Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Living Church of God: Says An Apology Goes A Long Way....Really?

Living Church of God has posted an article on its Tomorrow's World web site that deals with the benefits of making apologies when you have done something wrong to another person.

Everything this article advocates is entirely the opposite of what Rod Meredith and the church has done to the Scarborough's and countless others.  Has Rod Meredith ever apologized for anything in his entire life?  When a person is sinless, its hard to find anything to apologize for.

He did not apologize to Mrs. McNair when he smeared her reputation publicly at the ministerial conference.

He never apologized to Raymond McNair for bankrupting his church as Raymond and Eve were on their knees groveling at his feet.

He has never apologized to the Scarborough's.

Its more important to him to spend millions in tithe money than to admit he was wrong.

This is another case of not practicing what you preach.

The old saying that "an apology goes a long way" means it's effective and yields a positive result. When a company apologizes for selling a defective product or failing to live up to promised service, it usually wins back customer trust. The apology may require rectifying the problem by fixing the defective product or by other kinds of restitution. When a friend or family member has spoken hurtful words or otherwise wronged us, a sincere apology usually wins our respect and forgiveness. 
Apologizing can be a hard thing to do. Our human nature fights against admitting we have done wrong. Emotions and pride can get in the way. Sometimes a person fears that apologizing shows weakness or will bring a consequence if wrongdoing is acknowledged. 
Imagine what an apology would have accomplished if Rod Meredith and Rod McNair had actually apologized to the Scarborough's.  There would be no lawsuit, no depositions, no attorneys, and no money being spent using tithe money to fight the lawsuit.
An apology should admit a mistake and express regret. It's an important remedy for healing a damaged relationship. It tells the wronged party that the relationship with them is important. An apology helps resolve disputes and conflicts.
There are many benefits to an apology, at least according to LCG.  If it si so beneficial then why don't they practice it?
An apology has a number of positive effects for both parties. It does not erase past actions or the harm done, but it can erase the negative effects of those actions. A sincere apology brings relief by releasing the emotions, anger, resentment and bitterness. The apology soothes the wound and begins to heal the hurt. It allows the mending of the relationship to begin. 
The Church of God has never been about relationships.  The law is of the highest priority. Relationships require love, grace, genuineness, forgiveness and work.  Its not the priority of the church to do such things.  It is the church priority to enforce the law.  Law always trumps.
By apologizing, we humble ourselves and are able to unload the guilt for our wrong action and the hurt we have caused someone. It restores self-respect because we have taken responsibility for our actions. We regain the love, respect and intimacy we previously had with the person hurt by our previous actions, especially with our mate.
After quoting some scriptures on the "Golden Rule" Meyer ends with this:
It is far better to simply say, "I'm sorry. I apologize." And, depending on the circumstance, we should offer appropriate restitution to repair any harm done. Restitution may mean fixing or replacing something that was broken or defective, or giving compensation that remedies the damages. 
Could Rod Meredith possibly be considering restitution to the Scarborough's?   If he looses he most certainly will be forced to pay restitution.
If you need to apologize, you may want to ask God for help to have the right approach. 
Imagine Rod Meredith asking his god to help him have the right approach.  If only!


Anonymous said...

The LCG motto - I thought I was wrong, but I was mistaken.

Anonymous said...

The problem that exists is that LCG does not feel it is wrong and will never admit it. They will not apologize, but would rather spend millions in tithe money fighting it. They expect the Scarboroughs to be the ones to apologize.

Anonymous said...

So the Banned blogger doesn't disagree with the contents of LCG's article, just the the author and organization behind it? Hahaha! Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Are you dense or what? The whole point of the posting is to show how hypocritical the church is in its standards. It does NOT practice what it preaches. You and I both know that, as does the hundreds and hundreds of people who have suffered under Meredith, McNair, Weston and others abuse over the decades.

Connie Schmidt said...

LCG Motto- (should be the same as MAD MAGAZINE! )...


Anonymous said...

Those who see themselves as never wrong find it difficult to apologize.

Stephen said...

"Are you dense or what? The whole point of the posting is to show how hypocritical the church is in its standards. It does NOT practice what it preaches. You and I both know that, as does the hundreds and hundreds of people who have suffered under Herbert Armstrong, Meredith, McNair, Weston and others abuse over the decades."


Anonymous said...

