Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rod Meredith speaks out AGAIN on how disunified the LCG truly is.

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The Living Church of God has had a lot of issues with "unity" over the last couple of years.  As Rod Meredith draws closer to death, that grumbling underground is starting to quake the church.  Many are upset over the watering down of doctrines, others claim the church is too legalistic and tries to control members lives, others are upset over the nepotism that runs rampant in the LCG HQ staff and with Lil'Jimmy hovering in the wings. Financial abuse and wasteful spending is draining the LCG coffers day by day.  Disunity is the name of the game now.

That disunity has been so bad over the last couple of years that there is an incessant supply of articles, sermons and letters decrying the grumbling that is spreading through the membership.

Rod Meredith is back again with ANOTHER letter commanding unity.  He claims Satan is out to destroy the LCG and that the membership needs to throw their support behind Richard Ames if Meredith dies.

Anytime a Church of God leader or minister starts bragging on how good some things in the church, it is a sure sign that things are in BAD shape!  Also, because of the continuing unease in the LCG over Lil'Jimmy possible taking the reigns after daddy's death, Meredith lays out the power structure he has set in place in case of his death.
So we have a great deal of unity. The vast majority of our ministers and members all “speak the same thing.” And we are overwhelmingly involved in “giving ourselves” to “do the Work”! Brethren, I am extremely grateful to report to you in the name of Christ that we do have a greater sense of unity and harmony in this present Work than at any other time I can remember in the 63 years of my full-time service!

Most of you know that the man appointed to be my successor, Mr. Richard Ames, is extremely dedicated, balanced and loyal. I hope all of you will support him with all your heart unless he turns totally away from God as some men in recent years have done. However, those who turned aside a number of years ago had not been “tried and tested” in the way that Mr. Ames has. So I have every confidence that—although Satan will attack us and try to divide us and upset us in other ways—it will undoubtedly not be because Mr. Ames turns aside. So I ask you to give him every support and heartfelt prayers to continue on faithfully as you have done with me. Thank you!
Also, if anything should happen to Mr. Ames, another of the most experienced and dedicated leaders in the Work at this time is Mr. Gerald Weston, who has already been acknowledged by the Council of Elders to carry on in Mr. Ames’ place, if necessary, as Presiding Evangelist of the Living Church of God. Mr. Weston, also, has been tried and tested in many different ways. He has served faithfully throughout the United States, across Canada, and soon will be serving full-time in Britain, Europe and the Middle East. Do give him your support and your fervent prayers!
Meredith goes onto discuss "loyalty."

Lucifer was not loyal to His Creator. We must not be like that.

...we must do what we can to continue the wonderful spirit of unity, brotherly love and service 

...focus on doing with faithfulness that which is our own part—sincerely trying to support those who may have, at this time, a higher “rank” in the Work of God.
Only the "higher rank" men are the ones qualified to lead the church.  The dumb uneducated sheeple that have not been tested by the fires of Satan are not qualified to to lead anything.   Poor Lil'Jimmy, perhaps he can go and work for Bob Thiel since he and he alone is now doing the only "work" that is worthwhile on the entire earth.


Anonymous said...

Richard Ames is "balanced"?!? Are we to just ignore his frightening temper?

Continue in "brotherly love"?!? That would indicate that you had it in the first place. After what RCM has done to so many people recently and throughout the decades, all to serve himself, NOT the Creator, does ANYONE believe he has an ounce of brotherly love? Does anyone look at Meredith and think, "now that is a great example of brotherly love"? I've known non-Christians that show more love for their fellow man in one week than Meredith has in 85 years.

All the talk of his successors is nonsense. Lil' Jimmy doesn't care who the frontman is. He trends toward the lazy side; nice meals, relaxing oceanside, a nice cold drink. He's not into being chained to the desk in that big executive office of his. What NCIS Jim IS INTO is the money. So even if Ames is the official talking head, I'll just bet that "Meredith" is still on the bank account.

Gerald Weston is even more conservative than most in LCG. He won't allow girls to dance at church dances unless they are wearing a dress and he doesn't allow "free-style" dancing (as in anything other than the male holding the female in a traditional dance hold with one hand at her waist and the other holding her right hand out yo the side) with the closely monitored minimum of 6-12 inches between bodies. He's also thinks spaghetti straps and strapless dresses are un-Godly. If members think LCG is too legalistic now, they will completely revolt if Weston takes over. And there's no way on earth that Weston would EVER put up with Jim so that would just create more LCG drama!

