Saturday, September 12, 2015

Philadelphia Church of God Helps Destroy Another Family!

Another story has popped up today by a person who left the Philadelphia Church of God cult and now is shunned by her family and friends.  The evil of Gerald Flurry, his cult ministers and ultimately Armstrongism itself,  continue to march on as present members who know the abuse is wrong stand by and do NOTHING!

My wife Kelly has spent her life helping people. From age 20-21, she moved to Amman, Jordan to volunteer, working at two schools helping children with physical  and mental disabilities , as well as outreach work throughout the Middle East.  She also later spent three weeks volunteering at a UN refugee camp in Somalia to help those wounded in the civil war, has been all over world touring and helping people.  She has been active in causes to stop child and human trafficking, and efforts to promote human and civil rights, both in her community and around the world.  She has worked tirelessly to help others, but now she cannot move forward with her life without receiving help from others.

Kelly is thirty-seven years old and disabled, but it wasn’t always that way.  Kelly was active in sports since the age of 5, and was even granted a scholarship to play college volleyball, but that dream was cut short before playing her first game as her health started taking a turn for the worse.  Now, life isn’t so easy.  She suffers from a neurological disease called Dystonia  (related to Parkinson’s), as well as DVT's (blood clots ), pulmonary embolisms  and other chronic serious pulmonary issues  keeping her reliant on oxygen, Antiphosphilipid Antibody Syndrome, digestive issues (she's lost 35 lbs in the past 6 weeks alone), neck and back issues, and chronically severe compression mega-migraines.  Medical staff has had to resuscitate her back to life three times in the past few years due to physical health problems combined with hospital mistakes.

Additionally, due to her parents joining a high-demand, abusive fundamentalist group at age 5, which Kelly tried to leave quietly at age 30, she has been shunned by her family and friends in the group. This has been very hard on her emotionally, and has led down a road where she also has been diagnosed and is being treated for  Complex PTSD, major depression disorder, and panic/anxiety disorder.   

#HelpSaveKelly - Mayo Clinic Trip


Anonymous said...

“The evil of Gerald Flurry, his cult ministers and ultimately Armstrongism itself, continue to march on as present members who know the abuse is wrong stand by and do NOTHING!”

In the interest of accuracy in reporting, it is not technically correct to say that PCG members “stand by and do NOTHING!”

PCG members actively financially support the incredible doctrinal heresies of GRF and his PCG, and show up regularly at the weekly disservices to lend their immoral support to it all. Many PCG members go above and beyond this basic requirement of PCG membership and go out of their way to personally and actively use and abuse other members, especially if there is something sexual in it for themselves.

It might not even be technically correct to say that PCG members “know the abuse is wrong.”

So many years of the PCG's braindirtying techniques have left many PCG members thinking that doing evil (especially to one's own family) is good, and that doing good (especially to one's own family) would be evil. The fact that people go along with all the evil in the PCG suggests that they do not know anything at all.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that the ones the webmaster is mentioning that are sitting by and doing nothing are those that know and privately complain about the abuses. You are correct about the financial giving that still goes on in spite of the acknowledged abuse. That shows the extent of the fear that Flurry and his pasturds have forced upon the people.

Anonymous said...

Gerald Flurry wasted everyone's time in the PCG by forcing them to read his Malachi's Message book.

Reading Gerald Flurry's nonsense has kept PCG members from reading the REAL book of Malachi in the Bible, even though it is only three or four pages long.

Check out Malachi 2:13-16 about being faithful in marriage.

Check out Malachi 4:5-6 about raising children.

Why does Gerald Flurry always try to force people in the PCG to do the exact diametrical opposite of what the REAL book of Malachi in the Bible says?

Chuckles said...

This poor women didn't leave God, she left the one who plays God, Gerald Flurry. Where is the love, compassion and mercy of these people who claim to have the spirit of God, who say they follow Jesus the Christ, unbelievable. They even go so far as to say or think it's for her own good, how blind can some people be. If she was sinning and hasn't repented maybe, but leaving Gerald Flurry is not sinning, sin is the transgression of Gods law which she has repented of and has been forgiven for.

They call themselves Philadelphia which means brotherly love, obviously then they are not the real Philadelphia church because there is not love there, just gossip, judging and criticism but not love. Hate to say it but the people following Flurry are deceived and don't realize it, all they have to do is look at their hard heart to see they are wrong and that God is speaking to them in Revelation when he is telling the Laodeceans to repent, God help them see the truth as this person suffering has and get out of the Gerald Flurry cult where it's all about him.