Thursday, July 16, 2015

David C Pack: My Logic Is Irrefutable!

Dave Pack has always wanted it to be known that he runs the most superfantabulous Church of God to ever exist in the annals of human history.  No other COG has ever been more dynamic, forceful or had the best web site ever to be created on the entire Internet.  No other COG leader is as intelligent or as special as Dave Pack.

Dave's super-inflated ego led him two and half years ago to proclaim that because he was so incredible as a leader that thousands of COG members in other groups would soon be flocking to his church (along with their money since it already belonged to him.)  He even pictured himself as so special before God that this god would strike down three COG leaders as proof of his magnificence.

Then, like every other single prophecy uttered by every COG leader today, his prophecy FAILED!  Not once, but TWICE!  He soon started losing some members and a few ministers.  God's most important COG ever was starting to unravel.  Dave kicked into survival mode and went silent.  His web sites and news update sites soon started lagging behind in their awesomeness.  Updates disappeared as Dave sulked in his Wadsworth ivory tower.

While ensconced in his office he has been working on a video series of "sermons" that "prove" the god he believes in.  Of course possessing the most incredible human mind ever created, Dave has to gloat about his knowledge.  It is soooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome that the things he says CANNOT be refuted!  No theologian or scientist can cast any doubt upon his knowledge.  NO ONE!

Dave writes:

Pastor General David C. Pack brings irrefutable logic and an array of stunning, detailed quotes from renowned scientists, famous authors and well-known thinkers, as he illuminates the most important topic of all—the existence of a supreme Creator.

Dave's awesome knowledge is without precedence.  He knowledge CANNOT be challenged.

No one has ever spoken such earth shattering knowledge in the epic sweep of human history (other than hundreds of other COG leaders, but that's another discussion.)

Skeptics and atheists will be trembling at the earth shattering information Dave has provided.  They will be so shocked that they will be "confounded" as their careers are ruined.

Unlike anything produced before, this series is certain to inspire those sincerely searching for plain answers—and to confound skeptics. Each part builds on those that come before it, bringing proof—upon proof—upon undeniable PROOF!—of God’s existence.
Nothing ever spoken in the annals of human history is as historic as this video series.

Be sure to see the entirety of this unique, historic series. (And stay tuned for a companion series addressing whether a Christian can believe in evolution.)

Once you start watching, you will not want to stop!

In the first few minutes of the video Dave proclaims that within the two hours of the video it will be IMPOSSIBLE for Dave's god to NOT exist.  All doubts that Dave's god exist will VANISH!,

Superfantabulous Dave, God's greatest creation ever to walk this earth.  We bow before your awesomeness, Dude!


Anonymous said...

No God worth following would stand for a misanthropic douchebag like Dave representing as His appointed earthly hype man.

Anonymous said...

God (he, she, or most likely, it) is obvious through the creation. Religion is man made. Dave's god is nothing, at least there is no evidence that "He" intervenes in backing Dave's claims, or Herbert the daughter raping Armstrong's wild ideas. Dave's is nothing more than a franchise type business man; and he is good at it. He advertises to a target group (those who want to feel special; he convinces them that they have been "called"), he uses pre-prepared advertising media (he has plagiarized the HWA propaganda right down to the color scheme on the covers), and he exploits his customers to separate them from their money (what makes Dave bad is that he pretends that he really believes in what he is selling). Dave is no different that any other successful preacher, he is in it for the money. But Dave is not a successful (based on a comparison of numbers; i.e., money, buildings, followers, jet airplanes, limos., etc.). I am glad to see that Dave is back as a topic on this Blog. I understand that he is still recovering from his surgery (he has a special seating accommodation and doesn't talk much in the sessions these past few months), I wonder why Dave's god would let his Apostle/Prophet/Elijah/whatever suffer with any ailment; not really, there is no wonder, it is because Dave's god is make believe and Dave is nothing special, only a human being who has evolved from an ape.

Connie Schmidt said...

I can't believe that Dave Pack exists.

James said...

Corporate whores have nothing to do with God. They are the anti-God, profit driven entities that Jesus spoke about as he whipped on their ass driving them from the temple.

Another way of looking at the COG's is that they are banksters. They use up your life blood to increase their wealth. You work hard for your money and they spend it. What keeps the people in line is the threat of a systematic failure if they let up on their support. Its called a Ponzi scheme. The end game they fear is eternal death from some tyrannical god who the cult leader invented to keep them giving until they fail financially.

Sweetblood777 said...

Dave had an operation?

What, the cat got his tongue?

Poor Dave! Just another want-ta-be that is using old methods to trick newbies. Not gping to work Dave. The present generation does not care whether God exists or not. They certainly do not want to obey anyone or anything, unless they can get something out of it, and in this situation, you will be the one, doing the getting, and they will be the ones putting out - if they fell for it.