The forgiveness thinghy is the fox talking to the chickens. The chickens are to repent and ask for forgiveness, whilst the fox-ministers and minions are above the law and hence have no need of forgiveness. It's the old 'respect my rights, but you have non.' It's another example of an inner and outer face within the church itself.

4.27PM if you scratch the surface as other posts have pointed out, the reality is not "too funny" at all.

Anonymous said...

Comment was made saying: "...Living Church of God has posted an article on its Tomorrow's World web site that deals with the benefits of making apologies when you have done something wrong to another person..."

Why is human nature getting another bad rap? Human nature is very good. Human nature is something God created within Adam and Eve. Later in the day after they were both created God stated the results of what was created on the 6th creation day :

"And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day." Genesis 1:31

So, how can human nature be a reason for one not apologizing?

The Living group's article said: "... Our human nature fights against admitting we have done wrong..."

Human nature does no such thing. Where is the proof for such a comment? If human nature were at fault, well, then, why not just blame/judge God, who created that "very good" human nature of human beings?

Carnal nature is something else. Satan was allowed in the Garden of Eden and it was Satan's nature that overwhelmed very good human nature. A carnal mind is enmity against God...a mind that one would expect would not, and/or cannot apologize.

Paul identified some amongst the Corinthians that exhibited the fruits/works of a carnal mind when he said the following:

"1Co 3:3 For ye are yet carnal: for whereas there is among you envying, and strife, and divisions, are ye not carnal, and walk as men?" I Cor 3:3

What does the Living group display today? Envying? Strife? Divisions?

What might be the source of the envy? God's Spirit? No!

"Do ye think that the scripture saith in vain, The spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy?" James 4:5

If that spirit of James 4:5 dwelled in Adam and Eve after they were created God could not have said that their creation, their human nature, "was very good."

I suggest the writer(s) of that Living content for their article should blame something other than very good Human Nature when apologies don't come forth when they should come forth.

Now, if Satan's nature can overwhelm human nature, what might be able to overwhelm/overcome Satan's nature? Is that where God's Spirit may come into play? God's Spirit seems to be, for many reasons, very important relative to any who claim to be members of God's Church, and if God's Spirit were involved in one's life I suggest that apologies just might be more evident.

James told fellow Christians: "For in many things we offend all. If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body." James 3:2

Oh, oh! Christians in many things will offend all! I would think that there is plenty of room for Christians to be making apologies to others. So, when will those apologies begin to come from the leaders of the Living group?

Time will tell...


Anonymous said...

John, I agree with you. It's a left wing doctrine going back to the 1930s that 'human nature' must change. In other words, their ideology clashes with reality, so reality, not their beliefs need to change.
And the 'fighting to admit we are wrong,' is a psychopathic trait. Ordinary people have no such problem admitting fault. Accusing everyone of having this psychopathic trait is outrageous. This is nothing more than intellectual bullying to get others to conform to their self serving world view. Yes, everyone must agree with tin god Rod, or else they are 'resisting admitting fault.' Yeah sure.

Gavin R said...

Maybe LCG is softening up the membership for a bit of backtracking on the Scarborough case. If they think that posturing about taking some form of high moral ground will convince anybody outside their ghetto, they're delusional, but they may be looking at the benefits (to them) of settling out of court anyway. I get the feeling that they have problems enough already.

Byker Bob said...

Wasn't it Rod Meredith who used to mock the Hells Angels for having "toys for tots" runs around Christmas time? Didn't he use phrases like "attempting to assuage their guilty consciences"? Come to think of it, he also mocked Martin Luther King for preaching non-violence, and then riots always breaking out in the cities which he had just visited the day before! So now we have this public relations "apology" piece! Somebody at LCG must be thinking "When in Sodom, do as the Sodomites do!"

Just like "prove all things" being something HWA told "the world" and no longer applying to members on a continuing basis, this apology thingy most likely doesn't apply to members victimized by pastoral misconduct, because that simply cannot exist in "God's Church". In top-down authority environments, there can't be such a thing as abuse. (LOL, they probably actually believe that!)


Anonymous said...

Did Rod Meredith ever apologize to the men and women who he convinced to mortgage their homes to support the newly founded Global COG when he then subsequently stole their money by forging Global checks like a thief in the night to form Living?

I think of those people often.

