Monday, February 22, 2016

Rod Meredith/Richard Ames Witch Hunt Against Gay and Lesbian LCG Members

I received the above video today from one of my sources.  It has long been known in COG circles that Rod Meredith has an intense fascination with homosexuality.  There is not a sermon, magazine article or broadcast that Meredith is associated with where he  does not get riled up over homosexuality.   For decades now he has been seen by many as trying too hard to over-compensate for his own masculinity issues.  Meredith would be a good case study for a psychologist.

Living Church of God, as has most all the other Church of God's, have always had gay and lesbian members.  Herbert Armstrong had several gay men who worked for him over the decades and as hard as Meredith tried, HWA would not fire the men.  All three Ambassador campuses and almost all the faculty homes were designed and decorated gay employees.  This always irked Meredith.  Imagine having sit in your million dollar home every evening eating dinner on your fancy dining table or watching TV in your richly decorated den or having to write your antigay sermons on a desk bought by HWA's favorite gay employee.  That certainly is an ego buster, especially for Meredith

Many gay and lesbian COG members have never understood why some stayed in LCG where they had to listen to the hate filled rhetoric of Meredith and others.  It all boils down to fear. Fear has always been the biggest motivator in Armstrongism in keeping members in line.  Fear of losing ones salvation because a person is gay was always a big reason so many stayed in the church.  The god that COG members were brought up believing in always seemed to be a vengeful, pissed-off, old white guy with his thumb ready to squash you for the slightest infraction.  Sadly that is still the god that seems to rule in the Living Church of God, Philadelphia Church of God and the Restored Church of God.


Black Ops Mikey said...

And yet... and yet... the irony is that if the Bible were true, Roderick Meredith will be thrown into the Lake of Fire to be burned to death and be gone for all eternity -- that's the deal with False Prophets.

Many in the Church of God (the non Armstrongist ones) cannot understand why people in cults like the LCG would stay and follow a false prophet, especially one who thinks he's never committed a 'major' sin since baptism and isn't about to even consider repentance.

You are all cordially invited to the Final Judgment. If things continue as they are, Roderick Meredith will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. Come early to get the best seats for viewing. BYOB. Free barbeque. Bring marshmallows and sticks to roast them. No heavy coats needed: The Weather Forecast is it's going to be one hot dry day....

Anonymous said...

"I hope that you all understand, that the apostle Paul and the LCG today will not tolerate the practice or practicing of fornication, practicing homosexuallity, practicing immorality in the congregation, ...that is not God's way!"

What about incest!? Homosexuality is an error in the same way that masturbation is in error when it comes to the need to reproduce. But incest and rape can and do cause GREATER DAMAGE IMO! You can't hide those skeletons in the closet anymore!


Anonymous said...

Armstrongism, particularly the more rabid fundamentalist groups, have always used the Bible as their weapon of choice. It is used to squash and punish everyone for everything imaginable that the leader can dream up. Yet through it all they seem to forget that that very same weapon they throw around also condemns them all to death for their lies, abuse and false prophecies and teachings. Meredith, Ames, and the rest of the leaders in LCG have no ethics or morals and certainly are anything but Christian.

Anonymous said...

I have never understood why so many in the church thought Richard Ames was a pillar of godly standards. He was and is a sick old man that has abused members for decades with his gracelessness. He is rotten to the core, just like his brother in law.

Byker Bob said...

If homosexuals and false prophets are all to be thrown into TLoF, and the fire is figurative, not literal, guess what is probably going to be happening.


Connie Schmidt said...

I understand that RCM is so anti-homo that he will not even drink Homogenized milk!

Anonymous said...

I understand that RCM is so anti-homo that he will not even drink Homogenized milk!

Living University must teach its students that human beings are Hetero Sapiens.

Anonymous said...

Richard Ames says LCG will not tolerate "practicing sin."

Unless that sin is the sin of lying, and you are Meredith or one of his minions.

Unless that sin is the sin of nepotism, and you are Meredith or one of his family members.

Unless that sin is the sin of incest, and you are HWA.

Unless that sin is the sin of adultery and you are a member of Meredith's family.

Unless that sin is the sin of Sabbath-breaking and you are a big tither.

Unless that sin is the sin of coveting members' assets and you are Meredith.

You get the idea. If you're in a bad marriage and you slip in a moment of human weakness, you are garbage in Meredith's eyes, no matter how deeply you may repent. But if you make a habit of unrepentant lying, fornicating, Sabbath-breaking, etc., it's OK if you are well-connected to Meredith and his minions.

