Thursday, September 24, 2015

Lil'Joel Hilliker Says No To Immigrants, Body Graffiti and Bad Hair

No millennial lion and lamb tattoo's for PCG members!

The PCG has an article up about God has preserved "pure religion" in the PCG.  One of the ways PCG's god preserves pure religion is in marriage. Its rather odd to see this article considering how the PCG has a horrible track record of breaking up marriages (see here.)  Even when non-believing spouses desire to live with PCG member spouses, the goons in charge in Edmond tell the member to divorce their spouse and take all the money they can from them.

Why the PCG trots out Lil'Joel Hilliker, who has absolutely no qualifications to be discussing "pure religion" and marriage other than reading PCG booklets on the subject, is beyond most peoples comprehension.

Jumping from marriage Lil'Joel lets the world know that the Philadelphia Church of God is anti-immigrant.  Never mind the FACT that this entire nation was populated by immigrants. 

God’s laws reveal His desire to protect Israel from the idolatry that saturated the surrounding peoples. “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues,” Revelation 18:4-5 say. “For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.” That is a command to us as well, which is why the specific laws God gave Israel on this point are so relevant today.

When God brought the Israelites into the Promised Land, He used them as His instrument of judgment against the idolatrous pagans. Contemplate His command in Deuteronomy 12:1-3. Consider how this precisely parallels what Christ is going to do when He returns to this Earth (e.g. Revelation 19:11-15). At the same time, this command was also meant to protect the Israelites and preserve the one true religion.
He next trot's out the old catch phrase of the Church of God movement: "We are in the the world but not part of it."

The people of God’s Church are in the world but not of it (e.g. John 17:14-16). We must be careful not to get wrapped up in the activities, business, customs and practices of this world. We all must examine ourselves individually and consider things like our dress, our language, our music and entertainment. Consider: God gave Israel specific laws about hairstyle, of all things. Clearly, God does care, and He wants His people to maintain high standards even amid a degenerating world.
Apparently some of the PCG women are having some hairstyle issues.  Gerald Flurry was none too happy when this was taken at the Feast of Trumpet's dance this year:

 Read Leviticus 19:27 where God forbade hairdos that were popular among idolatrous priests. He didn’t give this law so His people would look freakish—but to prevent them from looking freakish. Read verse 28 where He outlawed cutting your own body out of grief, as well as tattooing or making marks on your body. These practices all have pagan origins. God wants us to treat our bodies with respect and to avoid disfiguring or harming them. God says your body is a temple for the Holy Spirit. He doesn’t want you making permanent marks on it any more than He wants you defacing His house with graffiti!
 Next Lil'Joel whines about PCG members reading dissident literature:

These laws directly correlate to New Testament commands about what to do when a Church member embraces dissident material or tries to pollute the true religion (see, for example, Romans 16:17; Galatians 1:8-9; 2 Thessalonians 3:6, 14; 1 Timothy 3:5; 6:5; Titus 3:10-11; 2 John 10-11). God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is just as concerned about purity in the congregation today as He was anciently—and, spiritually, He deals with the problem today the same as He did anciently.
Well...I'm glad to be part of the dissident material that upsets PCG so terribly. I know PCG is mad at me since their servers regularly check out this blog.  I have Rod Meredith mad at me.  Dave Pack is mad at me.  Wade Cox is mad at me.  I must be doing something right! 


EX-PCG said...

Joel Hillicker is right the PCG does have "pure religion". Pure B.S. Joel!! What happened to Flurry's false prediction of the German pope being the false prophet.

All of you dumb ass PCG members need to wake-up and pay attention. The PCG is full of contradictions and lies and all of you who blindly support it are as guilty as Gerald Flurry.

Anonymous said...

TIL God's Pure Religion is just another shitty homeowner's association.

Anonymous said...

Not pro-pcg but you people should differentiate between pcg hate and immigatant invasion. You people think that just because you left a COG vlthat you need to be a hard leaning leftist degenerate now. Wake up. The ACOGs may be extreme but they can hold some small truth. ILLEGAL immigrants her this country and without laws we get places like Detroit and Chicago.

Please please please don't confuse armstrongism with traditionalism. I'd you do, you're just as bad as those who seek to destroy our great country.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, immigrants, that was it. I had forgotten which group of "those people" we were hating this week for making the rest of our poor lives so unbearable. Between the immigrants, scientists, Muslims, school teachers, Germans, Harry Potter, gays, rock 'n roll musicians, atheists, the Pope, pot-smoking cancer patients, Prius drivers, and teenagers with their pierced I-don't-know-whats, it's hard to keep track of who they say I should be blaming all my problems on. It's not easy being a fearful reactionary these days!

