Wednesday, July 15, 2015

More Missteps at Living Church of God "...this time it took a major pratfall."

It is quite apparent that Rod Meredith is losing control of his dwindling organization.  Meredith used to be the man that knew the pulse beat of his organization and nothing passed him by.  Not so much any more.  Apparently his appointed right hand men are not doing such a good job of it any more.  This is all happening while Meredith is still alive, imagine what will happen the day he dies!

Living Church of God's latest turmoil is the over of its May 2015 issue of Tomorrow's World magazine.

Gavin Rumney is reporting on OTAGOSH: LCG apologises (sort of) for offensive cover.

Even so, the purpose of this magazine is not to shock readers for shock’s sake. Rather, we strive to analyze world events plainly and honestly in light of Bible prophecy. As such, we certainly regret any upset or offense our May-June 2015 cover may have caused some readers.

LCG has been stung by many negative comments over the last few years even though they claim to never pay attention to negative reactions.  The mere fact that Rod Meredith had to publicly denounce this blog shows they are having to sit up and take notice.

Gavin writes:

Which just goes to show that movements like LCG really do have to take public opinion into account, especially when readers and viewers might react by cutting off financial support in response to an ill-judged decision. Tomorrow's World is not a news magazine. It's purpose is not to report but to exploit; to promote it's fear-ridden eschatology.

And this time it took a major pratfall. 


Anonymous said...

Coming soon: See men drown like rats in a cage!! You can escape!

Anonymous said...

They don't want to shock the readers? What was The Bible Story with Basil Wolverton's cartoons all about? Fear helped build and fear helped sustain the WCG.
Fear helped bring them in to avoid the Tribulation and Fear kept them in to avoid the lake of fire.

Anonymous said...

I am not apart of LCG. However, if the cover you show in the post is the one that you are referring to, I do not see what the hoopla is all about. (I could not see a large copy of the photo, just the thumbnail, so I could be missing something.) There are no heads being lopped off. It is representative of what is going on. So, what is the beef? You did not post any of the statements by people about what offended them about it, so, I'm not sure why they were offended.

Byker Bob said...

Armstrongism has a long history of marketing their distorted amalgam of Christianity through the use of fear. They believe they've identified the end times, the beast, the false prophet, Israel, and the correct Christian combo, and their message is that if you want protection, you'd better support us, and do as we say, or you are just plain screwed like the people on the cover of the magazine. They shamelessly exploit and artificialize everything they can to amplify this basic message, and in so doing, present a distorted fantasy which was originally time and date stamped for 1975. Herbie had bloated, starving African babies to whom he never would have sent even left over SEP camp dry meals or a case of bottled water, on the cover of his magazines, exploiting them to inspire enough fear to cause people to come running to his so-called church, so these unoriginal splinter idiots latch on to similar fear inducing pictures for their stupid cookie-cutter Herb-wannabee magazines. Induce people through fear to what should be a gospel of love??? What is wrong with this picture? These are not spiritual leaders, they are spiritual bullies. Let them show us something real after all of these decades. Let them bring their prophecies to fulfillment if they are real. They can't because they are not real spiritual guides, they are people who are playing a game of "Bible" to line their own pockets and pretend to give themselves authority.


Morristown NJ said...

The church is and ever has been in denial of Romans 10:4 and puts a bad spin on it.
It is the church of eternal insecurity always worrying if you are keeping the law and holy days good enough to get salvation. Afraid of death for having forgotten and sipped water in the middle of the night on atonement.
Teens leave because there is no promise of anything better. There is only the promise of war, death and the lake of fire over and over again.
No sermons of encouragement only fear and damnation.
The cover is perfect as it displays the truth about the organizations method: fear and intimidation.

Anonymous said...

Right again BB. They exploit every natural desaster, terrorists attack and criticism of themselves as proof of the end to tighten the reigns of fear on their members. Apparently blind obedience to RCM is the only way to be spared the tribulation. Nevermind the fact that God says no man will know the day or the hour. RCM has his special Pope hotline.

The bad news for LCG members is that they will be judged based on how well they followed the Word of God, not the word of Rod.

You are so right about HWA not being willing to use those deep pockets to help others. LCG is the same. At least UCG and COGWA have respectable outreach programs in South America and Africa. Living's idea of "outreach" is taking the choral to the same nursing home that McNair alleged was full of demon possessed elderly.

Anonymous said...

4:46, look at the headline. If you think "The Power of Religion" refers to the Christians kneeling in the photo (whom LCG would not refer to as Christians at all), then you don't know Armstrongism at its core.

Anonymous said...

the notion that they "analyze world events plainly and honestly", while they yet ignore the very consequential racist murders and church burnings here in our own world is indicative of an impotent and hypocritical "work"...