Friday, March 4, 2016

United Church of God: He's Baaaaack!

Never let the United Church of God tell you they are open to change.  For 20 years now the UCG has been run and governed by men who worked unethically on the Worldwide Church of God's dime while kicking out members and planning their own break away church.  For 20 years UCG has had the opportunity to do something unique and bold yet has failed at every turn they have taken.  New leadership should have been considered as many UCG members desire.  But no.  The old boy's club voted back in one of their own.  Vic Kubik is back agin.

Victor Kubik was reconfirmed to a second term as president of the United Church of God, an International Association , after a full reaffirmation process on March 2, 2016. This second term runs from 2016-2019. The Council of Elders looks forward to working with Mr. Kubik in furthering the Vision and Mission Statements of the Church.


Black Ops Mikey said...

There used to be "President for Life" until the first one nearly bankrupted United.

So they DID change!

Anyway, Victor Kubik is a good guy -- he managed to stop the expenditure of funds in the WCG for attorneys (P.C. Pearson) who were helping a woman keep her children... and don't you know, the night before she went to court, Vic got a call from Dennis Luker and the next day, the woman appeared in court without representation and lost her children because Mr. Kubik cancelled the funds dedicated to the lawyers.

So Vic is the good guy and saved some tithe money for the WCG.

Mickey said...

Seems as though they cannot trust the future to anyone outside their good ol' boys club. Which appears to mean that they are unable to trust God nor relinquish power.

Anonymous said...

This is great news. It means nothing will change, and UCG (like the rest of the COGs) will continue to die a slow death.

Anonymous said...

That's a shame, Black Ops Mikey.

So instead of helping a woman in need, the UCG's 'Filthy Luker' (via 'Vick the Dick' Kubik) pulled the rug out from her at the last minute, causing her to lose her children.

This not the first time the UCG has acted totally sleazily, and acted as agents of harm toward their parishioners.

Anonymous said...

Is it true Kubik was a hatchet man for Joe Tkach--firing people who didn't go along with WCG's new changes? Can anyone confirm that?

I'm disgusted enough that Kubik wanted to hang onto power for another term. The whole point of having a term limit is to limit one man's power. But again, here we are, with one guy hanging onto that power.

Anonymous said...

Kubik certainly was one of those disfellowshipping people for not agreeing with the changes while he was still employed by the church. Robin Webber did the same thing as did a lot of the other men currently serving on the COE. They are all snakes that knew how to play the game and retain their salaries while they organized UCG. When that was done, and after they had disfellowshipped scores of people, they smoothly transitioned into UCG where salaries were waiting for them. Ethics is not something that is widely practiced in the leadership of UCG.