Saturday, March 5, 2016

Bob Thiel Thinks We Are All Bitter Meanies

Poor Bob Thiel.  He cant get over the fact that Rod Meredith did not like him and that those of us here know he is a  self-appointed spiritual fraud without truth.

He writes today:

03/05/16 p.m. The Banned By HWA corrected the date of its post below to today. Then Gary Leonard called me more names, as did some of those who post there. The bitter people over there have real problems with the truth--and yes, I do pray for them.

You are all such bad bitter meanies here!  Shame on you!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Reading and watching Bitter Bob has to be one of the most boring things imaginable. He says nothing of substance that is worthwhile spiritually and certainly is not anointed or doubly blessed by God.

Byker Bob said...

Well, he has to say something about us in order to continue internally justifying his hobby as a prophet. It reminds me of an old song by the Fabulous Poodles, called "Mirror Star"

He was a lonely boy, no good at sports.
He couldn't run, his legs were short.
He walked the streets inside his head
And spent a lot of time in bed.

He practiced on his way to school
His friends all said, you're off the wall
He played a tight elastic band
His mike was just his empty hand

Mirror, mirror, mirror star
He posed in front of every car
They all called him crazy kid
He ran up to his room and hid.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
You never treat him like a fool
Here in his room he is the king
The wild applause is deafening


Anonymous said...

Would love to ask Bob, "So you're praying for us, eh? Which way?"

Jesus said, "Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you." Luke 6:27-28

How much, in what Bob does, do the words of Jesus play a part?

Anonymous said...

I must admit, I feel uncomfortable with Bob being called Bitter Bob continually. It smells of school yard name calling. A persons name is an important part of a person. Books on human relations, stress getting peoples name right. In fact BB got very ticked off because I used anon rather than BB. One of the ten commandment deals with using Gods name respectfully. Lastly, it is not a sin to be bitter.
'Be angry and sin not,' applies to all emotions, including bitterness. Meaning, it could be a sin of omission not to be bitter if appropriate.

Anonymous said...

While instructing us about bitterness, 5:15 sounds rather bitter. Then he/she claimed that bitterness is not a sin, which really pisses me off.

Back to the post: Here's hoping Blither Bob (is that better?) can rustle us up a double portion of whatever he's praying for. Seems only fair.

Anonymous said...

It would probably be more accurate to refer to him as "Narcissist Bob", but it doesn't roll off the tongue as well.

Byker Bob said...

Not ticked off, 5:15, it's just that using our names makes it easier to track the posts and to respond to ideas and questions which are addressed to us. Functionality. As it was, I might have missed some of what you had addressed to me. I understand why ACOG members need to keep their identities anonymous, and I respect that, but with so many people using that, it is very difficult to know who is saying what to whom. I realize that not everyone has the luxury that I do of posting a picture of themselves next to what they write.


Byker Bob said...

I've referred to him as "Bummer Bob" from time to time.

Proper blog etiquette has generally been that we don't make ad hominem attacks on fellow posters. However, it is difficult to restrain some people's exhuberance in their newly-found freedom of speech, so this etiquette doesn't always necessarily apply to some of the quirky public figures who are in the forefront of perpetuating or advancing Armstrongism. That is especially true with regard to the people who have ordained themselves as apostles, prophets, the two witnesses, and other assorted blblical figures, and those who go to extraordinary lengths in financially fleecing their flocks, or oppressing the sheep.. Some of the less bad, or the more humane ones that did not revel in their own authority, are often pretty much given a pass, in spite of participating in the advancement of a toxic, and bogus system.


Anonymous said...

How about Sideshow Bob. Sideshow to the main event, which is still Meredith and LCG, even, or so it would seem, to Bob himself.

And it should not escape our notice that "I'll pray for you" is a polite christian euphemism for "F**k you."

Connie Schmidt said...



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Black Ops Mikey said...

Truth? Booby Thiel told some truth???!!!???

Will wonders never cease.

Never thought it would happen.

Especially since we've debunked his best 'academic' sources supporting British Israelism over at another unnamed blog.

Byker Bob said...


Could we make the challenge a game of tackle football instead? Or a drag race on equally-prepped Harleys? I think it's time to up the ante. Actually everybody here has been wrestling with this guy mentally for a number of years, and he doesn't seem to know when to stay down!


RSK said...

As much as I'd enjoy giving him a suplex or two, BB, I think that having to play a round of tackle football might unhinge him even worse. :)

Anonymous said...

Does Buckaroo Bob still do the lame videos with the strange bedroom curtains as a backdrop, and ambient sound for audio? If so, he's the one who should be bitter. Or maybe his "brethren" should be; they have to endure his home movies every week.

Anonymous said...

Surely he cannot object to me calling him The Prophet Bob.
Even though I'm deriding his integrity and sanity with the title, it is one that he has claimed for himself.

elder statesman said...

Hey Bob Thiel,
You are a doody head.
There another name for your collection.

Byker Bob said...

I wonder if Bob Thiel knows that there is a Bob Theile, Jr., a musician and composer responsible for much of the music on a well-known TV show. That Bob Thiele is actually cool!


Anonymous said...

WavyArms or JazzHands

Byker Bob said...

As scams become known, they require updating to stay ahead of public awareness, otherwise they are no longer effective. Come on, Bob! You are supposed to be intelligent! To be successful, you will need to do something which the ACOG brain trust has been unable to do: Evolve with technology and the growing sophistication of the general public! Come up with an entirely new variation of the Armstrong scam!


Anonymous said...

"...starts finding almost religious interpretation for the results of atrocious craftsmanship, the point after which a work’s quality as a piece of bulldada increases in inverse proportion to its ability to yell a coherent story." Church of Bob


Anonymous said...

Anon writes, "I feel uncomfortable with Bob being called 'Bitter Bob'"

Since Bitter Bob sins so much, I propose we now call Bitter Bob, "Sinful Bitter Bob"