Sunday, May 3, 2015

Baron Von zu Guttenberg Grows a Beard and Mustache, Church of God Leader Obsesses Over It

The Baron in New York checking out U.S. citizens that would make good slaves in Germany 
to work in the Volkswagen plant. Rod Meredith and Bob Thiel found giddy with delight.

For many years various COG members and this blog have mocked Bob Thiel's perverse fascination with Baron Von Guttenberg.  Self-appointed false prophet and legalistic liar has long thought that Guttenberg was going to be the human face behind the rise of the Beast in Europe.  For a long period of time Thiel was posting weekly on his most favorite man.

That Bromance seemed to die down some over the last year or so as the Baron was doing nothing that impressed the false prophet Thiel.  Until now..........

The self-appointed false prophet acknowledges that he has been fascinated by the man:

Well, since 2009 I have been watching Karl zu Guttenberg as one who possibly could be the final King of the North of Bible prophecy.  He has already fulfilled at least seven speculative predictions I have written about him.
False prophet Theil then goes on to make another bold assumption that the Baron will one day soon attack the United States and over take it.  Like Rod Meredith, Thiel wants to see concentration camps set up, citizens taken to Europe as slaves to Germans, children dieing of starvation and other goodies.  If none of the ever happens then Theil is proven to be a liar....and we all know Thiel cannot lie.

The fact that he keeps making statements like the final King of the North might be expected to say is also consistent with that.  He has complained that US President Obama is the “most detached President” he had seen in decades, is consistent with the views of one who could one day be persuaded to takeover the USA–which is what the final King of the North will do per Daniel 11:39.
Then the self-appointed false prophet gets to the good stuff.  Thiel was particularly struck by the fact that the Baron had grown a beard and mustache. 

Now there was also something else that caught my interest in the TheStreetTV YouTube video.

Which was?

Karl zu Guttenberg had both a beard and mustache.  Not like what he had once when he had not shaved for three days some years ago, but one that looks like he may keep it for a time.  And he did not have it in another YouTube video that was posted about three weeks earlier.
Of course since Thiel lives in LaLa land, there just HAAAAAAS to be a prophetic reason behind that beard and mustache.

Thiel has sexualized the Baron for some time now.  While we all may joke about it and fun with it, it is truer than we thought.  What straight man sits around and notices this kind of stuff about another man?  Besides that, the false prophet Thiel is looking at a 10th century document that made a stupid prediction about the end times.

Well back in 2011, in an article, I had written and quoted the following:
Also notice:
Anonymou Paraphrasis (10th century): He is graceful and charming his cheeks are turning red when he blushes. He is tall in stature, he has a beard, and there is a moustache also…he has dark hair, his head begins to turn bald in the front, he has an elderly look… (Tzima Otto, p. 43)
The Baron is considered to be graceful and charming. And while the Baron is not tall by modern standards, he would be tall by the standards of the time the above was written (the average height for a male was about 5 foot 6 inches a century or so ago). I do not know if his cheeks are able to turn red. He is slightly balding in the front. In the hundreds of photographs I have viewed of him, he never had a beard or moustache. So, either the prophecy is in error (or does not apply to him) or he will get both a beard and a moustache.
The false prophet continues:

The Anonymou Paraphrasis is a Greek Orthodox writing that foretells the rise of one that is often called the ‘Great Monarch.’ The ‘Great Monarch’ is a leader that many Greco-Roman private prophecies tell of who is to re-establish a universal ‘Catholic’ faith, annihilate heretics, eliminate Islam, and conquer the Anglo-Saxon descended English speaking nations.  This is an individual that seems to have frightening similarities to the King of the North (Daniel 11:21-44), the final Beast of the Sea (Revelation 13:1-10) that the Bible warns against.

