Thursday, July 7, 2016

COG Group Needs Binoculars In Order To Please It's "god"

The Chief Pharisee of Canada has been busy lately trying to see when the new moon was to happen so he can toot a horn.  Because the law is more important than loving one's neighbor, it is vital that his followers still pretend to be Jewish and keep the miniscule letter of the law.

The lengths Malm and his few acolytes go to in order to be "righteous" is exhausting and totally unnecessary.

Dr. Roy Hoffman of the Israel New moon Society saw the new moon this evening.  He is a highly experienced and skilled observer and had to first find the very faint moon by binoculars, then once the moon was located he could see it with his naked eyes and did manage to get a faint picture.  He was the only searcher who did see the new moon.  
On the grounds that: 
1.  Only one person saw the first light of the new moon, even though he was able to take a faint picture [cameras not being available during the Temple period]
2.   and  that even he, a highly experienced expert, needed binoculars [binoculars were not available during the Temple period or before] to find the faint moon before he could see it by naked eye: 
I find that a new moon would NOT have been declared for this evening during Temple times.   
If anyone would like to comment on this please contact me at
 The new moon and first day of the fourth biblical month will therefore begin at sunset tomorrow evening ending Wednesday, and making all day Thursday the New Moon Day. 
When you read Malm's nonsense you can see why he finds Jesus so disturbing and cannot talk about him.  Can you imagine Malm ever discussing this:

Matthew 11:30The Message (MSG)28-30 “Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”


Byker Bob said...

Before Jumbotrons, binoculars were so that you could see the Grateful Dead, or Lynyrd Skynyrd. And if the concert was at an outdoor venue the night of a full moon, you could see the moon with your natural eyes. Dayam! Best night to be much remembered ever!


Black Ops Mikey said...

For the Armstrongists concentrating on such miniscule things, they don't need binoculars or telescopes, they need microscopes.

Ralph said...

from Topic header:-

"Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”


"....and making all day Thursday the New Moon Day."

Yes, such is the case in Australia when Jerusalem is used as the benchmark for Sabbath days and New Moon days. In other words the weekly Sabbath begins here after it has begun in Jerusalem, not before.

WRT "1.Only one person saw the first light of the new moon,...."

I'll have to give this one a pass on the basis of:- "2Co_13:1 .... In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established."

As an aside, I wonder how Malm 'observes' or 'celebrates' New Moon day.


Homer said...

Early in my “coming out” process, I considered the possibility of observing the “new moon” practice, not with any particular group, but with a few like minded folks. At that time I was still of the opinion the Bible was to be taken literally and historically, trying to make everything fit. After a couple of years of observing this practice, I abandoned it. I no longer accept the Bible literally, but as allegory, parable, metaphor, and “dark sayings.” (things hard to understand)

Even Paul (whoever he was) said keeping the letter (literal understanding?) is not the important thing. It is action of the heart. (Romans 2)

A few years ago, after a few years of not observing the FOT, a friend said, “You are keeping the feast aren’t you? It’s in the Bible.” I just smiled and went on my way. Knowing he did not observe new moons, I corresponded with him online sometime later. I made this comment, “Do you observe the New Moon? It’s in the Bible.” He was not appreciative of that remark, but I still consider him a friend as I do all the folks I grew fond of during my 40+ years of association with the ACOG.

Byker Bob said...

Jeez! Isn't the whole purpose for the new moons knowing when the lunar sabbaths fall? Otherwise, it becomes just an exercise in pagan moon worship.


Anonymous said...

I would be frightened if I were you all! God will not be mocked.

Anonymous said...

10.01 PM. It's the Parishes that need to be frightened, not the people pointing out their nonsense.

Glenn said...

God is mocked in the COGS everyday by charlatans pretending to be his ministers and who abuse and take advantage of the poor and weak in his name. Name one true man or woman of God in the leadership of any cog.

Stephen said...

"I would be frightened if I were you all! God will not be mocked."

Won't it come as a surprise to all the Armstrongites when they find this out. Zeus will not be mocked. Huh. Who knew?

There have been so many gods over so many millennia that have been supposed for a while, feared for a while, and then forsaken and forgotten. All those gods, oddly enough, have always been "hidden" and have always needed people to speak on their behalf, do good works on their behalf, volunteer offerings on their behalf, etc., and Canaanite pantheon of gods and demigods that Jews, Christians, and Muslims worship behave exactly the same. When people forsook the other gods, none of them made a fuss. They all went away quietly, accepting that their 15 minutes of basking in the soft, warm glow of human fame was over. None of them came out of hiding. None of them ever spoke a word on their own behalf. None of them ever threw an apocalyptic temper tantrum. Why not?

Why do the ALL the gods in ALL the cultures today ALL act EXACTLY the same as every other god that has ever been imagined? Why do they ALL remain hidden and ALL depend entirely on human beings to do their bidding? Do you think it might be because they are ALL powerless to do anything else? When these gods are likewise forgotten, what makes you think that ANY of them will break the pattern that ALL the thousands and thousands of gods that have ever been dreamed up have ALWAYS followed in PERFECT lockstep? Why is there such perfect unanimity? Why is there not a single exception? You would think they all belonged to a union or something!

It's getting to be time for mankind to say goodbye to the last of our ancient imaginary friends. When we forget today's ancient gods, just like all the other ancient gods before them were forgotten, these latter gods will also go just as quietly. There is no more reason to be frightened of the latter gods than there was to be frightened of the former ones.

Anonymous said...


To any real Christians that read this...

Please consider Matthew 25

Are we judged by what sliver of the Moon we see and when...??

When Judgement Day comes, Math 25 lays it out .. binoculars not needed
but something much more important is..

Please read that chapter yourself

Anonymous said...

I wrote to Malm pointing out that Gods way is the way of trade. He refused to post my comment on his site, and has never mentioned trade in his blog. The closest he ever got was saying that there should be a 'balance between giving and getting.' Balance between two parties or over all balance within a group? So sometimes I'm the master doing the getting, and sometimes I'm the slave doing the giving. So much for self interest and profit seeking.
Presumably teaching trade would offend his followers and financial supporters, so his 'enthusiastically obeying Gods laws' mantra ('borrowed from chef Ramsay) has its limits.

Regards. TradingGuy

Ralph said...

on July 7, 2016 at 7:59 PM
Byker Bob wrote:-

"Isn't the whole purpose for the new moons knowing when the lunar sabbaths fall?"

Agreed! Of course it is. Can anyone suggest any other reason? It's a reason why the count to Pentecost has to be literally fifty days from Passover and not the weekly Sabbath that falls out during the Days of Unleavened Bread. Otherwise Pentecost would be on the same day every year, which it is not. Pentecost is tied to the Passover by a 50 day mini Jubilee.


Anonymous said...

One of the things that got me fed up with the COGs was their obsession with new moons,calendars,and the like. Mr Dankenbing there's much more important things than the proper day to keep Passover or Pentecost

Connie Schmidt said...

ALA the old Superman or "Underdog" Opening...


Neither bird, nor plane, nor moon, Its just MALM the Church of God Loon!

RSK said...

I reread the post, but I only see Malm being mocked, not a god. Perhaps our anonymous poster is confused as to which is which.