Monday, February 29, 2016

Living Church of God Lawsuit: Bob Thiel and James Malm Broadsided

James Malm and Bob Thiel both got blindsided yesterday by the exclusive release here of the letter confirming that the Living Church of God, Rod Meredith and Rod McNair are being sued for "defamation of character" and "intentional emotional distress". They both are taking the letter released here and spinning it as if they knew about this all along, which they did not. Neither one of them have the wherewithal to provide a link that they got their info from here. When I find tidbits of info on their sites I almost always provide a link. James Malm is particularly guilty of this since he will sometimes quote word for word things that people have only sent to me as if he wrote it. 

Bob Thiel owes Connie credit for her posting of the lawsuit document that he copied and pasted to his blog as if he discovered it.

Both Malm and Thiel have reached out to LCG for confirmation as to the legitimacy of this lawsuit. Its going to be fun to sit back and watch them both play their deceitful game as tools of the LCG spin machine. It will be interesting to see what Malm and Thiel report back since even some of the Council of Elders did not know about the lawsuit. There has been a wide coverup of this lawsuit by Meredith and a select few. 

It truly is sad that LCG members have to come to this blog to find out truths about their own church. Truths written by fellow members who feel they are not being heard when they air their grievances. The internet has become the enemy of the Church of God because it allows free flow of information that the leadership restrict. This lawsuit is just the tip of the iceberg of the type of corruption that is rampant in the Living Church of God and the broader COG communities. If the Scarbouroughs prevail, it will set a precedent in other COG's for abused members to sue Gerald Flurry, Dave Pack and others. LCG will fight this with everything they have and will do everything in their power to smear the reputation of the Scarbouroughs.  

Rod Meredith did this exact same thing when he lied about Leona McNair in front of 800 Worldwide Church of God ministers. He blatantly lied about Mrs. McNair in order to make Raymond look like the persecuted one. Leona sued, WCG spend hundreds of thousands of dollars defending Meredith. They lost and had to pay Leona a substantial amount of money. It was not long after this that Meredith then jumped ship to Global Church of God. He stayed in the WCG long enough of for the church to defend him and pay for the lawsuit. How ethical is that?  

For a man who claims to never have committed a major since since baptism he certainly has proven to be one of the most unethical ministers the church has ever produced.


Anonymous said...

"James Malm and Bob Thiel both got blindsided yesterday by the exclusive release here of the letter confirming ... ".

Big friggin deal. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

You are right that this lawsuit has far extending ramifications that will spill out into the other COG's. LCG leadership will do everything in their power to discredit the Scarbourghs. Its all about protecting their facade of righteousness.

Anonymous said...

11.12 AM Then why don't you practise what you preach, by going elsewhere?

Connie Schmidt said...


Thiel and Malm, you rat bastards! ... I do the homework and legwork and you two take the claim! ?? You owe BANNED and myself credit. Plagiarists!

Byker Bob said...

It is a big deal, 11:12! It demonstrates to the reading public which blog is a trusted confidant, and which has the greater credibility. It is also a predictor of future scoops.


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Connie Schmidt - send Thiel and Malm a bill for services rendered!


Anonymous said...


As a connoisseur of vanillas, I'm tempted to hope future scoops are vanillas.

However, knowing how whacky the world of Armstrongism is, I fully realize that future scoops will be rather spicy or oddly-flavored.

ex: (BI Butternut, Herb's Crazy Cranberry, Herbies' Honeys' Harassment Extravaganza, Ramona's Rasberry, Culty Cucumber, Disfellowshipped Date, Petra Pear, Sabbath Strawberry, Feast Fig and Co-Worker Carrot)

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile on Little Bobby's blog, he laments how American is becoming more communistic and what a Marxist Bernie Sanders is. If he stuck towards his failed prophecies and teachings it would be one thing, but he manages to throw some politics into the sad mix as well.

Anonymous said...

Bitter Bob had a melt down today on his blog claiming you are a lair and that he secretly knew about the lawsuit ahead of time. There is not word that guy says that can be trustworthy. When you lie about doctrine, utter false prophecies, teach heresy and lie about how you were supposed ordained by God, how can you be trustworthy in reporting other details.

NO2HWA said...

I saw it and had to laugh. You are right in how how he lied about his ordination and double blessing. God had no part of that no matter how much he wants to spin that tale. Bob is delicate, be gentle with him.