Can you imagine mortgaging your home to send Rod the money because you love your church and want to prove to God that your "heart is in the work" only to have the money stolen by a man you THOUGHT was being led by Christ?

What a huge disappointment. What a huge lesson.

I always query, why is Rod Meredith so quick to convict members of "causing church division"? The answer is, because that is what is in HIS heart. He is a divider. It's called projection (seeing one's own faults in others).

I've never understood why it's okay for him to get fed up with a church and decide to form another one, taking money and members from the former. But dare anyone else even think about it they are branded as Satan's allies or enemies of God's church.

Rod Meredith is a lying, thieving, hypocrite. I fear for his eternal salvation.

Anonymous said...

I was about to cut and paste some comments I read on one of the Scarborough's Facebook pages several months ago but I stopped myself out of respect for them.

The jest of the posts were how they had written LCG "dozens and dozens" of letters (snail mail and email) "begging" to make peace. "Pleading for mercy and reconciliation over and over again" prior to filing the law suit. It appears that they filed the suit only after all their requests to make peace were ignored by LCG.

This has left me with two questions: 1) how can a church justify ignoring dozens of letters written by persons who want to make peace? 2)How can LCG possibly spin this when and if those letters are made public before a jury?

I would think that the fact that LCG's accusations of these people appear to be rather flimsy coupled with the fact that these people wrote dozens of letters attempting to reconcile instead of taking it to court, would make LCG look bad to a jury of 12 un-brainwashed people. But I'm not a lawyer and I don't pretend to know all the facts. I do know the Scarborough's though and they have always been kind and pleasant to my family. They will make a positive impression to a jury no doubt. I used to be in LCG and I will say that if they decide to put all the people from LCG that they have helped on the witness stand, it will be lights out for LCG. My family has benefitted from their generosity so I speak first hand.

What is Rod Meredith thinking? Is it him or is he getting bad legal advice? I can't imagine why he didn't settle this like a man before it got to this point!

Pride goeth before the fall.

While I am no longer in LCG and there is no love lost, I do feel sorry for the unsuspecting members who are faithfully sending their tithes to headquarters in Charlotte to fund these men. It seems inevitable that LCG will split in the near future which always results in lost sheep, pain and suffering. And that makes me sad. If any LCGers are reading this, I want them to know that their are other, more loving and peaceful options. LCG is not the spearhead or the one and only COG. Leaving was a difficult decision but so very worth it. My whole family is much happier now. I do not miss hearing the same recycled sermons from RCM and I do not miss being lorded over by the ministry.

Anonymous said...

LCG not only has a problem GIVING an apology, they also have major issues ACCEPTING apologies.

Rod Meredith doesn't have a forgiving bone in his body which is funny since his favorite scripture is Galatians 2:20.

Anonymous said...

To use another herbism: I guess rod et al "Just don't get it!" Here's hoping all acog's GET what they deserve.

Anonymous said...

10:53 I'm betting that LCG will try to settle some time between the Aug 1st summery judgment and the Sept trial date. Although I'm hoping they don't. If they settle, everything stays sealed but if it goes to trial everything will be made public. I would love to read the depositions and see all the items of discovery!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who the author of that TW article was. It says "guest writer". Maybe whoever it is isn't corrupt like the men at headquarters. Perhaps it was sincere. The material within the article is correct. It just isn't practiced by LCG ministry (or members) in many cases.

Anonymous said...

Rattlesnakes don't apologize

DennisCDiehl said...

In Galatians 2:20 RCM likes the "crucified" part of it. He'd like it more ig it said "spanked"

Anonymous said...

Apologies are anathema to those who believe they're somehow "above" others.

I can say from personal experiences in dealing with Christians who see themselves as having developed an "uber-ness" (for lack of a better word), - and not just those in leadership positions - don't apologize.
I don't want to pick on self-identified "mainstream Christians", but it happens that they have been the worst offenders in my experiences.

I recognize that it's largely a product of culture-
(If I lived in Turkey, perhaps I'd be more likely to see that dynamic more among "mainstream Muslims", or if I lived in Utah, I'd be more likely to see that dynamic among "mainstream Mormons")

It's a problem with religious types who have gotten that "uber-ness-thingy" into their heads.
Hard to come up with a solution, because so much of religion (no matter which one) actually encourages that mindset.

Religion encourages people to an 'absolute knowing' - as in "faith", believing that after opening their minds, the Holy Spirit imparted the TRUTH to them.
Rarely do you see religious people preface things with, "To the best of my understanding..."

