Sunday, September 13, 2015

Eric King: Thanks to the intervention of extraterrestrial's and God he was able to influence Obama into making a decision on Syrian refugees.

Forget about all of the empty prayers and petitions belched out by Flurry, Pack, Meredith and Thiel!  God no longer hears their prayers.  God apparently is listening however to one loyal follower from the Church of God who has combined Armstrongite myths with extraterrestrial teachings.  King and crew have been praying since August and finally God heard their prayers!  Woo Hoo!  Apparently it is good to have extraterrestrials and God on your side.

Some SOCT refugee prayers are being answered!

The Science Of Christian Thought posted September 3rd 2015 on its website the following:

“Since August 2015 all SOCT students including  myself have been praying for the immigrants and refugees worldwide. As of today [September 3rd 2015] I am asking all of us to pray at one o’clock PM around the world, no matter what time zone you are in, say a special and powerful prayer that the world wakes up and begins to help our fellow Human Beings. This will amount to powerful group prayers..” CLICK TO SEE ORIGINAL POST

And today we have action taken confirmed by the United States regarding this very important issue:

Obama Increases Number of Syrian Refugees for US Resettlement to 10000


Byker Bob said...

What a Doofburger! You don't "say" a prayer, you ask one. Or, "petition the Lord with prayer." And, the power doesn't reside in a human's prayer. The power is in God's answer.

Other than that, I, too, am glad that more Syrians will be rescued from slaughter, although the ACOGs will probably be trumpeting the Germans' reaction.


Anonymous said...

God's "powerful answer" to prayer just happens to be the same as no answer at all.
For the faithful, thankfully for them, imagination is a thing.

Anonymous said...

And how much will King & Co. contribute to the support of the refugees?