Saturday, July 4, 2015

Living Church of God Splinter Group Reveals New Logo

From a reader here:

Here's the just finished logo for a soon-coming LCG splinter after RCM's demise.  It's core doctrines will be everything RCM ever said or did, including wife spanking, gay bashing, sermons on sexual perversions, boxing, and wildly speculative prophecy.  All members will share the honorary title of Third Most Important Person in the Work.

That is not a cross you see.  It is a sword.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Why do we have to wait?

BWC said...

Supported too by the unproven doctrine of money-tithing? False doctrine of money-tithing, plus many failed Prophecies for sure, all paid for by somebody else's sweat, & anything but their own sweat. Even though prophecies for(theirs) sure, fail? Like the words of a rock song, "money for nothing"?

Anonymous said...

It is sad that the division in this church marks it as anti Christ in many ways.
When I was attending WWCG I recall hearing HWA say that women shaved off their eyebrows and repainted them higher up on their face.
For me, with Alopecia totalis, total lack of hair, it was hard to listen to that blanket accusation.
No understanding, nothing just a huge blanket accusation of women and it was always women causing problems for HWA.
It was hard only until I realized who the accuser of the brethren is, Satan himself.
Then I knew why they were always accusing without knowledge or concern for anyone but their own pockets.

Anonymous said...

I wish that the UCG COE had as much concern for members as they do their precious logo. My friend in UCG committed suicide. I never saw any COE member or minister every offering to pray and fast for him. Human lives apparently are not as vital as a new logo. Shame on Kubik, Webber, Dean and all the shits that run UCG. My friends blood is literally on your fucking hands!

Anonymous said...

The logo should be a fat wallet hanging partially out of a ministers back pocket.
Or a fat, greasy guy holding wads of money, saliva dripping from his lips.
They have no concern for the membership, none of the cogs do. The concern is their job and their income.
Trace that right back to WWCG when they all taught the new changes and said they didn't. When they disfellowshipped many who now make up their congregations because they didn't like the change or the lies about the change.
Fake, phoney, frauds as Bob Grant the radio host used to say.