed miserably on ALL the principles above.

Jesus is not a figure that is widely preached in the COG.  The law is, but Jesus is not. Racial superiority is preached, but love of the Gentile is not.  British Israelism has been thoroughly debunked for many decades now for its racist tenants.  BI is more important than the following verse:

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus. Gal. 3:28

BI is a necessary teaching in the COG because without it every single doctrine they hold dear comes crashing to the ground. Prophecy is shattered and made useless.

The manual also states the following Management Principles that LCG claims to follow:

Management Principles of the Ministry 
The guiding principle governing operational relationships within Church Administration is the principle of love as defined by Jesus Christ (Mark 12:31).  This is the guiding principle that must be applied by all Pastors and administrative personnel.  

As brothers in Christ, we must strive to meet basic human needs in the process of performing the Work of God.  Personal needs of Pastors must be balanced with the needs of the Church.  We will work as a team to perform the objectives of the Church under Jesus Christ’s leadership. 

Hierarchical Government 
God’s government is hierarchical (Ephesians 4:11; Hebrews 13:17).  God established organizational structure so that all things may be done decently and in order (1 Corinthians 14:40).  

Servant Leadership 
While hierarchical, God’s government is based on servant leadership (1 Kings 12:7).  Pastors must be concerned for and sensitive to the needs of God’s people (Matthew 20:25-27).  There must be mutual respect for each other as co-workers and as brothers in Christ, as well as respect for the office held by each person.  All Pastors and administrative personnel should recognize that personal equality does not negate the existence of a hierarchy of offices or responsibilities within the ministry.  We will respect these offices for the Work’s sake, but at no time does the authority of office negate the duty to show Christ’s love, respect, and concern for others.  

Fairness and Equity 
The Apostle Paul’s charge to Timothy supports Christ’s teaching to the Apostles concerning “doing the Work.”  “I charge you before God and the Lord Jesus Christ and the elect angels that you observe these things without prejudice, doing nothing with partiality” (1 Timothy 5:21).  Church Administration and Pastors must strive to operate with fairness and equity, without partiality or favoritism in regard to management.  Work assignments are based on experience, ability, training, and needs of the Work.  

Open Communication
We expect Pastors and administrative personnel to encourage constructive communication and participation in the decision-making process as is reasonable and consistent with prudent management of the Work. 

Freedom for Personal Management Style 
Each Pastor and administrator has freedom of management style within the parameters of wisdom and discernment in the framework of God’s law, and within the policies of the Living Church of God.
It is easy to see that the above “standards” that LCG claims to follow are continually broken and certainly are not adhered to by many ministers and church leaders.

Love is NOT a factor in maintaining order in the LCG.  Just read the horrendous stories about that love on the various COG sites.

Servant leadership is also sorely lacking.  Members tend to be the servants to the leadership instead of the leadership serving them.

Hierarchical government is LCG's top priority.  Without it  it would not exist.  All knowledge and revelation comes from on high and not from the membership up.  Only the educated are at the top and the uneducated are at the bottom.  LCG has blatantly said this publicly to its members. 

Is there any leader or minister in the LCG that leads "without prejudice?"  When the leadership portrays itself as more informed and educated than the cretins below them, how are they not showing prejudice?  Even in the sphere of the ordained ranks of LCG there is lack of "without prejudice."  Just like the rest of the COG's, it all depends on who you know on how fast you move up in the ranks.  Just look at unqualified Lil'Jimmy Meredith.  With zero qualifications and zero theological training he is being groomed to take over the LCG at some point in the future.  The only thing he is really good at is spending money.

Fairness and equality in the ministerial ranks?  Too funny.  Fairness and equality towards the membership? No existent.

When will Rod Meredith and crew ever wake up?  More importantly when will the membership ever wake up?


Anonymous said...

You know what it is?
There used to be a little old widow in Missouri who had a million or so and a lot of land and no heirs.
A minister on the telecast who was stationed in Mo at the time used to "take care of her". And also when they would get short on cash squeeze her for a little of her money.
She gave Dr. Meredith a 50,000.00 dollar check at the feast one time.
And right after that he gave himself and the top men at HQ raises. I believe he was making 140,000, Ames got 130,000, and Winnail got 120,000 a year. Because they looked at all the other corporate leaders in the country and thought they should make what they were making.
I heard she died about a year or so ago and left her estate to LCG. Though I heard that her estate is being contested by her nieces and nephews.
So now his cash cow is gone and he was looking for another one, because he was used to getting that money. And the only one he knew that is suppose to have that kind of money was.... so therefore he had to get them to submit to him so he could get his hands on their money.

Anonymous said...

I spent 10 years teaching in a Methodist church (after I left WCG). They have many of the same problems. They are supposed to be guided by the Book of Discipline. But, once a pastor is assigned, he can do what he wants, the way he wants and the denomination will usually side with the pastor in any conflict. They seem more concerned in protecting their careers than caring for the sheep. So the WCG, COG, etc. are not unique, though more toxic than some mainstream churches.

Anonymous said...

Love, fairness and equity DO NOT EXIST IN LCG and they are not in any way a priority.

Only one thing matters... blind obedience. They preach that if you don't obey LCG ministry your salvation is at risk. They preach that if you don't submit to LCG you are not in the body of Christ and that you won't be part of His bride when he returns to earth. They preach that if you don't fully agree with every word spoken from LCG leadership you will suffer the tribulation and not make it to the 1st resurrection. They preach that they are your intercessor to Christ and that without them you will fall away from "the truth" and won't make it to the place of safety. Fear, fear and more fear is what they rule their members with.

