Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Big Bad Meanie Americans Picking On Perfect LCG Before Atonement

How dare we criticize the Living Church of God before Atonement!  It surely is Satan causing this egregious persecution instead of stupid LCG policies.

Wake up people!

The world is falling apart!

The Pope is reuniting the harlot protestant daughters.

A black man is President.

The famine of the word is here.

The Churches of God are splintered into hundreds of factious cliques.

Gays are on Rod Meredith's mind, as always.

The end times surely are here!

I received this today:
Getting the boot in before atonement.. Americans are really something

You might all like to take a look around because while you go after the church of God groups it maybe that you are not seeing what's happening in the world..and you won't be scoffing for long unfortunately there really are greater things a foot than your beef with LCG..regardless of what is true and what is not..have you seen what the US government is doing..get a clue already its time to wake up..instead of chomping at the bit waiting for salacious gossip watch a bit of you should be freaking out..the rest of the world is seeing what you obviously are not and that's really sad


Anonymous said...

like many defenders of lcg and like lcg themselves they take off running with the Prophecies Christ Spoke and leave behind the Words Christ Spoke about love, equality, justice, mercy, faith, i.e. the weightier matters...

Anonymous said...

"...the rest of the world is seeing what you obviously are not and that's really sad..."

Say what? The "world" is seeing, well, what exactly? I thought it was the "church" that had these insights. Oh, and a few overly anxious conspiracy buffs like Alex Jones. Who I supposed is either lucky, or for some reason has been granted the gift of "spiritual x-ray vision," about some things although curiously not about others. Because god works in mysterious ways, I guess.

There's a piece up on the Slacktivist blog from a few days ago entitled, "The lazy imagination of the witch-hunter," that made me think of the COGs:

"If we are worried that we are mediocre...then one potential response would be to do something about it. We could do something to improve the world, or to improve ourselves. We could learn something, fix something that’s broken, help a neighbor or a stranger in need of assistance. Reach out, connect, tend, practice, prepare, repair, knock, breathe, shine and seek to mend, etc. But any of that, alas, will take some effort.So it’s tempting to take the shortcut by comparing down. Identify someone, or some group, who by comparison might make us appear to be above average. If “my reformation, glitt’ring o’er my fault” takes too much work, then we can seek our comparison, glittering over their fault. And, like bright metal on a sullen ground, the contrast between our timid mediocrity and their more obvious character deficiencies will show more goodly and attract more eyes than that which hath no foil to set it off."

And that is the game HWA played, and the game the COGs still play, witch-hunting. Too lazy to break a sweat bettering ourselves and others, we took the shortcut of identifying some other group to make ourselves look better by comparing down. And that group has always been, "the world." Yes, basically, the whole damn enchilada. But it was never humanity as they are, it was a straw man version of humanity, which we, with our imagination, turned into a vast, dark and conspiratorial villain worthy of any comic book. Basically, in our minds, we turned them into witches. An entire planet populated by witches. And all of this can be done without breaking a sweat.

The problem is, however, that nothing has been contributed to make this world a better place. And yet, something has been contributed to it to make it a worse place, because turning the whole world into witches is a stunning act of hate. And once you've done that, you've basically painted yourself into a corner. Anything you might try to do from such a jaundiced eye to make the world better, to someone without such an eye, is just going to look like hate. And as he astutely points out elsewhere, "If someone has to agree with your theological system in order to agree that what you are doing is 'love,' then you are not loving your neighbor as yourself."

What is sad is how Armstrongism paints people into these sad, dark, impotent, and anxiety-filled corners, from which all they can do is hate while they stew in their mediocrity.

Allen Dexter said...

Say what? What an ethereal rant about nebulous nothing, and the writing level leaves a bit to be desired too. It's "it's" not its and "champing," not "chomping" to mention the most outstanding without going back and reading it again.

James said...

The world may be going to hell in a hand-basket but armstrongism offers no solution. HWA was a false prophet, and with that in mind I will not expect that the situation here in the USA will turn out as Herbie decreed.

Here are some fundamental principles to keep in mind to keep from swallowing whole the bullshit from you Old Testament loving Christians:

The U.S. military is not the Lord’s army.
The United States of America is not the nation of Israel.
The United States of America is not God’s chosen, exceptional nation.
The Lord never appointed the United States to be the world’s policeman.
The Lord doesn’t need the United States to protect or defend Israel—or give it foreign aid.

Byker Bob said...

A conspiratorialist wrote this. The US government is doing what it always has: maintaining Pax Americana and injecting liquidity into the economy so that good people can raise their families in peace and prosperity. Do they step on toes? Of course they do. If you read "Soul on Ice" you discover how they crushed the Black Panther movement. But, then they came out with excellent programs to address social problems in an orderly and effective fashion, like the affirmative action program.

There are always going to be myopic assholes who want to fight Ruby Ridge and Waco all over again.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Oh well, if you thought it was bad before the Day of Atonement, just wait!

Let's see now. Roderick Meredith is a false prophet. Scripture says the false prophet is to be put to death.

Not to mention that Roderick Meredith is weak (he's not the only one.

The world would be better off without him.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Well... did anyone die of kidney failure?