Thursday, July 14, 2016

Why Does Meredith, McNair and the Leadership of LCG Fail To See That Their Own Actions Are The Root Cause Of LCG's Current Troubles?

From LCG source:

I'm sure  you are part of the reason for the fast. Instead of acknowledging that you are just reporting the facts instead of realizing that if they weren't behaving terribly, there'd be nothing to report shows their total lack of self awareness. You hit the nail on the head about them being completely unable to recognize that the trouble they are in is a direct result of THEIR OWN ACTIONS. They are unfathomably blind.

I found the following online this evening. As soon as I saw the August 1st date, I immediately thought that this is probably what compelled Rod to call the fast on July 30th. He wants the brethren in LCG to pray about the "spiritual attack" that has led to "recent events at headquarters" because he thinks his god will help him not reap what he has sewn if thousands of LCG members show their loyalty to the church of Rod by not eating for 24 hours. Actions have consequences. Most of us have learned that but Old Rod Meredith thinks the rules don't apply to him.

I'm curious as to why Rod didn't just come out and state the real reason for his fast. Perhaps he fears that the Scarborough's continue to have a level of support in LCG . Perhaps he's concerned that if he said he called the fast to win God's favor and influence the judge on Monday, August 1st, few LCGers would actually participate. 

Can you imagine the kind of mind that asks lowly church members to send more money AND to not eat in an effort to 'beg' God to fix his problems? Instead of acting like a Christian by admitting his mistakes and making peace? And yet, people stay in his church!

I guess we can assume that mediation on the 11th didn't go well since this case appears to be headed to court for a jury trial in September. I'm curious as to why they are trying to dismiss again. Likely just typical lawyer delay tactics but I'm still curious.

Here's what I found online:

Monday, August 01, 2016
TIME: 02:30 PM
              LIVING CHURCH OF GOD                          PRO,SE

              CAPACITY                                                    GAROFALO,MEL,J

              MEREDITH,RODERICK,C                           WARREN,BRIDGET,V


              MCNAIR,ROD                                               GAROFALO,MEL,J

              LEAGUE,BOB ESTATE OF                          GAROFALO,MEL,J

              CAPACITY                                                     WARREN,BRIDGET,V

              LIVING CHURCH OF GOD INC                    PRO,SE
              LIVING CHURCH OF GOD                           GAROFALO,MEL,J
              INTERNATIONAL INC                                   WARREN,BRIDGET,V 



Anonymous said...

Because why accept responsibility for anything, ever, when there's a perfectly convenient "devil" always available to point the finger at for all your own failings, terrible decisions, difficult circumstances or just plain bad luck?

Byker Bob said...

No. It's the lawyer syndrome. A lawyer who functions as his own attorney has a fool as a client. They need to be accountable to some detached, neutral authority with 20-20 vision who can help them out, like perhaps a "real" board of directors. As it is, they have lost all objectivity, and it has blinded them to reality.


Senior Citizen said...

rich, blind, naked

Rich because the apostles were sent out without money or extras and these men live in Mcmansions or at the least nicer homes than most members have. Better clothing, cars, money to spend..etc.
Blind to what they are doing to the church, Christ's own brethren!
Naked because they are not clothed with humility.

Senior Citizen said...

Oh.. I forgot lukewarm.
Lukewarm in repenting, in being zealous to see your own faults and failings by checking yourself against our Savior. Lukewarm in mercy and love towards our Saviors people.

Anonymous said...

When I first heard about the fast my instincts told me something was up. Sure enough!I hope that HQ and Rod Meredith reads this. This kind of sneaky shady behavior is the reason why I stopped attending and sending money and the reason why I won't come back. I guarantee I am not the only one. This isn't Satan or the world persecuting you. This is your unchristian character catching up to you. For any blind sheep that are still following this conman I will pray for you that you open your eyes.

Anonymous said...

I see that the Judaizing plagiarizer James Malm has copied your posts agin. What a pathetic little man.

Anonymous said...

Hi all, this is Rod Meredith. Let me make this perfectly clear, only the little people reap what they sow. Big people like myself, never have, and never will. That's the way it is, so get use to it. The dissident sites who complain about this, can go eat cake. So there.

Regards Rod
PS send in a generous offering, cause I'II it for the court case.

Connie Schmidt said...

Rumor has it that RCM has this saying framed along with a family photo , and hanging on the wall behind him in his main office...


NO2HWA said...

