Wednesday, September 2, 2015

God's Most Favorite End-time Work Moves To New Offices

God's most favorite Church of God in this end-times has moved into new offices on the Central coast of California.  Being doubly blessed has brought multiple thousands to gather at Theil's feet, thus the need for new offices.

Bob Thiel has announced this his global work has expanded so much over the last few years that bigger and better offices are required.  Dave Pack and Gerald Flurry look like first graders running lemonade stands compared to this theological giant and his global work!

Notice that he is using money from his homeopathy work to pay for this building and his justification for it all.  Apparently having a church composed of 96% African members does not bring in much income, thus he is mingling his work money with church business.  Don't worry though.  Thiel claims he is just like apostle Paul and has forfeited his RIGHT to an income from his church.  I love how all of these self impotant COG leaders always talk about themselves in the third person.

Because of the need for more storage space, the main office for the Continuing Church of God (CCOG) has been relocated to Grover Beach, California.

It was the most cost-effective building we could find.

Perhaps it should be mentioned that CCOG is NOT paying for the building space, Dr. Thiel’s business is–he also draws no salary from the Continuing Church of God.  While he does believe that he is biblically entitled to be compensated (beyond being reimbursement for expenses, etc.), he, like the Apostle Paul, have forfeited taking a regular salary from the (Continuing) Church of God for the current time–nor did he ever taken a salary from CCOG, or LCG or GCG for that matter over the past nearly two decades).  He makes his family’s income another way–owning a business that he works at part-time (the Apostle Paul made tents, apparently part-time, to support himself at times per Acts 18:3, while he also proclaimed the gospel of the kingdom).  He does not take a salary as there are other needs in the work that he has placed as a higher priority during this “present distress” (cf. 1 Corinthians 7:26).  For those who wonder, perhaps it should be mentioned that all the tithes and offerings collected thus far by the Continuing Church of God have been used to proclaim Christ’s gospel of the kingdom (Matthew 24:14) and other end time aspects of the work (Revelation 3:7-13), teaching those things He commanded (Matthew 28:19-20), preparing for the short work (Romans 9:28), supporting the poor, widows and orphans (Galatians 2:10; 1 Timothy 5:3; James 1:27) mainly in Africa and Asia, and only relatively minor amounts have been spent for administrative aspects of the church (1 Corinthians 12:28; 2 Corinthians 9:6-14)–government-related legal costs probably being the single biggest administrative expense (and those are fairly minor).

Being doubly blessed, regardless of how deceitful the process was, has reworked Thiel's brain into imagining all kinds of theological wonders.  Thiel considers himself to be the final authority on end-time prophecy, the Mayan's and homeopathy.  No human that has ever walked this earth is as intelligent or theologically sound as he is.

That greatness has brought forth the need for a new office that is conveniently located between Ace Hardware and a foot massage parlor.  I guess after he builds his own shelving from Ace Hardware he can go get his feet massaged, as all good prophets do.


senior citizen in the CofG said...

Remember the constant pleas for money because the 'income' was down. Always struck me that the church was more business than religious.
I just can't imagine the apostles talking about 'income' or necessity for bigger and better 'headquarters'.
In December they would moan about money going for gifts rather than to the 'work'.
Corporate greed is all it ever was . At least Thiel is using his own money, so far that is.
I imagine his corporation will need to send out money letters too, if they don't already.

Anonymous said...

Ace is the place with the helpful end time prophets.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who promotes homeopathy (a form of medical quackery) can't be trusted in his critical thinking skills with regards to theology.
The C of G is theological quackery. Well, at least he is consistent.

Anonymous said...

What a tiny office for such a great work. Maybe he could rent-out his building to the UCG or the LCG for their sabbath services. It is about the right size for their tiny congregations.

Connie Schmidt said...

Will either Pavarotti or the Vienna Boys Choir be coming to the new Earthly Headquarters of the True Church of Thiel, to inaugurate its opening of this new glorious facility in Grovers Beach?

Word has it that Thiel is growing a 9 inch by 9 inch patch of dichondra in the Ace Hardware "flower bed" to the immediate right of his entrance way to make sure that his HQ looks official.

MY RECOMMENDATION-- Get one of those "Inflatable wind air sky dancers" that flip around with the air powered thru them, like you see at the car dealers and the like, and put him up on the roof for a promotion. A sign that reads GODS TRUE & ONLY CHURCH should also be hung on the front of the building, and in gold leaf , emblazoned on the front window ... Robert Thiel, End Time Prophet
(Highlight and then right click "search with google")

Anonymous said...

Man, the unholy German armies of the Antichrist are going to be disappointed when they see their new occupation headquarters.

Anonymous said...

If someone takes a photograph of Bob Thiel without any objects visible in the background, are the bookshelves, windows, paintings, and everything else all still crooked?

If Bob Thiel is not going to take any money “at this time,” then when is he going to take it? On pay day?

Charlie Brown said...

Does this mean no more crooked book cases?

Byker Bob said...

He's actually proud of this?


EX-RCG said...

Pavarotti died in 2007. Thiel is still alive and well in 2015, (even though he thought he was one of the COG leaders), that Dave Pack prophesied would be struck down.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Ace Hardware was selling crooked shelving to false prophets at a 10 percent discount. (20 percent discount if strange screams emanating from a car outside can be heard inside the store.)

Apparently, Ace is The Place (foretold of in ancient Mayan prophecy).


DennisCDiehl said...

In the postings picture of Bob, it looks like he's a prisoner of some Middle Eastern Cult, well he is actually, pleading his case just before they cut his head off...

Byker Bob said...

Seriously, if your family has just rented this building to house a barber shop, or shoe repair shop, by all means, proudly post pictures on Facebook!

For some sort of international "work", It would be much better to wait until leasing a floor, or opulent offices in a high rise to begin displaying pride in the growth of your work!

This guy just has no common sense!


Chuckles said...

Reading through these comments about Thiel makes most of you guys, and Connie, sound like a bunch of kids, useless comments from selling crooked shelving to Thiel looking like a prisoner just before getting his head cut off, pointless and stupid, just some childish comments to slam Thiel but themselves have nothing to offer of value. Instead of your foolish talk, pick something of what Thiel says and tell us what is wrong with it and why and tell us what YOU think, but then again, maybe then you will be the one who gets slammed. If you have nothing to say other than dumb comments that you think somehow are funny, then why say anything, really, why?

Connie Schmidt said...

OK Chuckles:

How is this for starters. This has been gone over many times on this forum about how ridiculous Thiels "ordination" to prophet was, when the minister who did it, had NO INTENT to do so, has said so himself, and was only anointing him for some minor illness.

Only a WHACK JOB would run with such an event, and claim that this somehow has made him a PROPHET!

For this reason, and a dozen others, Thiel receives ridicule from the peanut gallery here, for Thiel himself ridicules us and our sanity by his very own actions!

Anonymous said...

My Dearest Chuckles,

The problem I have with Thiel is that he's a clown who doesn't even make me chuckle.

At least, on Halloween, he could have the person making strange background noises jump out from behind crooked furniture wearing an 'evil herbie' clown suit!

That may be just the thing to give me a double dose of "Thuckles"

(PS: "Thuckles" are Booby Thiel induced chuckles.)