Not so Dave. They couldn't care less. The only fish left are the half dead fish living on small pensions, and they most probably are already hooked on some other org if they are involved at all.

The only people that will be stirred to action, are those awaiting miracles, signs, and wonders. No far your wand is defective. It will require the blue pills to get it working again. These blue pills are not available for one must have a real special relationship with the Most High to qualify for them. The red pills, however, are available, but you will have to change your association from the RCG to the RCC, and I don't think that they would accept you, for the position you want is already taken.

So you see Dave, you are up the creek without a paddle. Your only remaining option is to retire and go on social security. If you are not yet old enough, you can still apply for a mental disability pension and I'm sure that you can find many to certify that you are indeed eligible for that.

Anonymous said...

David C. Pack's “irrefutable logic” would be wonderful except that the end results of it are always wrong and bad.

I don't recall noticing all the faults in David Pack's 24 given reasons, and especially not in his 32 not given reasons that he claimed to have (for a total of 56 reasons), why his predictions would happen on August 31, 2013. All I eventually noticed was that nothing ever happened then--or even since then.

Obviously, though, something must have been seriously wrong with every single one of DCP's reasons. This raises that basic question: What is wrong with the mind of someone that they come up with such stuff? Is it just that his mother never taught him not to lie? Is it that his mind is somehow incurably defective? Is it that he is another false prophet and that Satan is behind him and his wrong statements?

DCP's collection of 3 sermons called First a MOSES, Now ELIJAH—130 Proofs! that were posted at his website on February 2, 2015 claimed to prove that DCP is Elijah, and that HWA was wrong in the past to teach that he was Elijah. DCP then deleted from his own website the book he had written earlier called I will Send Elijah to Restore All Things that had proved that HWA was Elijah. Either DCP's former proofs in the book were all wrong, or else his later 130 proofs were all wrong. Things eventually get to the point where something was obviously all wrong somewhere along the line.

In some branches of knowledge “proofs” are expected to be truly logical things that are actually correct and that really do prove something. In some cults like DCP's Restored Cash Grab (RCG) so-called “proofs” have lost all normal meaning, and have acquired the new meaning that you are about to get tricked and fooled by all the noise.

DCP's website still has his two booklets about Taking Charge of Your Finances and how to End All Your Financial Worries. They should be deleted too, or re-written to explain that DCP has now come up with some idea that everything is to be “common.” That is, everything is to be given to DCP. His glib assurance that life will go on and that this will not leave you a pauper might not be any more correct than so many other things that he has supposedly “proved.” According to DCP, if you hear his sermon on “common” it is so clear and compelling that you will see it and believe it immediately. Significantly, though, DCP does not post it openly on his website so that critics can hear it and pick it apart. DCP has said that his ideas about “common” are taught clearly throughout the entire Bible, even in the Old Testament, but nobody noticed it until now. They might wonder what the point was of the Bible teaching about tithes and offerings if people were always just supposed to hand over everything.

After people have listened to literally hundreds of hours of DCP's preaching and read literally thousands of pages of his writing, it could be psychologically difficult for them to accept that it was all just a big waste of time. The number of hours yapped and the number of pages scribbled do not determine whether something is true or not. And in DCP's case, they certainly do not prove anything.

Anonymous said...

"Pastor General David C. Pack brings irrefutable logic..."


Byker Bob said...

There are going to be a high percentage of people in Dave's targeted audience who never read what he has to say on this topic because they are turned off by the hype! I wouldn't even try a new laundry detergent or toothpaste if someone attempted to get my attention in this manner. He'd be better off simply stating "Here, read this, and decide for yourself."


Anonymous said...

Thanks, superfantabulous Dave for sharing with us remarkable truths from the Bible that are 'unknown to almost all'!


Anonymous said...

Since access to the RCG compound is restricted, maybe I could scribble my prayer requests on a little piece of paper and stuff it in one of the cracks in the Western Wall of the Wadsworth Giant Eagle...


DennisCDiehl said...

I tried to watch Dave's dirge on why creationism is the obvious choice over evolution. It was classic "pious conviction based on marginal information." Dave is NOT the intelligent guy he and others make himself out to be. He is clever and that is not the same as intelligent. However, sometimes mixing intelligent with clever can turn one devious.

Anonymous said...

A member of the Akron Worldwide Church of God congregation when Pack was WCG pastor told me that Pack often said to the congregation regarding members who were leaving the WCG that he always asked them one particular question which (he claimed) no departing member had ever been able to answer. What was this question that no departing member had ever been able to answer (according to Pack)? It was: "If you leave, to whom will you send your tithes?"

That was the trump question, the existential problem presented by Pack, above and beyond all else, the alleged impossibility of answering which Pack considered irrefutable proof that no one ever legitimately left the WCG.