They'd rather hold tight to their faith in what they see as Holy Spirit inspired (even though there's a huge discrepancy among people about what they think the Holy Spirit imparted to them), and think they're on a 'Mission from God' and that it's their prerogative to bulldoze over dissenting views and those espousing them.

Within such "uber" mindsets, apologies are anathema.

Anonymous said...

the Church of Rod Meredith Apologize?

To Apologize they somehow must see they did wrong...! NOT GONNA HAPPEN

The blatant dishonesty goes back to the original GCG/LCG split...those of us who went through that...We saw the stealing of assets and Lies told, YES, Even by Ministers. Those of us who understood walked away...And some of you that Followed A Man despised us who wouldn't.

To you Real Christians that are still in this church... does "doing the work" really justify dishonest behavior and breaking of God's Commandments?

I Kings 18:21 ...How long halt you between two Opinions...?

Anonymous said...

Concerning members who borrowed money to help Global. Apparently, Rod Meredith repaid this money out of LCG funds. This is highly questionable both legally and ethically, which is probably why Mr. Meredith never made any announcement concerning this to the church. Imagine me coming into LCG in 2000, expecting my tithes to be going toward the stated missions of the church, only to find out they are being used to pay a debt incurred by an entirely different organization, a debt that LCG has no obligation to pay, a debt incurred due to mismanagement in that other organization some 3-5 years earlier, and is only repaid out of a personal obligation felt by Mr. Meredith. Does Mr. Meredith have the authority to distribute my tithe money to anyone, as he sees fit? Apparently so.

LCG Expositor

Anonymous said...

We are outside looking in and really can't tell who is right or wrong as we have only hearsay evidence to go on.
Let the court decide who is right or wrong and stop trying this in the court of public opinion.

Anonymous said...

Gavin made good points and interesting conjecture.

Gary, can you put up a poll on the sidelines as to whether people think the LCG will settle out of court to avoid a trial in the Scarborough case?

Maybe also ask that the same question be posed on an LCG blog, although that may not be possible.

I know that living in the age we do has so much information available and can be confusing. For awhile when watching coverage of the RNC the other night, I thought Caitlyn Jenner was The Donald's wife.

Anonymous said...

8:56 Meredith has made zero reference to this lawsuit to the LCG brethren and has shut down Facebook posts that mention it. There is no chance LCG blogs will pose such a question. They prefer to keep shoving the obedience card down members throats. After all, these men are "led by Christ". They don't have to get approval from the members or even tell them what they are doing.

I once heard a Bob League sermon in which he stated that we were to faithfully send in our tithes with no concern as to what LCG did with them. He went on to say that if RCM took the money and burned in in a bonfire behind the headquarters building it was none of our concern because we should have absolute faith that RCM every thought and action is being directed by Christ.

Anonymous said...

SERIOUSLY, very seriously doubt that Rod Meredith paid any of that money he stole from Global back.

To address 8:27, Meredith can spend LCG money however he sees fit. He owns the company. His name is on accounts receivable.

What is more likely is that Meredith minions started a whisper campaign that he re-paid the stolen money but that it never happened. If it had happened, you can be sure that Meredith would have made an announcement or there would have been an accounting for it in the yearly audit that LCG posts in the Living Church News.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:48 you are right, we don't really know who is right and who is wrong but decades of watching the behavior of Rod Meredith and Rod McNair give me a pretty good idea that they did those people wrong.

Byker Bob said...

According to Merriam-Webster, the second preferred definition of "apology" is "a poor example of". Using this word in a sentence to illustrate this application, one might state: "We were conned into becoming members of the LCG, one horrendous apology for a church!"


Anonymous said...

I love reading all the quack conspiracy theories here about LCG. Too funny! I love it! Hahaha! And I mean this with no ill-will - but you people here are totally clueless and have ZERO knowledge of what ACTUALLY takes place at LCG HQ or even out in the field. Unless you are in the room with all these people you consistently write about, then you don't have any idea of what is actually being said or done. But keep all of this going if you like. I enjoy a good laugh!

Byker Bob said...

The only quack theory we operate on here is that if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is a duck. But, it's nice of LCG to send us a troll to defend their reputation. Snopes you ain't!


Anonymous said...