One thing is for sure, the battle between Jimmy, Ames, Winnail and Weston will show how un-unified LCG is.

Anonymous said...

"Little Jimmy" was an Italian ice truck that used to play music cruise my neighborhood when I was a kid. I remember squishing that pleated paper cup or get every last drop out of it.

Maybe Lil'Jimmy Meredith can get a little truck, too, and cruise neighborhoods playing purple hymnal music to gain 'members for Jay-sus' since we're in the "Gun Lap"!

Remember that Little Rascals episode, called, "Free Wheeling"?

Let's take a look at future prophecy...

Lil'Jimmy Meredith rolls down the hill in his little truck.
The lil' truck has an arm that extends from it, knocking down folks like Ames, Pack, Weinland and Flurry along the way.

Lil'Jimmy: "I gotta get out of this house!"

Stymie to Lil'Jimmy: "You got some money?"

Lil'Jimmy: "I got somma pappy's tithes!"

Stymie to Lil'Jimmy: "The mo money you got, the mo excitement you gonna get; Let's go! We gonna go real fast, it's the gun lap!"

Darla: "I can do Special Music!"

Alfalfa: "I'm in the mood for tithes, especially when you're brainwashed..."

Buckwheat: "Me and Froggy can dooes a duet fors da Talent Show!"

Stymie: "Let's roll!"

Lil'Jimmy: "I forgot Dickie's anointed cloths!"

Lil'Jimmy: "Put the brakes on, Stymie!"

Stymie: "Ain't got no brakes, we's FREE WHEELIN!"

Lil'Jimmy: "The arm that extends from this truck, it's "The Strong Arm from Somewhere!"

Stymie: "An that 'somewhere' is your behind, Lil' Jimmy cracker!"

Black Ops Mikey said...

Meredith should remain silent because he is the very cause for the divisions.

Anonymous said...

"Lucifer was not loyal to His Creator. We must not be like that....we must do what we can to continue the wonderful spirit of unity, brotherly love and service ..."

and eventually you will not smile because you are happy, but only to put a smile on their face...
Armstrongism = the Stepford religion of the Automatons

Anonymous said...

You would think that if God is leading one, several or all of the COG's that he through the holy spirit would lead all of them back to a unified body. Instead what you see is more splintering and shrinking of the COG's. Lets look at the fruit. Isn't there a scripture that states, my flock is small, notice that it doesn't say, my flock is shrinking and splintering into more and more groups that are also shrinking.

James said...

Rod says 'I hope all of you will support him with all your heart unless he turns totally away from God'

He has set Ames up for failure. All a dissenting minister has to say "Ames has gone off the path" and presto, a new armstrong cult is born! Just what the world needs.

Anonymous said...

Black Ops, you are exactly correct. Meredith causes more discord and division than anyone in the COG today. He regularly speaks how LCG is great and all the others are trash, turning brother against brother, separating groups. And all just to feed his own power.

Byker Bob said...

Anyone know what might be going on with our buds over at Silenced? Haven't been able to connect for a couple days now. They had reported some sort of password attack just prior to that. Hope everything is OK.


Anonymous said...


I'm hoping they are ok, Bykerbob.

I was just checking on members of my own family.

Sadly, members of some of the splinters aren't allowed to do the same.

NO2HWA said...

BB I have not been able to connect to the Silenced site for several days now either. No update on status.

Byker Bob said...

Something new happened this morning. When I googled "Silenced WCG" they no longer appeared on the list which came up, and previously they had always occupied the first several spaces. Not a good sign.

I guess all we can do is wait at this point. One would hope that nobody is pulling a Cox on them.


Byker Bob said...

OK. I got on the Wayback Machine. Last Silenced archive was 12/18/14, but the tweet feed for some reason is current, the last one being May 5. Apparently they are suffering persistent hacking attacks.


Anonymous said...

Maybe LCG is trying to silence Silenced just like the do their members and HWA Library...

Perhaps Meredith is in fact Big Brother and is great and powerful.