Pack then himself left WCG...then parted ways with GCG ... and discovered the answer in his own case to his "unanswerable question": he tithes to himself! And teaches everyone else to do so too, with the slight modification that 10% = 100%.

Truly, he is making it up as he goes along. As for the poor members who follow him, it appears he is ravenous and will not stop until he has acquired everything financial and material from every member, until every bone is picked clean, with broken families, impoverished old ages, and heartache in his wake... Dale Schurter, how COULD you have bought into this...?

DennisCDiehl said...

Perhaps Dave would be willing to explain his ideas to Neil Tyson degrasse, Richard Dawkins or Dr Neil Shubin and see how far he gets? Or is Dave still clinging to The Genesis Flood by Witcomb and Morris as approved for teaching by Dave's hero, HWA?

DennisCDiehl said...

Go ahead Dave...try this real whale of a true tale.. Send these folk your irrefutable proof their actual hard work falls before your armchair fairy

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Dave would be willing to explain his ideas as to why creationism is a better explanation than evolution to Jerry A. Coyne, author of Why Evolution Is True and the blog of the same name...

I guarantee you that knucklehead COG leaders are not world-class apologists, and even the most stellar minds with the most rigorous education, in nearly 2000 years of christianity (for example) has still FAILED to come up with the necessary apologetic "proofs" to establish that the case for the supernatural is more probable than the case for the merely natural. The supernatural is simply an unnecessary appendix tacked onto the natural by fevered minds who cannot bear to let go of their favorite pet "theory," a theory, mind you, that is not supported by anything but a mere persistence of human sentiments and feelings which drives no end of fallacious reasoning in the form of special pleading, shifting of the burden of proof, and the moving of goalposts.

Just in recent memory, the Jesus Seminar has failed more than once to arrive at any consensus on a theoretical 1st century itinerant preacher who appears in a collection of fables. Not unlike the COGs themselves, the opinions of these world-class intellects are diverging on their portraits of Jesus, instead of converging, proving only one thing: what they are taking to be a methodology, is not, in fact, a methodology after all!

So Dave now wants to embark on a career in the long-tarnished field of christian apologetics? Oh my. He'll have to get in line...

DennisCDiehl said...

Dave says: "Once you start watching, you will not want to stop!"

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz....thanks for playing. I only lasted six minutes and the wanting hit.

Anonymous said...

proofs?...that's a dead giveaway that he doesn't "get it"....The Church doesn't have to prove anything to anyone, God takes care of that.

Byker Bob said...

Dave Pack: "O.K., you reprobate who no longer believes he is required to grovel at my feet, to whom do you intend to tithe?"

Possible answers:

1). Why, to anyone but you, Dave!

2). I don't owe any tithes for the rest of my life! You've already got all my savings, my 401 K, and the equity in my house! So, our tithes are already paid in advance!

3). How many times have we been taught to look to the Jews' understanding of these oracles? Jews don't tithe, because there hasn't been a temple, or even a Sanhedrin or Levites since 70 AD!

4). I'm going to restudy my New Testament, with no preconceptions this time. If the Bible says we should tithe to people who teach Armstrongism, then we have probably 600 groups to choose from. But, to be accurate and discerning, we really would need to rule out the people who have ordained themselves as "Apostles" or "prophets", or who call themselves Joshua, Elijah, and Zerrubbabel, or whose prophecies have failed.

5). Well, let's talk about third tithe! It would be wrong for a minister not to use this as God's relief for the poor, the widows, and orphans, and to keep it all himself because he believe's he is entitled as a Levite. So, we should probably send our third tithes for the brethren in Jamaica, Haiti, and Africa, or to our own hillbilly people in the Appalacians.

6). Wrong question Dave! You just terminally pissed me off. To whom am I sending my tithes? To your mother, that's who!

7). Since nobody who teaches about Jesus is 100% accurate, we are required to make our own discernments in this area. I will be taking into account such things as loving Christ-like church governance, proper use of the tithes by whomever receives them, accuracy and timely fulfillment in cases where self-ordained prophets insist that they know things Jesus said no man can, and the relative levels of importance the teachers associate with HWA as compared to Jesus.

Hah! Everyone from the movement except Dave always stops at 7, and so will I!


Anonymous said...

The obviously bad situation on the so-called Church of God scene today has left many people bewildered and wondering where to go and what to do. Understandably, some of them reason that surely there must be someone, somewhere, sometime, doing something. As a result, some people end up looking to guys like David C. Pack and hoping that he has the answers and is the answer.

