Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rod Meredith: Jesus is Going To Specially Ask You How Much Money You Gave To The Living Church of God

Driving the money changers from the temple

Rod Meredith sent out his Spring money raising letter in April warning LCG members that the income was soon to drop due to the "summer slow." 

Why is the income slow in the summer?  LCG members get to travel and have fun, so why send in as much!

Meredith writes:

Most of you know that. But we certainly need your help and your financial backing. So I ask you, in Jesus’ name, to open your hearts and give generously at this time. We are at a point where a “summer low” is approaching for our income. By adding to our TV and Internet outreach, conducting these campaigns and other things that we are doing, we need your help to keep up the pace. And we need to do even more, as many of you realize, to genuinely have an impact on this very confused world. When Christ returns, He will ask each one of us:  “How much did you help in getting out My message when you had the opportunity?” So as you see these exciting events beginning to come together in front of your very eyes, I pray that thousands of you will be stirred to take action more than ever before! We have the honor to be on the “team” which Christ is using to finish His Work at this time. At almost age 85, I am sincerely driving myself to work regularly and to do all I can as long as God gives me life and breath. I hope you will join me in that way, “laying up treasure” for yourself in heaven. In that way, you will have a great reward when Christ returns as King of kings.
Many LCG members were particularly galled by the threat that Meredith uses against their giving by threatening them with an interrogation by Jesus Christ.  Plus, how can you let an 85 year old man do more than you are?  Talk about guilt trips!


Anonymous said...

"Stay home from church Saturdays ....save 10-20 or even 30%"

Anonymous said...

So, let's see.

The sequence of events to follow is:

1. The Summer Low happens anyway.
2. Rod sends another message -- about how important what he does is and how important sending money in for that is -- but present in the message is ANGER, perhaps a claim that Jesus, er, I mean Christ, is sooooooo mad at all of them because they didn't avoid the Summer Low . . .


Byker Bob said...

Well, it would be one thing if it actually were the work of God. I mean, who wouldn't even maybe take out a second on their home without even being asked? But, it's not, and I wonder if some of the members don't actually realize that more than some of us give them credit for. LCG's basic gospel package is still based on a false theory called British Israelism, which they could correct, but won't. Willful ignorance. It is also based on Jesus returning to set up Armstrongism as the government from that point for all eternity. And, there are 40 years of continuously failing prophecies. Who would even care to lend their resources to such an effort? There had been incredible zeal leading up to 1972-75. Not so much following the great disappointment.


Anonymous said...

How will Little Jimmy answer when LCG faithful ask him, "How much did your Daddy give to the LCG in his Last Will and Testament, and how much did he give directly to you and the other kids?"

Even though Rod could give it all to Jimmy by giving it all to LCG, I think we all know he will give his kids a lot more than he wants members to give to their own children.

The hypocrisy is staggering, but completely predictable from these clowns.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that Christ will be asking us how much money we gave LCG when he returns but I'm 99.9% sure that our Christian character will be assessed and in that regard Meredith fails.

If you give money but are a lying, hateful, racist, homophobic, misogynistic persecutor of God's people, is all that money really going to help you in the long run?

Anonymous said...

Yes, everyone please send in more money. Rod wants a silk-lined casket and Lil Jim wants to buy a yacht.

Anonymous said...

The summer slow down?
More like people are not giving them the tithes. And are putting them in the bank like they did before.
And instead of telling people that. He wants to make it seem like it is just an ordinary slow down. I have seen him do this before.
You ought to see how upset they get if money does not come in the mail for a week. They run around like the sky is falling...

Anonymous said...

It's one thing for Rod to say something bizarre like the hypothetical Jesus quote. It's an entirely different thing for educated men like the Winnails, Germano, et al to stand by and do nothing while he does.

Wow, what an embarrassing thing for him to say.

Anonymous said...

"Yes, everyone please send in more money. Rod wants a silk-lined casket and Lil Jim wants to buy a yacht.

...for JEBUS, of course...

While each one of the contestants is out there working their assets off, I think Meredith may have the highest composite score, despite his obvious weakness in the "campus" portion of the competition, where Gerald Flurry has the highest overall score. But Meredith just goes from strength to strength here in the "Sermon Talent" portion. He always stays "on message."

Li'l Jimmy turned in a solid performance during the "On-stage Question" segment of the competition, when he was asked why he is proud to be #4 in line in "God's One True Church." He responded, "During this final church era, here in this land of Manasseh, we are the lone standard bearers of God's truth for all men. From the rocky shores of—Hawaii—to the beautiful sandy beaches of—Hawaii—we are the ones who prevent our merciful, loving God from wiping all men from off the face of the earth," he answered, "Oh...and...Soon Coming Judgment."

So, there you have it, strong, strong contenders for the title of Mr. Armstrong 1950—2015.

However, expect fierce competition from Dave Pack in the swimsuit portion.

Black Ops Mikey said...

85 years old and still hasn't figured out that being a false prophet could earn him eternal death.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Jesus will ask Rod why he spent $10,000 of Third Tithe money to buy gold coins for himself back in the 1970s?

Anonymous said...

Not only did he spend 3T on gold but he remodeled his home on Waverly Drive. That caused a major stink when everyone found out about it.

Byker Bob said...