Redfox712 said...

Having read PCG's writings for myself I have to say that PCG has redefined love to mean "do what PCG's 1% tell you to do." And so even something so terrible, tyrannical and cruel as shunning one's own family member is justified as showing "true love" to those who are viciously shunned.

And if one should disregard such a draconian order it is vilified as "not true love" when all that person really did is to not obey such a vicious and draconian order.

There is nothing honorable or noble in shunning family members just because PCG's leaders orders one to do so. It is tyranny.

Anonymous said...

PCG employs immigrants to work at HQ. PCG has foreign students

Anonymous said...

"Not pro-pcg but..."

Totally pro-PCG...

" people..."

You people out there soiling yourselves in "the world"...the degenerating "world"...

"...just because you left a COG vlthat you need to be a hard leaning leftist degenerate now...who seek to destroy our great country ['Murrica]..."

Oh. Left = degenerate? Good to know. Like right = nut job? And there's nothing in the middle either, right? Just hard-left degenerates and hard-right, gun-totin' 'Murrica-lovin' purity-racist-jesus-conspiracy-freaks?

What does "traditional" mean, anyway? Right-wing nut-job? Traditional, as in, women should be denied the right to vote and African-Americans should be denied civil rights?

"...should differentiate between pcg hate and..."

god's right-wing TROOTH™, in this case, god's right-wing TROOTH™ that immigration is horrible...

"Please please please don't confuse armstrongism with traditionalism. I'd you do, you're just as bad as..."

...if you do, you're no better than this country's founding fathers. Those syphilitic, pot-smoking, cross-dressers, who believed that women and African-Americans should be denied the right to vote. And that's just wrong. African-Americans should be allowed to vote.

Dennis Diehl said...

COG Ministers are virtually untrained in theology, origins and critical thinking. Mere Bible readers with pious convictions backed by marginal information and understanding. Members and joiners also lack critical thinking seeking more comfort and assurances that "we shall be changed" than the truth that the realities of living may have to offer. "Ministers" , falsely so called , such as a Dave Pack or Gerald Flurry are not as intelligent as they are said to be or portray themselves to be. Clever, delusional and ego centric is not the definition of intelligent. Were they actually intelligent, they'd not say and do the foolish things they cling to as real and true, when they are not.

At this stage of of schism, splits, splinters and slivers (Pack and Flurry ares a sliver in the finger of any Deity), they all deserve each other. There is enough information and evidence available to an open and critical mind to see right through the gross errors in thinking and personal views to convince anyone brave enough to think for themselves and step outside the concept of "we must all speak the same thing" , and draw better conlusions about what one might wish to allow into their heads, wallet and family business.

Nice to be able to say, "Not my circus and those aren't my monkeys"

Anonymous said...

Ultimately, we have HWA to thank for all the Gerald Flurrys and David Packs of the world. He created the system that enabled such imbalanced wannabes to rise to positions of authority and influence. Of course, that's not what elders are supposed to rise to, if the scriptures they use are to be believed.

But why get caught up in details? Oppress, boys, oppress! Ye and all thine henchmen with thee, oppress!

Black Ops Mikey said...

We need to practice tough love.

Everyone needs to stop supporting the PCG until they repent of being a cult.

And maybe not even then....

Byker Bob said...

Somebody has a problem with life. Change is constant. Some of the things that change we tend to like, and some of them not so much. For some reason, Armstrongism keyed us all in to hate and dwell upon these changes, many of them so massive that an individual cannot do anything about because they are basic cultural changes. This hateful mentality ruins the simple enjoyment of life.

We are a nation of immigrants, and have been from day one. That is not going to go away. You can either accept and enjoy the new cultural opportunities, art, music, and foods, or you can hate them and group them into your gigantic bag of evils that are supposed to be signs of the end times. One way enhances your enjoyment of life, the other forces you to loathe it. Bottom line is that we live in magical times in which we get to live among and enjoy people whom we could only study about in Social Studies class as children in schools.

Some of the new customs actually come from the people from whom our ancestors stole and cheated of their lands. The enchilladas we enjoy today come to us courtesy of the former owners of California and Texas. What value could there possibly be in a religion that had to force you to hate everything around you and look only to their myopic little group for everything that is supposed to sustain life? That is the worst form of coersion known to man.