Anon@12:54 For your information, I work in Charlotte and I sadly have to admit that the vast majority of things you read here are true. The church is not in good shape right now. Mr. Meredith and the church have not made the broader membership aware of the lawsuit. That is why so many flock here.

Anonymous said...

Byker Boob, LCG didn't send me here. They've got better things to do than troll loser idiot quack blogs like this. This is all me dude!

Floyd 1944 said...

Anon 12:54. When you report back to Rod tell him how you put us in our place. To the others I think the trial depends on the Scarboroughs and their lawyers feel. They may not want to settle out of court. A court trial will generate more money for their lawyers. My guess is LCG had already approached them to settle out of court. No way does LCG want this to go public. They are working now on how to spin it no matter how it turns out

Anonymous said...

12.54, your comment is the equivalent of Bill Clintons "I did not have sex with that woman."

Floyd 1944 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Floyd 1944 said...

Anon 12:54. Another thing when you see Rod ask him if he remembers that night he counseled Raymond and Leona McNair. Ask him if he remembers telling her she was not submissive. Ask him if he remembers telling her that he was going to be ruling over her in the soon coming kingdom and that she had better learn to be submissive NOW! Later I read in the pastor general's report how she was a bitch He gave her the correction she needed. If you leading men there at headquarters can't get this law suit settled then I guess it will go to trial. I bet you leading men will be rolling on the floor with laughter as Rod's sermon tape is played and when people testify, it will be a laugh a minute.

Opinionated said...

Religion should be a force for goodness in the world. With LCG and it's leadership, it becomes a force for evil in this world. No wonder all of us turn atheist after our experiences within their confines.

You don't need the commies pushing atheism as it was back in the cold war, now you have Meredith and company doing their work.

Anonymous said...

Keep laughing 12:54. That way your eyes will stay shut and you won't see the truth. Your denial is quite powerful and it's a good defense mechanism so if it's working for you, go with it.

Anonymous said...

Meredith hasn't made the membership aware of the lawsuit? And still he's calling for a churchwide fast EOM? Maybe he thinks he doesn't need the prayers?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:54 many of us here are in LCG so we actually DO have knowledge of what goes on at headquarters and in the field.

Instead of coming on here and making yourself look silly with all your exclamation marks, hahaha's and inappropriate laughter why don't you make a more substantial statement by telling us what you refute.

I'm in LCG and I'd say that a good 98% of the things I read are true. I have friends in high places as it were and I know it for a fact.

What prey tell is NOT true?

You likely won't reply to that question because you either don't know or you are just bluffing. Most people like you never come back to offer a more thoughtful comment so that we can all be straightened out.

What's going on in our church is really NO laughing matter. The loose bricks are starting to make the whole building crumble metaphorically speaking. The upgrades, changes to the gospel, dissatisfaction with how much money gets funneled into LU, poor character within the ministry who lord over members making the members question more rather than buckle under in submission, Jim Meredith's over-spending, Rod Meredith's prideful ego, Jerrie Weston coming in to take over as the new sheriff in town and to top it all off, the Scarborough lawsuit (which according to my sources would have never gotten to the point it's at if LCG HQ's weren't so full of themselves and could admit they did those people wrong). Even if the church has insurance for such a thing (and I'm told they do), insurance policies have limits. If the jury awards punitive damages ABOVE what the limits of the policy are, guess who's paying the difference? That's right, LCG and the budget is already tight. A large payout will just bring them that much closer to bankruptcy. Things aren't looking good. There is no cause for laughter.

Maybe you feel all safe and secure, but those of us who are wide awake in LCG can feel the foundation slipping away. The writing is on the wall.

Floyd 1944 said...

Anon 4:08. Thank you for a heartfelt and sincere post. I have friends in LCG some at Charlotte. I sincerely feel for you. I have known Rod Meredith for a little over 50 years. I have eaten with him talked with him we are not strangers. Rod is filled to the brim with HWA doctrine. He told me once in conversation that both HWA and Loma knew Ted had an addiction to sex. He told me he was warned by HWA when Ted left the navy and came to AC in 1955 that Ted would be after the young girls. I brought up the subject of HWA and incest with his daughter. Rod said to me. Ohhh you know about that!!! Rod is not ignorant about HWA's past but he still thinks HWA is right under God in the order of things. Rod really in his heart thinks he is doing what God would want him to do. Rod thinks the ministry is like the military
You snap to attention, salute and say yes sir. Rod told me once that he would always take the word of a minister over that of a member. You see members are just privates in his army. Base ministers are sargents and leading ministers are the generals. When I was in wcg i believed everything I was taught. Finally after many years i started to think for myself. I understand the how many LCG members feel. Many if not most of the people here feel your pain. May the grace of Jesus Christ deliver you

Anonymous said...