Anon @ 2:25 I saw it and had to chuckle. He still has the number of depositions wrong. Poor little fool.

Anonymous said...

I thought the saying is, "He who represents himself has a fool for a client"

Byker Bob said, "A lawyer who functions as his own attorney has a fool as a client."

I don't get that one. Is there a person on the list of defendants in the 'Scarborough vs. LCG trial' who is a lawyer defending himself?
Shades of "evangelist" Stan Rader"?

Anonymous said...

Nothing has changed, especially Meredith. He always was a pompous ass with a big mouth that kept spewing the same crap every time you heard him (two to five years, etc.). We were always shaking the world, according to him, and most of the people, even in Pasadena, were either totally unaware of us or at the most only cursorily aware. Except for this blog, I wouldn't know anything about his little fringe group of fanatics these days.

Redfox712 said...

Speaking of fasting here is a passage from John Tuit, The Truth Shall Set You Free, Chapter 7, discussing a letter by HWA around the time of Garner Ted Armstrong's expulsion from WCG.

"Then, further on in the letter, still claiming to be a special representative of Jesus Christ, Armstrong said, "Therefore in HIS NAME, as His apostle, I am calling for a day of FASTING AND PRAYER throughout the entire Worldwide Church of God on Sabbath, June 24th." The calling of a fast by Herbert Armstrong was always an effective way to cause the Church membership to feel as though they were responsible for the problems in the Church. Armstrong, of course, never did anything wrong. The reasons for the problems were always, according to him, a result of God withdrawing his blessings from the Church due to the spiritual laxity on the part of the Church membership. Translated, spiritual laxity means inadequate financial support. Actually this entire matter of a fast was part of a conditioning process to prepare the membership for the next event soon to take place; it was all to set the stage for an announcement that would be made to the membership the following Sabbath which would cover the events of the intervening week."

Byker Bob said...

Got it, 8:05! You are deliberately acting obtuse. No problem, that's just another residual ACOG shibboleth. We all get to watch as this thing unfolds. The big question will be whether anything tangible is learned that is commensurate with whatever tithe moneys are spent.


Mish-Mash said...

The congregations outside of Charlotte still don't know about the lawsuit. A close "friend" of mine attends in the Poconos. This person tried asking the deacon who said he didn't know anything about a lawsuit. Either the deacon honestly didn't know, or was told to "zip the lip". Which would force the deacon to lie. Why do they perpetuate the illusion of being the "True Church" that can do no wrong? It is sickening. I wish the lay people would grow some balls and collectively confront the ministry with their sins. The ministry should get on their faces in front of the congregation in a giant "Mea Culpa" and confess that they have been evil shepherds. The LCG ministry mirrors the current American administration. Everything remains politically correct. There are no problems, nothing to see here, no action to correct problems, and accuse the people for the problems if they complain. So glad I left LCG in its early days. Just wish my close "friend" would get the hell out.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at how interested the people who left the church are in what is going on in the remaining groups. It seem a lot of you don't even believe in the Bible or that there is a God. I am a LCG member and believe there is two sides to every story. We are all people who are not perfect. We have asked our minister about the law suit. He said because of the on going law suit he can't comment. The things that are said about the members is not the way we see it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what area you are in, but I am from the Charlotte congregation and 99% of what you read here is true. Headquarters and the leadership of the church are in horrible shape and are not being truthful to the membership about the lawsuit and other abuses. The church is in its bad shape right now because of the arrogant attitudes of Mr. Meredith and Mr. McNair. You can turn a blind eye to all of the problems and continue to believe that everything is ok and this is persecution. It's not persecution and it's not the members fault. Rough days are ahead for the church and it's all the leaderships fault.

Anonymous said...

I was referring to us being brain washed. I believe that there is problems at headquarters. I think both side are probably at at fault in some way.

Anonymous said...

5.41AM. There are constant complaints about church members being robbed of their adulthood and treated like children by a power hungry ministers. Or is it zombie ministers. But you trivialised or ignore this with 'we are all people who are not perfect.' You must a minister minion.

Anonymous said...

Your so very correct. Oh how some of them actually hate the mere mention of the word humility. Mention humility to them and see the response.

Anonymous said...

I am not a minister minion. There have allways been good and not so good ministers. I beleive in thinking for yourself and takeing responsiblety for things. Including ministers.

Anonymous said...

I dont know if its so much "being robbed" as "willingly giving it away", but I digress.