Unfortunately, while David Pack might claim to have all the answers, he might not be the correct answer. His August 31, 2013 prophetic nonsense that he tortured out of Haggai and Zechariah with much scribbling, and much noise, and many logical fallacies, throughout the summer of 2013 suggests that all his great learning really is just driving him crazy. Being an apostle was not enough for David Pack, and he just had to become Joshua the High Priest. The complete, total, utter, clear failure of his prophetic guess did not discourage him from saying that it was all completely, totally, utterly, clearly, provably true--except for the timing and its 56 reasons, of course.

David Pack's prophetic interpretation fiasco was not enough to prevent him from going on to give three sermons posted February 2, 2015 in which he promoted HWA posthumously to the office of Moses so that David Pack could become the Elijah himself. David Pack answered the claim that he was taking HWA away by saying that he was giving HWA back to you two feet taller. It sounded like a slight dig at HWA's previous height.

It is looking more all the time like David Pack thinks that he can get ahead by acting crazy the way Gerald Flurry had done. If a drunken runt like Gerald Flurry could come up with all sorts of names, titles, offices, and positions for himself, and get ignorant former WCG people to worship him and prostrate themselves before him so that they appeared to be slightly lower than himself, how much more could an overgrown ass like David Pack attract worshippers by giving himself all sorts of names, titles, offices, and positions? To throw off suspicion that he was planning to do this, when David Pack first declared himself to be an apostle, he said that he had no intention of giving himself all sorts of titles like that fellow from Oklahoma (Gerald “That False Prophet”) had done. The little doubts about David Pack's future intentions came from the fact that he had previously said that he had no plans to call himself an apostle either. If David Pack ever tries to reassure you that he has no plans to call himself the Christ, then look out!

None of David Pack's paid yes-men at headquarters seem to have had any moderating influence whatsoever on him as he replaced tithes and offerings with a scorched sucker policy of continual, lifelong, forced fundraising, and total plunder of their employment incomes, savings, retirement plans, real estate, and even unused junk that they had laying around. If that is what it takes to pay the yes-men at headquarters, then it is certain that they will say yes to the plan.

None of David Pack's paid yes-men at headquarters seem to have had any moderating influence whatsoever on him as he replaced HWA with himself as Elijah. Why couldn't they have advised him to leave HWA alone and become someone else, like maybe both of the two witnesses of Revelation, explaining that he is tall enough to be both of them standing on each other's shoulders? Then, David Pack could collect both of their salaries.

If anyone is still unsure about David Pack, they should continue to watch him from a safe distance. (Hey, Ronco, are you sure the Giant Eagle will be far enough away from the fallout?) Sooner or later, they should be very thankful that they just watched the unfolding disaster from a distance and were not actual participants in it.

Anonymous said...

It is disgusting that a self-appointed false prophet like David Pack now feels free to make massive doctrinal changes to what HWA had taught, come up with nothing but wrong prophetic guesses continually, lose his temper frequently, rant and rave, yell and spit, and rage away at people to hand over everything they have. This raging false prophet, who actually deserves to be stoned to death for his evil behavior, likes to pretend that he has a right to be angry at anyone who does not believe all his lies or hand over all their money. He has no shame, even though he is truly shameful. The more he talks and writes, the worse the mess gets.

Also truly shameful are the ignorant, gullible, emasculated, mentally and morally compromised cowards who financially support raging impostors like David Pack. Without these quiet accomplices, he would not be able to harm so many other people.

It is a good thing that Jesus warned everyone to beware of false prophets and that many of them would come. Too bad that He did not offer to zap some of them to thin their ranks and rid the earth of them in this age.

Anonymous said...

Another thing the member from the Akron wcg told me re Pack (then wcg pastor) was that Pack, who is very tall, always would emphasize from the pulpit how he did not want people to be intimidated by him because of his height. He emphasized this denial so much that one wondered why he was making such a point of saying "don't fear me". But when this member had the temerity to question Pack and church teachings on certain points (at a time when he was still, up to that point, a member in good standing), I was told what happened. At a church picnic two of Pack's henchmen (deacons or elders) found him and told him Pack wanted to see him. This church member happened to be a short man. He was led to a lower elevation in the ground in front of where Pack was standing on a rise or mound of the ground, with the sun behind Pack, adding even more to the height differential. The two henchmen stood on either side of Pack, as the WCG member struggled to lean way back and look way up into the towering Pack's face looming above and over him from the height, barely able to see anything with the blinding sun behind Pack in his eyes. In this uncomfortable position Pack gave him the third degree, questioning him about what he had been thinking and saying. The WCG member answered as best he could, but Pack, who of course had the power, kicked out the inadequately obedient hapless church member (and of course cutting him off from many of his decades-long friends under Pack's control as well). This man believed that Pack, despite his repeated previous denials, intentionally made use of his height to intimidate, based on that experience.

Anonymous said...

“David C Pack: My Logic Is Irrefutable!”

ANSWER: Your illogical and WRONG and FAILED prophetic guesses are totally unacceptable!