Never ruin a good apology with an excuse.


Byker Bob said...

Byker Boob??? Sorry, guy. I don't have gynecomastia. Maybe you're on the wrong blog?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:08, I seriously doubt you are really with the LCG, and if you ever were, was not really on board with our stated mission and goals. Doctrinal changes? Hardly. Loose bricks? I don't see any. And its my job to look for them too.

Anonymous said...

6.56PM then why are you here on this "loser idiot quack" blog. Don't you have a life? Do you instead, get your jollies by trolling quack blogs making a pest of yourself?

Byker Bob said...

Let's be clear about something. Those of us who attempt to warn people (based on our own experiences) about the bogussness and toxicity of Armstrongism take our work very seriously. Because the Armstrong problem ends up deeply affecting peoples' lives and that of their children, the work we do is important. That is why what we share must be based on valid and truthful information. John Trechak set the standard for this decades ago as he and others established Ambassador Reports. Integrity and truthfulness were important to John. He did not want Ambassador Reports to simply be a gossip rag, as that would have left the people whom he was exposing in a position to easily impeach John and his team's work. Gary has exemplified similarly high standards for the work of the Banned website and blog.

In the present, I dare say that if anyone were found to be posing as an insider to LCG, and posting bogus information or lying testimony here or elsewhere, thinking they were supporting the dissident movement, many of us would be just as angry with them as is Rod Meredith! Following our various methods of recovery, we are all of different beliefs, or non-beliefs, but when it comes to the Armstrong movement, we are single-minded in our belief that the truth matters greatly! It is the only weapon which we have in attempting to help others, and to rescue them from the types of experiences which were inflicted upon us. Hypothetically, if someone were to punk us, by posting untruthful information that appears to support us, they would not be doing us any favors. Quite the opposite!


Anonymous said...

Anon 6:56 you are right in that it is your job to look for loose bricks but that requires impartiality. It sounds as if you swallow whatever they tell you. If you are assuming that what they say is all true and take the stance that you must obey in order to be in submission to the government of God, then it is unlikely that you are going to ever look at information other than what they spoon feed you and it is unlikely that you are going to really ever think for yourself. Arguing with you is pointless because you are "all in" with your head in the sand in spite of the storm going on around you.

If the stories on this site were untrue, it wouldn't have gained the popularity that it has gained among LCG members. It would have been exposed as a sham by now but it hasn't because, although very minor and irrelevant details might on occasion be incorrect, the major thrust of the each story is COMPLELEY TRUE. While you appear to be A-Okay with the things going on in LCG, a growing percentage of your brethren are not. The fact that so many of them add to stories on this site with comments and that so many of them privately email Gary speaks volumes. It says a lot about your rose-colored glasses that you choose to think we are liars but you blindly believe Rod Meredith who literally has a reputation as being a liar for 6 DECADES. It is truly remarkable.

Again, I ask, what on this site isn't true?

The changes to doctrine/upgrades?
Turmoil because of Mr. Weston's appointment?
Rod Meredith's prideful ego?
Jim Meredith's over-spending?
The spy mentality fostered at HQ's by McNair's Gestapo tactics?
HWA idolatry?
The lawsuit?
Anything else?

Please, with all your LCG knowledge, enlighten us...

Anonymous said...

Our anon 12:54 is probably one of those LCG members who sees no connection to the Meredith ordained fast on July 30th and the trial date on August 1st.

To us it is plain as day.

But the blind in LCG only know what they are told. They can't see the obvious if it doesn't jibe with what they have been told by LCG leadership. It seems so simple to the rest of us to connect the dots but to them, they have literally been trained not to think for themselves and that to question ministerial authority is akin to questioning our Lord Jesus Christ.

Meredith speaks for Christ in LCG Land, after all.

Anonymous said...

