Sunday, July 5, 2015

UCG: Only In A COG Will You Have Leadership Devoting Hours Of Talk While Fasting About A LOGO!

The latest Counsel of Elders report is out from those fun folk in Cincinnati.  UCG has been dumping tens of thousands of dollars into brave attempts to rebrand its image.  The tired and worn out 1980's ways of doing things are not working too well for the Cincinnati crowd.

They first started a media campaign to give the world a better view of the UCG.  That hundred thousand dollar expense basically garnered "1" potential member.  Money was dropped on billboard campaigns and other advertising avenues.

Then UCG had the bright idea of redoing its main web site.  Frustrated by the more advanced new designs of the Philadelphia Church of God and the Restored Church of God with their new web site, UCG knew it had to do something.

Always ones to blend into the world as best as the can while still keeping a little toe in Armstrongism, they redesigned their web site.  The problem with their new design was that you had to go several steps into it before you ever found out anything that really described what the church was rally about or what it believed.  the first few pages was full of syrupy feel good articles meant to draw the viewer in.

Their next step was to redesign the Beyond Today blog and TV cast.  That is where things are starting to get weird.  The UCG COE has been "fasting" over its new logo. A logo!

In the Church of God, fasting was always used as an avenue to appease a god that was eternally pissed off about something. It was always used by the church as a tool to gain more money.  Occasionally it was used as a means to beseech the angry god to heal people. They were always "one time acts" meant to make God change it's mind.

Isaiah58 has a different take on fasting than what most COGs every use it for.  Fasting was never a required in scripture and was never something that Jesus commanded of his followers.

Christian fasting is more than denying ourselves food or something else of the flesh - it's a sacrificial lifestyle before God. In Isaiah 58; we learn what a "true fast" is. It's not just a one-time act of humility and denial before God, it's a lifestyle of servant ministry to others. As Isaiah tells us, fasting encourages humility, loosens the chains of injustice, unties the chords of the yoke, frees the oppressed, feeds the hungry, provides for the poor, and clothes the naked. This concept of fasting isn't a one day thing - it's a lifestyle of servant living for God and others.

Imagine that, fasting is about "servant leadership."  We have all seen to well how well THAT has worked in the COG!  Servant leaders in a COG is an oxymoron.

Instead of praying and fasting for the continuing trauma in the UCG due to its burdensome doctrines and heavy handedness, they are fasting and praying for a logo!  A stupid advertising logo!

President Kubik welcomed everyone and explained that the purpose of his presentation was to show the Council the latest design of the proposed United Church of God and Beyond Today logos. This is a follow up to the meeting in May in which general consensus led to the further development of one of the designs. He discussed the many meetings held with the LPK firm about the logo design. The discussions included what could not be used such as religious symbols and any depiction of God.Clint Porter, Beyond Today (BT) visual designer and video producer, was introduced to give a presentation on what logos are and what they are not. Then three representatives from LPK were introduced to give their explanation of the design they have been working on.

The Council was then asked for input. Their questions and comments about the logo were discussed for over an hour.

Mr. Kubik reminded everyone of the need for an updated Church and BT logo and mentioned the credentials of the world-renowned LPK firm. The administration has prayed and fasted about this process, and they are now asking the Council to reach a decision. A resolution was read and discussed. The discussion continued for about another hour and a half.

The COE spent an hour and a half talking about a LOGO and then not able to reach a consensus, they knew they could not put it to a vote, so extended the "study" time of the all important logo. There are priorities in the UCG and it apparently does NOT include its hurting members.  The all important logo will inspire tens of thousands of new income bearing members  to join the end-times army as they prepared to become "Gods" and get their own planets.

Due to the length of discussion and considerable input expressed about the proposed logo, Mr. Webber recommended not taking this matter to ballot, which is the normal outcome of a proposed resolution on the table, but to continue research and development at this time. The “sense of the Council” was to agree with Mr. Webber’s comment.
Peter Eddington, Media and Communications Services operation manager, requested that each council member write and send their comments about the logo so that the administration can have a basis to work from in going forward.

Mr. Kubik thanked the Council for their input and commented that the administration will review their comments and present them to LPK for further revision. He also stated that he and the administration’s desire is to continue working with the Council on this matter and all issues and fully appreciates the Council’s oversight role and looks forward to complying with its input and directives.   COE Meeting Report, June 10, 2015


Black Ops Mikey said...

I was really excited about this until I realized I misread it.

I thought they were talking about Legos (the reason for the confusion is the Yoda Chronicles.

Maybe the UCG could try that -- a religious Lego commercial.

Beats the heck out of trying out a new Logo.

EX-UCG said...

This is the kind of B.S. that this organization is concerned about? How about fasting and praying for all the members & ex-members that WCG and it's splinters have screwed up?

The UCG is still struggling for an identity (after 20 years of being formed). They have become so dysfunctional and almost irrelevant to most COG members in other organizations. The world also hardly notices who they are. What a laughingstock!

Minimalist said...

Hey UCG, Dave's new website ROCKS in comparison to your lame out of date trainwreck.
And Dave is better located in northern Ohio compared to remote hick Cincinnati.

Anonymous said...

I can remember Doug Horchak asking his congregation in Dallas to pray for the owners of the rental hall where we met to let us use our logo on their podium.

Anonymous said...

Have they though about a globe with a crucifix in the middle of it? Seems like a good logo for a WCG knock-off that's trying to go evangelical...

Anonymous said...

Pray no more, UCG!

Here's your new logo-

Snow White and the 7 dwarfs.
(Put HWA's face on Snow White, and the faces of the Council of Elders on the 7 dwarfs...)

They can all sing along with Jelly-
"Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Collecting tithes we go..."

Anonymous said...

How about a picture of HWA as their new logo.
This church basicly teaches Armstrongs religion so that would be the appropriate logo.

Black Ops Mikey said...

"How about a picture of HWA as their new logo.
This church basicly teaches Armstrongs religion so that would be the appropriate logo."

But who would they pay royalties to?


Anonymous said...

How about a dollar bill with Vic Kubiks picture on it.
With the words, "in tithe slaves we trust".

Anonymous said...

I like that, Snow White and the 12 dwarves. Disney could make an animated film about the new testament, when Snow White comes back from the castle on a white war horse with a sword, rescues the 12 dwarves, and murders literally *everyone* else. It could be rated G for "godly" audiences.