As far as Herr Guttenberg’s present facial hair, it is my view that his beard and mustache do not currently give him a truly elderly look.  I will speculate that if Karl zu Guttenberg lets his beard and mustache grow a bit longer, and he starts to show some gray, this likely will give him an elderly look, consistent with the prophecy in the Anonymou Paraphrasis.
 The false prophet then covers his pathetic ass with this:

Of course, of itself, simply growing facial hair is not proof that Baron Guttenberg is the final King of the North of biblical prophecy.  But because of his new appearance, combined with other actions, statements, and what the Bible says should be happening around this time, Herr Guttenberg remains a person of interest, to me at least.

Now if Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg gets involved with a future Middle East peace deal and he establishes some type of new religious “Catholic” order, then he could become the final King of the North. But even if he is not, we are certainly living in times where a powerful leader in Europe will rise up.
All of this speculative nonsense is what makes up 2/3rd's of the silliness that the various COGs preach.  They know nothing about the "Jesus" Christ they are supposed to be following but know all this kind of idiocy.


Byker Bob said...

I am surprised that the ACOGs don't get together to produce a fan magazine, perhaps modeled after the old "Tiger Beat". They could feature the many men they idolize as possibly fulfilling the various leading roles from the prophecies of Revelation in the future, and perhaps presenting renderings and historical retrospectives on those who have either advanced paganism and false churches, or whom they mistakenly believe were leaders of church eras throughout history.

You know, masturbation is often associated with indulging in different pathological behaviors such as pyromania. It kind of makes you wonder if it is also part of the various Armstrong pathologies. I know Rod Meredith talked about it virtually all the time. Maybe this is the only way these guys can get off?


Anonymous said...

"Herr Guttenberg remains a person of interest, to me at least."

I guess so! Profit Bob could use this pickup line:

"I mustache you, are you the Final King of the North? Because you're one Sexy Beast!" LOL!

It's true that there's all kinds of this sort of hyper-speculative peregrinations and substandard "research" clogging the intellectual arteries of the ACOGs. But I don't think anyone puts so much stock in such a wide variety of fables, myths, legends, and fairy tales as does Profit Bob. I think Dave Pack has him beat on every other metric of wackiness though.

It's a good thing we've got the rest of humanity, because otherwise I'd say our species was doomed. Neanderthals must have been smarter than Profit Bob and his followers.

Anonymous said...

"Bible prophecy" is just more made up theologically coated bullshit and the source of endless foolishness

Anonymous said...

If The Baron were to shave his pubes, Bob would go absolutely bonkers in love!

Black Ops Mikey said...

He had me all the way up to "eliminate Islam".

Anonymous said...

The world won't care until 'Nostra-dumbass' has something to say about it.
Wait! Theres an idea for you Bob. Write a book about Nostradamus and piggy-back your way to a gig on H2. Just like Dave Pack or Mancow.
You're 10 minutes of fame might get you a meet-and-greet with the Baron himself.

Anonymous said...

Haha. From now on I'm spelling it "Nostradumas."

Redfox712 said...

I wonder who started fear mongering that zu Guttenburg "might" be the European dictator first? Was it PCG or Bob Thiel.

As far as I know PCG first started fear mongering about him in October 2009.

The following quote is from a post of mine discussing the October 24, 2009, issue of The Trumpet Weekly. As far as I know that article was the first time PCG began to fear monger about him.

""Zu Guttenburg's Rise" by Ron Fraser. PCG tried to portray Zu Guttenburg as a man who could potentially become the European dictator that HWA and his imitators have been claiming will soon arise since the 1930s."

Anonymous said...

The problem for Baron Guttenberg is that when some silly false prophet like Bob Thiel says that Baron Guttenberg might be the Beast, it pretty much destroys the poor Baron's chance to ever get to be any such thing.

Another silly false prophet by the name of Gerald Flurry once had his hopes set on the Austrian far-rightist Jorg Haider to be the Beast. So, poor Jorg had to die in an automobile accident back in 2008.

If these silly false prophets don't shut up, nobody will ever get to be the Beast.