Sunday, January 3, 2016

Lil'Jimmy Meredith Has Had A Hard Time Loving His Father

On the Church of God News site there was an entry on the Living Church of God that had a curious statement about Jim Meredith and how he has now "come to love" his father.   I imagine growing up in the Meredith household was not the best of times since it was not a normal family.  It surely was difficult living in a house with a sinless authoritarian father who feels he is God's final end time man.

Around 800 people attended LCG‘Winter Weekend’ over the Christmas holidays. The Sabbath service on December 26th was broadcast live.
Jim Meredith introduced the speaker, his father Roderick, remarking, curiously, Ive come to love him. 

During his sermon, Roderick Meredith confirmed that Gerald Weston will move to LCGs HQ in Charlotte, North Carolina, “about next August” to become the churchchief operating manager.” He made this decision at a Council of Elders meeting two months ago, but it was not made public at that time.
Gerald Weston moved from Canada to the UK only 5 months ago to become the regional manager for Europe.


Anonymous said...

Don't like Jim M. but really in this case it's no more than a joke.

DennisCDiehl said...

Shouldn't that be "Presiding Operating Manager" ?

Anonymous said...

If one is to believe the "sins of the father" theory held by many ACOGers, all of RCM's kids must be cursed. I have felt sorry for them many times. They are all alcoholics (probably the best way to cope given their situation). Several have substance abuse issues and several can't keep their wieners in their pants despite the sacred covenant of marriage.

One would think that wild drinking binges that result in public intoxication at church functions, reefer madness and repeated adultery would get you kicked out of LCG but it doesn't when your last name is Meredith. You have to do something far worse, like have a Bible study with your friends or read the Book of Enoch.

Byker Bob said...

If Rod's kids are as you say they are, my question would be, why are not all of the other church members treated with patience and given such loving latitude and room for repentance? Every human is special, not just some minister's kid.


Charlie Brown said...

This is what I can never understand. Why spend all that money moving Vladimir Putin, I mean Gerald Westen to the UK and spend a ton of tithe payers money to move him back. Did the great minds of LCG not see this potential scenario. Is that being wise stewards with God's money? They are complete imbeciles.

Anonymous said...

1 Timothy 3:5

Anonymous said...

Bob the justice scales at LCG are utterly corrupt. The same crime is seldom met with the same punishment. It all depends on who you are, who you associate with and (if you aren't poor)if you are ready to write a big check to buy forgiveness.

Charlie I could give you dozens of examples of how wasteful LCG is wit tithe payer money. I know of a minister who wanted to fly home 2 days early and did so despite the fact that changing he and his wife's tickets cost the work over $1000. They don't care. These men are like spoilt children. They want what they want when they want it and they don't care how they get it. They would never be able to function n the real world but within their sad, tiny little organization everyone kisses their asses so they get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, the hilarious hypocrisy of a person who has given up on his own parents suggesting a very different approach for others...
Too funny!
You just can't make this stuff up!

Anonymous said...

Poor Lil Jimmy Meredith. It must really suck to be such a professional failure that at his age you have to move to NC to work for your daddy's business because you were too much of a dunce to do anything else well enough to succeed.

As if growing up with RCM as your father wasn't awful enough in the first place.

At least he has all that tithe-payer money to keep him warm at night.