Monday, June 8, 2015

New Sabbatarian Motorcycle Group Forming

The latest issue of The Journal is out and has a small blurb on a new motorcycle group that has formed for Sabbatarians.
A new Christian motorcycle-riding group, XII Legions Christian Motorcycle Ministry, has started up in New Jersey with the intent to develop chapters in other areas of the country.

The bikers are “looking for other bikers who have an interest in motorcycles, riding and the Word of God, including God’s holy Sabbath day,” Mr. Paparella said. The group is nondenominational and open to all regardless of church affiliation and “wants to promote the gospel of the Kingdom of God on two wheels,” he said. The founders are longtime Church of God members, with past and current fellowships with the former Worldwide Church of God, United Church of God, Church of God (Seventh Day), Beth Israel Messianic Congregation and Church of God Flemington (an affiliate of Church of God Ministries International), as well as several private-residence-based church groups.
I just envision hoards of Sabbatarians riding through peaceful neighborhoods on Sunday mornings revving their bikes in order to disturb the heathen Sunday worshipers.

Just imagine the scene at some future Feast of Tabernacles site as the Charlotte Spankers, Wadsworth Narcissists and the Edmond Idolaters clash over which one is the one true Sabbatarian biker group.

I highly doubt any of them will put John 3:16 or Colossians 2:14 on their jackets.  Can't have any of that Jesus stuff, just the law.

Like everything else in the Church of God, this is nothing new.  There have been Adventist Sabbath Keeper motorcycle groups for many years that attend all the motorcycle gatherings around the country.  One of those events is here in California in Hollister.  There is also The Sabbath Keepers Motorcycle Ministry.

I doubt if they will name one like this either

Shall we start naming the various COG motorcycle gangs?


Anonymous said...

Oh great! Now we will have to listen to James Malm do a tirade over these people.

Anonymous said...

Since the United Church of God is now embracing "Transformative Learning", maybe they'll have Iron Butterfly perform 'IN A GADDA DA VIDA" soon for special music, on a special occasion, on a special Sabbath, like when another of their Council of Elders becomes dust.
At the end of the performance, instead of smashing guitars, they can bring out their large portraits of Herb and Loma and smash them.
Then, all the willing and able can go join the bestest splinter ever, led by Cowboy Joe on his Iron Horse and his group, "Sabbath's Angels" along with his bad-ass, gun toting nigger-hating wife.

Anonymous said...

Sabbath Angels
Petra Rocks

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Byker Bob, this group is for you!


Anonymous said...

Hell's Ambassadors

Anonymous said...

The Legion of Legalists

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

The Young Ambassadors on Bikes!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, 11:45 -- that would have to be "Gehenna's Ambassadors."

Connie Schmidt said...

Some logical questions do arise--

1) Is it against Gods Law to "pop a wheelie" on the Sabbath

2) What would the "Missing Dimension in Sex" have to say about a female COG member straddling a motorcycle??

I suggest the name "SHEOL"S ANGELS" for the group!

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Connie said, "What would the "Missing Dimension in Sex" have to say about a female COG member straddling a motorcycle??"

MY COMMENT - It would be referred to in "Missing Dimension in Sex" (FKA "God Speaks Out On The New Morality" for those of us in R/WCG of the 1960s) where it is stated that there are only two God approved positions.

Oh, and you could probably throw in some "Tohu and Bohu" while we are at it :)


Byker Bob said...

There is a "Church in the Wind" about five miles from my house, and one of the churches I've recently attended did have a motorcycle club.
But, I've always thought that combining religion and motorcycles spoils both. It is just my opinion, but to me, picking a church centered on any sort of hobby would be shallow, and exclusionist.

Having said that, love and good ethics are always good to bring to one's activities.


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Shall we start naming the various COG motorcycle gangs?


Living Church of God – The Sardis Church Riders

Restored Church of God – The Rat Pack

United Church of God – Disunity Riders

Philadelphia Church of God - The No Agape Love Bunch

Continuing Church of God – The YouTube Riders

Church of God, a Worldwide Association – Riders on the Storm

Church of God, Preparing For the Kingdom – The Tax Cheat Witnesses

House of Yahweh - The Buffalo Bill Pedophiles

Church of God, International – GTA Massage Sex Tape Riders

Intercontinental Church of God – The “all the best COG corporate names were already taken” Gang

Church of God, an International Community – The Hulme Fume Gang

Church of God, Faithful Flock – The Crash Richard Armstrong so the Church has no Armstrong successor Gang


Anonymous said...

"Shall we start naming the various COG motorcycle gangs?"

Gangs? Seriously? I think this site has gone off the deep end.

Retired Prof said...

Gangs? YES!

Seriously? No, of course not, you silly earnest person.

Off the deep end? Maybe.

Is the deep end a bad place to go off? There was a lot of depth to many earnest things uttered and written by both ministers and fellow students during my two semesters at Ambassador College. But that was okay. I just put on my mental hip boots and waded through and out the other side.

Anonymous said...

Why are you upset with the word "gangs" Anon? There are enough lunatics in Armstrongism who have boasted over the years how they were going to God's policemen in the World Tomorrow to ensure everyone kept the law. Some even bragged about how they will be given rods of iron to full their worlds with. The gang scenario is not too far fetched!

James said...

SHEOL"S ANGELS! Wonderful Idea! They would beat out Pack ass's group of fallen angels in any shootout!