Byker Bob said...

Connie, back in the late '60s, there was a dairy in SoCal that labeled their milk "Homo Milk" There were church members who would not buy it, because they didn't want to see it setting in the refer or on the breakfast table. Then, as the gay pride movement came into the public consciousness, that milk quietly disappeared.


Anonymous said...

This is not about homosexuality or adultery. Those issues are only a vehicle used to promote LCG's superiority to all the other churches. This constant low-level propaganda is very effective, and Ames and Meredith know it and use it at every opportunity. It has been going on for years and is why so many stay in LCG. They have been brainwashed -- "Well, it's better than the other churches" when they don't know the facts.

Ralph said...

on February 22, 2016 at 12:18 PM

quoted Richard Ames:- "I hope that you all understand, that the apostle Paul and the LCG today will not tolerate the practice or practicing of fornication, practicing homosexuallity, practicing immorality in the congregation, ...that is not God's way!"

and I can agree with that, it is not Yehovah's way!

d-b-p went on to say:- "What about incest!?"

and I don't believe that is Yehovah's way either. Is there some problem with Richard Ames' presentation as shown on this post? If there is please tell me what it is.I don't have any problem with his message, especially his words on repentance and forgiveness.

"Joh 8:11 She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more." (AKJ)

ps. I repeat, I am no longer associated with any corporate religious group!

Anonymous said...

Just the other week I attended a performance of a musician who graced the stage of Ambassador Auditorium in 1982.
He was a young man at the time.
Now that he is an international superstar, he is well known to not accept invitations if his husband is not also invited. Of course there have been plenty examples like these in the past. Judging from other comments here even hwa seemed to have recognized the "decorative" qualities of gay personel.

To those who would say I'm cuddling up to the MadMotorists hairy arms by (attempting) stepping down from the elitist stage. Honi soit qui mal Y pense.


Anonymous said...

Adultery, in the case of Solomon's one thousand wives, robbed him of his ability to be faithful to Gods way. Homosexuality is even more mentally destructive. It is evil. This is independent of what any minister of religion believes or teaches. It is part of Gods creation. These pro gay people here should complain to God rather than 'shooting the messenger.'

Anonymous said...


You say you agree with Richard Ames' quoted statement.

You also say you are "no longer associated with any corporate religious group"

Just to clarify-
Are you no longer associated with any group that was once associated with (or considered by some to be a splinter of) the Worldwide Church of God?

Please forgive me for asking, but an honest answer would be helpful, and I'm wondering if you're a maybe a member of a splinter, or a LRCOG(living room cog), or even maybe a "lone wolf" - as Glynn Washington describes his dad to be.

BTW, if you haven't heard Glynn Washington's NPR shows about HWA's stuff, you might want to check them out- everyone I know that's listened to them have liked them very much.

Soundboard Guy

Anonymous said...

Anon @8:55

Perhaps you should make your callous comments to your fellow gay and lesbian LCG members that sit next to you in church each week. I'm sure they will appreciate your inept understanding.

Anonymous said...

10.10 I'm a lone wolf Christian as the above post puts it. It's been decades since I attended church. Calling a spade a spade, identifying what God created is not being callous. Rather it being loving. The truth will set you free as the Man said. You desire this one exemption from reality. But there are dozens of other groups that desire some exemption from reality of their own. The technical term for this is 'neurotic claim.' You can attack me, and call me names till hell freezes over. Homosexuality is destructive, which is why hates this sin. It's a trait of God I just love, He never, ever lowers His standards. I just remembered, a neurotic claim of the ministers is that they have a right to blind unquestioning obedience, a psychopathic trait. How can you condemn their claim, whilst insisting on yours???

Ralph said...

on February 23, 2016 at 8:58 AM
Soundboard Guy asked:-
"Are you no longer associated with any group that was once associated with (or considered by some to be a splinter of) the Worldwide Church of God?"

A. Yes, I am no longer associated with any group that was once associated with (or considered by some to be a splinter of) the Worldwide Church of God.

"....I'm wondering if you're a maybe a member of a splinter, or a LRCOG(living room cog), or even maybe a "lone wolf" - as Glynn Washington describes his dad to be."

