Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tribualtion to Start in December of 2016!

Well folks. the writing is on the wall.  God's one and ONLY unemployed true prophet has declared that the Tribulation is to start in December of 2016.  You have one more year to party and get you act together.

Armstrongite false prophets have had a field day over the decades mocking the various false prophets of the world around them, yet they fail to look at themselves as part of that sick equation.  Because they are all Church of God members they seem to feel that they are incapable of making a false prophecy. When they do, they declare that the church was not ready and that their god has delayed things.  They are never wrong, but their god seems to be incapable of making his mind up.

Every single Church of God leader who has made a prediction over the last 80 some years has been proven to be a liar and false prophet.  This includes HWA, GTA, Meredith, Flurry, Pack, Gilbreath, Malm, Thiel, Dankenbring, Waterhouse, Blackwell, Hoeh, et al.  Not once has any of these deceived little men ever said anything that had any truth to it.

Today on the Chief Pharisee and wanna-be prophet's blog James Malm had this:

An acolyte writes:
Depending upon when the 3 1/2 years began, there could actually be 2 intercalated months or 60 days and if you add the 15 days from Aviv 1 to the 1st day of U B, that would make up the extra 75 days needed for the 1335 days.
The Chief Pharisees and false prophet responds:

Sorry for the delay in posting. I decided to do the counting from the projected Feast days and check this out as to whether there is a potential for 2015 or 2016.

I am counting back 1,290 days from the sixth day of ULB in 2019 and 2020 as the resurrection date, to set the beginning; and then counting forward to the 1,335 days to see how close they are to Pentecost for the pouring out of God’s spirit.

2015 Abomination set up on Oct 14 + 1,335 days lands directly on Pentecost 2019. This seems a non starter since the kingdom and the pouring out of the spirit will be AFTER the 1,335 days.
2016 Abomination set up on 2 Oct + 1,335 days lands on Friday May 29, with Pentecost coming AFTER the 1,335 days; on that Sunday May 31.

Note: This assumes that the projected high days are correct, and that my calculation is correct. This could be either year, but the most likely year seems 2016 to set up the abomination in Oct and begin the tribulation in December. 

This is only a very strong indicator [along with the signs of the times] since the projected High Days might be off by a day, or my calculations might be off by a day or so.
We should take this a year at a time and be ready for 2015, yet not be disappointed if we have another year to warn the brethren!

Nevertheless any one of us could die tonight; we should always be ready! James

In the meantime the Chief Pharisee is expecting donations to keep pouring in so he can remain unemployed.  By living off contributions of the gullible he does not have to do physical work.  This allows him time to sit and write endlessly his version on how he thinks scripture should be interpreted.


DennisCDiehl said...

God and prophecy hauntedness will make fools of these small minds every time

Byker Bob said...

To people deceived by the Armstrong prophecy mold, he probably sounds as if he knows what he is doing. Then, of course, he lapses into his Pharisaic agenda.


Retired Prof said...

Actually the abomination was set up in 2005. I forget the exact date, but it was when Anheuser-Bush introduced Budweiser Select 55 beer.

Anonymous said...

If I start doing math based upon Aesop's fables and Mother Goose, I ought to be able to predict the future, right?

He might as well be trying to calculate the date of the return of a deified King Arthur based upon the anniversary of the date he thinks the sword was pulled from the stone.

Seems legit.

I think he means well, but he's just not the brightest bulb in the box.

Anonymous said...

James Malm rebelled against Herbert W. Armstrong and left the Worldwide Church of God in 1985 while HWA was still alive. James Malm wanted to try to think for himself, but it did not work out well. James Malm's wife got into that “sacred names” nonsense and divorced him for not going along with it too. James Malm himself got into “calendar confusion” like so many other supposedly independent goofs. Not having paid attention in the WCG, James Malm even got confused about what the gospel was. James Malm criticized HWA for always wanting more money, but then suddenly wanted more money for himself. James Malm, who refused to listen to HWA, now wants people to listen to himself and go along with whatever he comes up with and not question it. Now, James Malm has been overcome by prediction addiction. It will be a disaster for anyone who listens to a confused rebel like James Malm.

Anonymous said...

This comment is 100 % accurate.
"Armstrongite false prophets have had a field day over the decades mocking the various false prophets of the world around them, yet they fail to look at themselves as part of that sick equation."

Byker Bob said...

This ends up being one of the proofs that, so far as Armstrongism goes, nobody has the conch. The splinters all keep some version of HWA's basic package of theology. But, virtually none of them are in agreement when it gets around to prophecy, when the tribulation is going to start, and when Jesus will return. Quite honestly, for years, Herbert W. Armstrong preached the wrong math calculations, and then he and the entire church went backpedaling into denial when God failed to validate ol' Herb's plan.

The church used to preach that "God is not the author of confusion" (even though there are numerous biblical examples of God actually using confusion as a weapon to suit His purposes) and now, guess what? Armstrongism has descended into a massive state of confusion itself. The people who think they have end times prophecy all dialed in and figured out continue to authoritatively guess, and to make ridiculous pronouncements, usually based on themselves, and none of the stuff they say ever seems to come to pass, but instead of being properly embarrassed, they become arrogant, recommit the error with new dates.

To paraphrase an old Country song, they are "Lookin' for religion in all the wrong places."


Connie Schmidt said...

As far as his prophecy goes... MALM WILL BOMB!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:05 makes some good points.

The Chief Pharisee is a hypocrite because:

* James Malm wants to think for himself, but says you are wrong if you want to the same, thus daring to question him.

* James Malm tried to think for himself but failed abysmally, and is only capable of thinking HWA's drivel all over again with a few tweaks. At the same time he says you should follow him instead of HWA, even though, since he's a follower of HWA, to follow James Malm IS to follow HWA! (He never seems to get around to saying you should follow Jesus though. I guess Jesus is "the competition.")

* James Malm criticized HWA for always wanting money from others, but now he always wants money from others.

However, Anon 7:05 also seems to pejoratively label him a "rebel."

If he were an actual rebel, which I'm not all that convinced he is, then that would actually be one of his good qualities. HWA was someone that really needed to balked at and rebelled against. Especially if you happened to be his daughter.

If James Malm had ever succeeded at "rebelling" and thus thinking for himself, he'd at least have had a chance to think some worthwhile thoughts, instead of the totally not worthwhile HWA pharisaic drivel which is all he manages to spew now.

If James Malm had succeeded at rebelling against HWA he might actually be a halfway normal person. Some of his problems, however, I think may have preceded HWA's corrupting influence, which explains why HWA's influence upon him has been so profound.

Anonymous said...

I thought it would be interesting to note: Mr Malm does not post all the comments that come to him. He only posts the ones he can use as evidence, that support his theories, or that he can publicly rip to shreds.

He doesn't seem to want to post anything that is logical that undermines his purpose. How sad?