This is Hilareous. Non of this is true. You people literally have no clue what's going on. What an entertaining bunch of comments. Hahaha! Sad, pathetic losers. Please don't stop posting this BS nonsense though it's very entertaining. All the bitterness and hate spewed out on the pages of this pitiful Blog is quite telling. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

The laughing anon must be 12

Anonymous said...

I don't believe things are as bad as some think. Time will tell. We check out this blog out of curiosity.

Floyd 1944 said...

Anon 6:55 is obviously on the payroll sounds like one of the hirelings might be Wyatt if you can't disprove something then make fun of it. We are wasting our time with him

Anonymous said...

To Anonomous 6:56 PM

I've personally known some of their ministers....

I was in them middle of the GCG/LCG split, the dishonesty, Rod's COLOSSAL ego, hey, he gives himself away in his sermons'!!!

My wife and I were sick and tired hearing about "the 2nd Vice-President"!!

Pridefull men/women ALWAYS BOAST. Really Righteous men/women ARE HUMBLE

IS Rod Humble?? Is he like a true Minister? Show us How!

You don't know what you're talking about!

RSK said...

This TW article stinks of being "made for litigation". Someone at LCG may be planning on pointing back to this article in order to bolster a legal defense.

If that is so, it's a poor tactic, but it could be coincidental.

RSK said...

Well, 6:56, now that you've advertised how incompetent you are at your current job, maybe you should seek one you're actually capable of.

Anonymous said...

LCG’s newest member newsletter shows that John Robinson is still an LCG employee. However, he is no longer their Managing Editor. That job now belongs to Wallace Smith.

July 2016 Living Church of God News

Byker Bob said...

You just never know who is at the keyboard in front of the screen! A couple months ago, on another blog, I was conversing with someone whom I had thought was an adult male, and then suddenly was made aware that it was in fact one of GTA's grand daughters! It isn't unusual for teenagers in the churches to be online, and if they have imbibed of the Kool Aid, they're going to do the best they can to defend it all.


Anonymous said...

Anon 2:32 I think Banned saved John Robinson's job. I think he was fired but then offered the half-ass position "from home" to counter the blow-back. My guess is that he won't have that title for long. They are likely working on some way to spin it. John will suddenly "decide" to return to Texas because he "needs to take care of his mom" or something else like that. They'll come up with a line no doubt.

How in the world is Wally Smith qualified to be an editor??? Oh wait, since when did qualification have anything to do with appointments to positions within LCG. Try never. How silly of me. Now it makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

Would that be the same Living Church News that contains the hypocritical article on how important it is to be a peacemaker?

I guess it's do as I say, not as I do which has become the status quo at LCG headquarters in Charlotte.

It might look better if they didn't write articles about peacemaking, apologizing and other Christ-like attributes until after the lawsuit that resulted from them not apologizing and refusing to make peace. Just a thought.

NO2HWA said...

My LCG sources have been 100% spot on. There is no need to think they made the John Robinson story up. LCG got caught with there pants down, once again and had to save face.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine the LCN is put together a month before it goes out, so it makes sense that Robinson would still be listed in the credits but as an Art Editor? Art Editor is a new position as I've never seen it listed in their credits before. Did anyone notice William Bowmer not listed? Is he out too?

Anonymous said...

I am surprised to learn that mr. Westons position is CEO. Why can't mr. Rod meredith step down and appoint mr. Weston as d Presiding Evangelist? And there's a new position being held by his son jim, Executive personal assistant!!! Lcg can just instantly create a position to whomever it desires at d expense of members tithes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:36, Bowmer apparently quit.

Anonymous said...

There is NO WAY in the universe that Bowmer quit. He has been Mr. Ames' right-hand-man since the beginning.

What's far more likely is that he got caught saying something less than flattering about Meredith, McNair or Ceiseilka and a spy turned him in.

They way they do it at LCG HQ's is they sit you down at the executive table and tell you that you are fired but if you agree to sign a series of papers relinquishing your rights and stating that you will remain silent, they will go with whatever reason you prefer (quit, needed to move to take care of mom, had health issues, etc.).

This is how it has always worked at LCG headquarters.

Bill and John were fired from editorial no matter what lies/spin HQs tries to spew out.

The only question that remains is why?

Anonymous said...

Two Things:
1. The first cartoon is exactly what my former pastor Beyersdorfer did to me. Only I was not given an option!
2. I wish people would STOP blaming Satan and take responsibility for their own actions and decisions!
Enough said.