A. No, I am not a member of a splinter, or a LRCOG(living room cog)

As to being a "lone wolf", I don't think so. I'm sure there must be others who have had similar experiences to mine in the 'religious' sense and have separated themselves from what is often called 'organized' religion. I sometimes think of myself as a 'freelance' Christian, responsible to no man or man made 'church' organization. My prime responsibility is to Yehovah and His son Yeshua from whom I continue to learn the way of righteous living through the words of the Holy Bible and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

I haven't heard of Glynn Washington's name before today. I guess a number of contributors to this blog don't realize I am Australian, living in Australia and have next to nothing to do with US radio programs.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying, Ralph.
At times you've seemed an enigma, with your amalgam of pro-Armstrong and anti-Armstrongist comments- and most a bit on the preachy side, IMO.

BTW,it was from a guy on an island near yours, that I first learned that the popular NPR 'Snap Judgment' show's host Glynn Washington was an x-WCGer.


Anonymous said...

“Rod Meredith/Richard Ames Witch Hunt Against Gay and Lesbian LCG Members”

The Bible teaches against fornication, adultery, and homosexuality.

In direct contrast, Hollywood fully supports fornication, adultery, and homosexuality.

Almost nobody reads the Bible anymore.

In direct contrast, almost everybody watches the smut that Hollywood produces for television and theatres.

The Bible does not have many advocates. The Catholic church and its “harlots and abominations of the earth” Protestant daughter churches have always taught that God's ways were old, bad for you, obsolete, and done away with, and that unbiblical, pagan-based beliefs and customs are the way to go.

In direct contrast, sin has many advocates. Hollywood never stops sinning and never stops praising itself for its sins. Hollywood even has awards called “Academy Awards” and “Oscars” to reward its own for acting out the latest innovations in sinning.

Few people have any time at all to read what the Bible says about anything.

In direct contrast, almost all--including professing “Christians”--now love to be taught for hours a day by Hollywood.

People who actually believe in and try to obey anything that God said in the Bible for the good of all are now labelled and portrayed by the wicked in Hollywood as ignorant, bullying, homophobic, hate-mongers, and hypocrites.

In direct contrast, the shameful “actors” (the Greek word for actor is hypocrite) from Hollywood now try to pass themselves off as wonderful examples who are full of wisdom, tolerance, love, and truth for the whole world. They do not need to act evil since they really are evil, but they do act like evil is good and like good is evil. Since calling themselves what they really are would not be good enough for their egos, they call themselves “stars” instead.

The Bible is having a tough time surviving even in the so-called COGs.

In direct contrast, Hollywood infiltrated all the COGs many years ago and taught many of the people in them to disagree with what God said in the Bible.

The Bible contains examples of people thinking and behaving badly all the time before the flood and getting all washed up, and of people being utterly depraved in all their thinking and behavior in Sodom and getting all burned out.

Now, not just in Hollywood but even among current--and especially former--COG people there is a great rage against what God said in the Bible. Who is right? God or the ragers? Time will eventually tell how this will work out.

Chuckles said...

Anon 8:50 AM. You couldn't have said it any better, how true..

Chuckles said...

RALPH 12:32 AM...I agree with you Ralph, I find nothing wrong with what Richard Ames said. They were at a bible study and when he came to these verses he simply said it like it was, explaining it correctly. Other than that I think it was just an opportunity to use what Ames said to point out how RCM seems to be so obsessed with focusing in on homosexuality. Thanks for all your input on this blog, I enjoy reading what you have to say as well as some others on here.

Ralph said...

on February 24, 2016 at 7:47 AM
SBG wrote:

" and most a bit on the preachy side, IMO."

Please SBG, no encouragement. LOL

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon this story.

I'd like to chime in that I find it equally shocking that Richard Ames feels he is able to assess repentance.

He says something about disciplining a fornicator or homosexual for a period of time and then letting them come back if they see that the person has repented.

Can Rod Meredith and Richard Ames see into the heart of a man?

It seems to be more of the same. If they like you because you have connections or big offerings, I'm guessing they will come to see your "repentance" sooner rather than latter. And if you are someone they'd prefer to be rid of, they will pretend to look into your heart and simply not find the proper amount of repentance.

LCG is predictably corrupt.

Just like the Pharisees they truly believe these "sinners" are doomed but that they themselves are snowy white and completely safe.

They are so blind SMH!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, my Lord and Savior ate with prostitutes and tax collectors......

LCG= modern day Pharisees

How do the members not recognize this???