They spoil the whole idea of giving with their totalitarian authority element. Over the past several years, it has really been a joy and a blessing to be able to voluntarily send my tithes to organizations that I've done my own due diligence in investigating, organizations that make sure African children have wells for fresh water, and are taught about Jesus Christ, or to an organization that ministers to people who need wheel chairs and spiritual encouragement. And, I mean these organizations find a loving way of letting you know that they have some pretty serious needs, but they don't shame you with nasty names like "Laodicean", or tell you you have to explain to Jesus why you didn't give more. When you are able to give, and it is motivated by the pure love of it all, rather than because of coercion, it's awesome.

I remember how back in the day, we'd be told to tell the homeless to get a job, or to tell them they just wanted money for dope or alcohol. If you do that, you're going to see some really hurt faces on some already down and out people. I can't tell you how many times in the years since I left that people who received my spare change looked up into the sky and thanked and praised God first, and then shook my hand and said, "Bless you, brother!" Imagine that! Some of the people who are down and out pray, too. And it doesn't always happen, but sometimes when you give them a little help, it makes them thank and praise God, because you were the answer to their prayers. When is the last time an ACOG minister called or emailed you to thank you for your continued support? They generally don't or won't because they believe they are entitled.

Jesus told the Pharisees about the weightier matters, the royal law of love behind the law. I'm convinced that being able to be a cheerful giver because you are motivated by love and not by command is the very essence of those weightier matters. I no longer allow authority figures to rob me of that through their coercive measures, especially when I then witness them spending much of the money on themselves! Giving in to their demands is just not an authentic spiritual experience! And, I'd feel guilty, as if I were an accomplice to them in the misspending those tithes.


Anonymous said...

Jesus isn't going to ask us how much money we gave to an organized religion but how much love we showed to our fellow human beings.

Organized religion needs a lot of money but do we need organized religion?

Does God need organized religion to do his work?

Is there a scripture that states that he can make stones proclaim the gospel?

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

The idiot Meredith said, "I am sincerely driving myself to work regularly and to do all I can as long as God gives me life and breath".

MY COMMENT - That statement is a lie! First, I doubt he drives himself to work. At his age, he probably has a driver like Mr. Armstrong did as his age advanced. Second, the idiot Meredith never worked a day in his life! He has lived well off the dumb tithe slave sheep his entire life.


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

The idiot Meredith said, "When Christ returns, He will ask each one of us: “How much did you help in getting out My message when you had the opportunity?”

MY COMMENT - This is a lie! The idiot Meredith has no knowledge what Christ will or will not say to anyone of us anymore than I know Christ will ask us "why did you give money to that idiot Meredith? Didn't I warn you that many will come in my name, and deceive many?"


Charlie Brown said...

If Meredith wanted to do the right thing he would stop taking a salary. He doesn't need another dime to survive until he is burned up. That is just not how the scam is run. HWA could have also if its really about the "work". How can Meredith justify his salary and ask people who are scraping by when he has no house payment and bills payed?

Sweetblood777 said...

Biker Bob I read some time back an investigation on what was done with money donated to various organizations. Most spend 90% on themselves and 10% on the mission. The only organization that the writer found that this example did not apply was the Salvation Army. 90% of what one gives goes to helping people with only 10% spent on overhead. To me this is really helping the poor and not filling the pockets of people such as Ron Meredith.

To those visiting here from LCG and other cogs, remember the words of Peter, silver and gold have I none, but what I have I give to you. Those whom Yahweh blessed with spiritual gifts - not ranks - used those gifts to server others, and not themselves.

Byker Bob said...

Sweetblood, as a general guiding cliche, what you say absolutely correct about many organizations. That is why it is so important for any of us to do our due diligence so that we aren't simply throwing money away. Fortunately, there are voluntary watchdog organizations, in which member ministries have agreed to certain standards, accountability or transparency, and actually receive accreditation if they meet those standards. One such organization is the ECFA. Over the past ten years, the only ACOG organization I know of that has submitted to this accreditation process has been Ron Dart's group. The ministries to which I donate are accredited, and I do review their published figures from time to time. Donations go where donors are told that they are going. Obviously, any such system could have some problems, but as a general rule, these watchdogs do provide some safeguards.


Anonymous said...

If you ever read the IRS Form 990 for the American Red Cross, you would never give a cent to them. Their salaries make the WCG, LCG, etc look like the poor house. Much of what people donate to them they keep and give a fraction of the money for emergency relief, Think Haiti. Use the Foundation Center link below to find your favorite "nonprofit" IRS 990 form.


Chuckles said...

Byker Bob..You are so right about the homeless thanking God when they are helped out. We don't have to look very far to find someone in need these days. More and more are homeless because they lost their job and couldn't pay the mortgage or are begging for a handout because they can't make ends meet, and when helped you can tell immediately how much they appreciate it. Some won't give anything because they think they will spend it on booze, but in most cases that just isn't true, and I feel so what if they do, at least it will help get them through the day of mental and physical torment, and however they got there doesn't matter at the moment anyway, all I know is they are where they don't want to be and suffering and maybe tomorrow will be better, I woulld rather just help them out and leave the choice up to them what they would do with what I give them and not judge or criticize them. I also find it amazing how they are not embarrassed ashamed or shy to talk about God and thank him that you came by and helped them, amazing how you could be the answer to someone's prayer or how maybe God put it in your heart to help. Sorry for all this but BB said something that helped me see something and I just wanted to say thanks.

Anonymous said...

Use the Foundation Center link below to find your favorite "nonprofit" IRS 990 form.

Living University reports in its 2013 Form 990 that Dr. Germano was paid $101,000 and Dr. Scott Winnail was paid $94,000. Many have sold out their scholarly integrity for a lot less than that!