They say they follow the whole Bible but they totally ignore almost every word spoken by Christ. Even if they acknowledge the words, on rare occasions, they most certainly do not put them into action.

This manual is a sad joke.

Anonymous said...

This post is 100% true and nicely written.

To answer your final question, many in LCG are starting to wake up. It's discussed in secret by small groups of friends who fear of being discovered by the Thought Police.

The divide between the ra-ra LCG cheerleaders and the members who are capable of objective thought is growing wider by the day.

Anonymous said...

None of Bob League's children came to his funeral.

Man of God? I don't think so!

Tyrannical soldier willing to execute any and all orders from the Liar in Chief? Absolutely!

Byker Bob said...

The people that follow these fools and charlatans must believe that somewhere there is a companion book for the Bible, containing all of the bloopers and outtakes of the patriarchs, prophets, and apostles. That is the only possible explanation as to why principled individuals of reasonable intelligence would allow their teachers to get away with all of the things they do! The entire Armstrong movement consists of bloopers and outtakes! It would almost be comical if so many people had not suffered permanent damage and disillusionment. A pox on these "leaders", and on their houses!


Anonymous said...

All of Meredith's kids are alcoholics.

Not that I blame them. If he were my father I'd probably be on heroin by now. What a nightmare their childhoods must have been!

Anonymous said...

• Feed the flock and build all our members to the stature of Jesus Christ, as best we can.
• Be EXAMPLES to the Church at large and to the world of Christ’s way of life.
• Learn and practice Servant Leadership in all our dealings with others.

Byker Bob said...

This practically defines "dichotomy".

I would submit that this is a textbook provided as a visible outer face, to be seen by outsiders who are intended to believe that the principles outlined in the book are the guiding paradigms for the ministry of the organization.

Unfortunately, those who are governed by the organization that wrote the book have accumulated their own collection of what we might call "oral traditions". The oral traditions give a much more accurate reflection of the organization's character than does this facade of a handbook.

Caveat Emptor

Redfox712 said...

That was a very beautiful post, No2HWA. You outdid yourself with this one.

Anonymous said...

Most members don't even know of the existence of this manual, let alone have one in their possession. That tells me that it was leaked to Banned by a disgruntled minister. Spanky is indeed losing control of the LCG.

Anonymous said...

I have been in Living since its formation and my observance is that the men in power seem to have an extra measure of carnality. Not an extra measure of the Holy Spirit. I have never seen such an overt display of the lusts of the flesh:

Galatians 5:19-21

19 The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; 20 idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions 21 and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.

These character traits are abounding at the LCG headquarters in Charlotte. Many of us are watching them with total disgust.

Anonymous said...

It is so sad...Meredith just loves to wash other peoples sins in public. So how does it feel Meredith?
Remember what you did to Tod Crockett? How about the Robinsons? Or even better how about Mr. Bryce? How about Josh and Tom and Ray and Ro and Theo and Lani Shall I go on? There are many many others.
YOU lied about Mr. Bryce and everything that happened when you fired him. YOU lied about all of them.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Nailed it!

Things would be so much simpler if the ministers in the ACoGs had the Holy Spirit if it exists.

Not that you could prove that it does by their example.

It's also great this comes after the Passover during the Days of Unleavened Bread.

You've helped them find a few crumbs... oh scratch that, you've pointed out the bread truck in their back yard.

Anonymous said...

"Due to his literal interpretation of scriptures, Meredith has used control and power as his operational standards. "

No, we doesn't take the scriptures literally, he distorts them. Jesus literally said "love your neighbor", we are supposed to take the scriptures literally... Unless you think love is superstition.

Anonymous said...

I'm still stuck on the fact that none of Bob League's children came to his funeral. What does that tell us???

Anonymous said...

NO2HWA I have a question...

Where is it in the 377 page manual that one should always keep track of members tithes, offerings, Facebook posts, questions asked related to issues regarding the proof or lack there of of "upgrades" or the seemingly unjust treatment of other church members, etc? Is it stated anywhere in the manual that it's advisable to keep records of all allegations, rumors and gossip that could be potentially used against members if needed years after the fact? Is it outlined that the best way to find out information about members is to ask their friends or to isolate their wives for questioning instead of going directly to the person you want information about? Does the manual state that Matthew 18 does not apply to LCG ministry and that if it's easier for you, you can just give people the boot without following the whole tedious process of letting the accused face their accusers, etc? Just curious. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"Due to his literal interpretation of scriptures, Meredith has used control and power as his operational standards. "

Meredith picks and choses which scriptures to hold to "literally".

When I first joined LCG I was told that what separated them from "mainstream" Christianity was that they believed and adhered to every word of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation instead of ignoring huge parts like the Catholics, Protestants, etc.

What I learned after over a decade of membership was that they very strictly adhere to the letter of the law (Sabbath, Holy Days and so-on) but that they do not in anyway feel obligated to adhere to, preach on or PRACTICE the spirit of the law (love, forgiveness, mercy, or anything else preached by Christ EXCEPT the kingdom of God).

They are just as fake as all the religions they look down their noses at. They still ignore what suits them and adhere to what suits them. They are respecters of men and obsessed with money just like all those churches they look down on. They claim to know Christ but don't do the things which He said just like those other churches.

My membership in LCG has been a huge disappointment. I thought they were different, but they aren't.