Thursday, June 18, 2015

How Well Has Servant Leadership Been Working In Your LCG Congregation?

Below are the qualities that ministers of the LCG are SUPPOSED to have when dealing with pastoring a congregation.

Servant Leadership and Building a Growth-Oriented Congregation

pg 2-8 LCG Pastoral Manual

This life is a training ground, preparing us to rule with Christ.  Encourage the brethren to see that God is looking for growth and be focused on it yourself!  Here are some points in this regard: 

1. Explain that mistakes are just opportunities to grow.  Sometimes, Satan can get people so discouraged that they cease to see the growth opportunities in front of them (2 Corinthians 2:7).  Encourage brethren to learn from their mistakes, but not wallow in them.  Be careful not to get overly discouraged about your mistakes as well.  Paul taught in Philippians 3:14 that we are to learn from the things that are behind us, but not overly dwell on them. 
In other words, no matter how mean and vindictive a minister is to you, even though you know it is all a mistake, you must take it as an opportunity to grow.  It's all a test anyway to see how you respond.  As usual though in the COG culture, it is always the MEMBERS mistake and not the ministry or the church.  The church seems to have a photographic memory (it keeps files remember) and will NEVER let you live down any past mistake.  It will be brought up again and again.  If the entire purpose of Passover in the COG culture is to cover the sins of past mistakes and blot them out, then why does the LCG and other COG's keep this mistakes in perpetuity?

2. Admit that you are not perfect! You should not air all your sins before the congregation.  But on the other hand, do not try to put forth an image of yourself that you can never be wrong.  (After all, the brethren do not have a perfect image of you.)  Be willing to admit if someone’s idea might be better, or if you said something that wasn’t exactly accurate in a sermon.  Strive not to offend one of “these little ones” (Matthew 18:6), and apologize if it happens.  Listen—it lets members know they are valued and can express their concerns. 
What?????  " not try to put forth an image of yourself that you can never be wrong.'' ????????
Since when has any minister of a splinter Church of God ever stood in the pulpit and asked for forgiveness?  When has Rod Meredith?  He certainly did not after being banished to Hawaii for insubordination.  He did not when he got sued for libel by Leona McNair when he lied about her on stage at a ministerial conference.  He let the church spend hundreds of thousands of dollars defending him and then jumped ship to form LCG, never apologizing for his despicable actions.  Did Meredith ever apologize for his sermon that set Terry Ratzman into a fit of rage that caused the death of LCG members in Milwaukee?

"Strive not to offend the little ones...."  Another joke!  The "little ones" in the church have NEVER been a priority.  The more money you have the better treatment you get.  Does Lil'Jimmy consider the "little ones" who scrimp and struggle to send in commanded tithes, as he gallivants from one luxury hotel resort after another at the members expense?

Do members DARE express their concerns with LCG ministers without fearing repercussions?  Really?
3. Encourage brethren to take initiative—within your overall direction. If someone takes initiative to do something they were not told to do, do not be quick to reprimand them.  If there is a problem, DO take them aside, thank them for their initiative, and explain how in the future they need to check with you first.  Discuss how their initiative can start a new program, with them spearheading it.  Re-direct them if necessary (and certainly deal with attitudes if that is a problem), but do not stifle growth.  Take initiative yourself as well! 
How dare anyone in the LCG dare to take an initiative to do anything without getting a ministers approval!  I know of many who have come up with great thing to help their community and LCG ministers have lashed out in fury stopping them.  Let the unwashed heathens take care of their own because  God will correct it all later.  Don't waste you time and especially the money you could be giving to us on the world.

4. Give people opportunities to grow.  We all must develop our talents (Matthew 25:15).  While not everyone will be a minister, there are still many ways to become involved.  If you have a person who can contribute, look for ways to include him or her—even if you have to come up with a new program to do it!  Service opportunities are not just to keep everyone busy; they instill a strong sense of belonging and fulfillment.  They have a positive impact on the overall mood and morale of the congregation.  (More on delegation in Chapter 8.) 

5. Use correction as an opportunity to encourage growth. When you have to correct someone, do not just take punitive action.  Approach it from a teaching perspective.  Talk it through with him (in private), discuss why it happened, and try to help him see why he got into the situation in the first place.  Do not automatically jerk a responsibility away from him for one mistake.  If possible, give him an opportunity to do it better the next time.  
When has "correction" in the LCG ever been used as an opportunity for growth?  99% of the time the person is kicked out and shunned.  The problem with so many ministers, Meredith included, is that they used "correction" while in fits of anger and respond in negative ways that certainly do NOT encourage growth.  Punitive actions has always been the hallmark of the church.

Most of those who have been publicly humiliated, disfellowshipped and marked over the last several decades by Rod Meredith, have all pointed out how he and the LCG would NOT talk with them.


Anonymous said...

"do not just take punitive action"

What a joke! Punitive action is Meredith's method of operation.

Anonymous said...

"Don't put forth an image of yourself that you can never be wrong"

Will someone please explain to me how that plays into the over-emphasized LCG doctrine that LCG ministry is lead directly by God and that members must adhere to everything they say, even if it doesn't make sense, or they are, in essence, disobeying Christ?

"If the entire purpose of Passover in the COG culture is to cover the sins of past mistakes and blot them out, then why does the LCG and other COG's keep this mistakes in perpetuity?

If Passover wipes clean your sins through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ then shouldn't Rod Meredith direct his ministry to destroy said member files each year? Instead (because they in no way follow Christ, His example or His written instruction) they hold on to file folders of "evidence" year after year so that it can be used to exterminate those who aren't fully taking to the Meredith brainwashing and fear tactics.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Not to worry, the punitive oppression will enable people to grow right out of the cult they are in.

Or at least it SHOULD.

Anonymous said...

Under the tyranny of Mr. Meredith's son-in-law in the Houston, Texas LCG congregation, it hasn't worked at all.