Monday, September 19, 2016

Bitter COG False Prophet Still Angry at Rod Meredith's Public Humiliation of Him

It has been kind of comical watching the delusional world of a self-appointed false Church of God leader crumble around him daily.  Despite his ongoing efforts to try and prove his "god" set him apart through Gaylyn Bonjour with a "double blessing" and some nutty nightmares due to some bad Chinese food, Bob Thiel is still stung by the public humiliation he "suffered" when Rod Meredith attacked his arrogant, egotistical and narcissistic personality.

After spending many years trying to coddle up to Rod Meredith with his grandiose and poorly researched theological ideas, Thiel was shocked at Meredith's public shaming.

When a post went up here the other day about the new blog documenting Rod Meredith's Crimes, the Arroyo Grande false prophet felt that his story needed to be included in Meredith's list of "crimes."
I saw nothing at the RCM Crimes site that needed to be posted here (basically it covers three legal matters involving Roderick C. Meredith--one each related to WCG, GCG, and LCG), so am not linking to it at this time (I asked the one who informed me for his/her name and I have not yet gotten a response). Those who want to see false accusations from Dr. Meredith may wish to read the article Roderick C. Meredith's Accusatory Letter to Bob Thiel.
The false prophet wants it to be very clear that he was a strong supporter of Meredith for many years:
Before getting to that letter, some background may be helpful.  I was baptized by a Worldwide Church of God minister in 1977 and stayed with that church until 1995.  I first met Dr. Meredith at the Feast of Tabernacles in Fiji in 1989.  We met a few times after this, but he really began to remember me at the Feast of Tabernacles in Branson, Missouri in 1998, just prior to the Global Church of God (GCG) split that he suspected was coming at that time (he gave me his home telephone number then and we discussed issues that the GCG editorial department had about him and something they said when they published an article that I wrote for the old Global Church News). 
When the GCG split happened, we discussed it over the telephone and Dr. Meredith encouraged my internet support of what he was then doing via my website cogwriter.comand I provided it.  For a very short time, was from a functional perspective LCG's only website (though LCG never owned it or paid for any of it).  After the crisis subsided, the late evangelist Carl McNair had me promise to keep the site goingand it still is.
Throughout the years, I had been an unpaid adviser to Dr. Meredith on various matters.  Sometime in late 1999 (it could have been another year), Dr. Meredith made me promise, over my objections, that I had to tell him when I thought he was 'pulling punches' doctrinally.  I tried to diligently carry that out, and that, for the first most obvious example, led to a major revision of LCG's Official Statement of Fundamental Beliefs in November 2002 (the main point of which was to include more of the 18 restored truths to it).
It should be quit obvious to everyone that Thiel feels he has had a MAJOR impact on the development of the Living Church of God.  By golly, he was Meredith's PERSONAL advisor!  LCG could not be where it is today without his input.  His awesome theological knowledge was put to use in helping LCG set its doctrines.  According to sources at LCG, Thiel is full of hot air with his pompous declarations.
In the late Summer of 2005, Dr. Meredith formally asked if I would be a volunteer advisor to the 'doctrinal committee' (basically meaning an advisor on these matters to the Charlotte-based evangelists) in the areas of doctrine and prophecy.  I agreed. 
Can you imagine seasoned older men sitting round the table at a doctrinal committee meeting listening to the Arroyo Wonder pontificate and tell them how things should be!
However, there were many disturbing issues that crept up over time.  Perhaps the five biggest were: 
1) The realization that LCG would not publish corrections in its Tomorrow's World magazine or other publications when it made doctrinal errors.2) That LCG was too willing to send out literature with known errors that its leadership knew about3) That the leadership did not seem to keep all of its promises.4) That the falling away matter change was not condemned strongly enough. 5) The leadership did not seem to practice various portions of the Bible, such as Matthew 18:15-17, the way that it seemed that they should.
Despite all the magnificent knowledge Thiel dumped on the doctrinal committee, they largely ignored Thiel's recommendations. That started Thiel down his slippery slope to apostasy.  The committee ignored him.  Meredith ignored him. Winnail ignored him.  Richard Ames ignored him.

Then he started working with William Bowmer.  Thiel tried to set Bowmer straight on things and supposedly Bowmer agreed with Thiel, but that is largely Thiel's viewpoint in order to elevate his own standing.

Thiel's standing in the LCG was rapidly disintegrating in 2012.  Even Richard Ames turn this back on God's most important man.
On October 23, 2012, I also sent a version of my falling away paper to Richard Ames, who did not respond to it.
Then in December 2012, the ultimate hammer fell, Meredith ignore Thiel and sent him a letter pointing out the arrogance and delusions of grandeur that were occupying Thiel's mind.   Meredith's letter really pushed Thiel's buttons big time.  How could the leader of God's church IGNORE such a wise man as Thiel envisions himself!  It was shocking!  Even worse, it was humiliating to Thiel.  Thiel felt that Meredith was entirely wrong in writing the letter and arrogantly has this to say:
I will simply flat out state that he did not follow what Jesus said to do in Matthew 18:15-17, and that he seemed to be fine with that.
A comment Meredith made about Thiel really pushed this buttons:
Bob, I have personally liked you, wanted to encourage you and have tried to work with you for years. However, I have seen that you have had great difficulty in learning the lessons of deep humility that God wants all of us to learn. With very few exceptions, nearly everyone who knows you has clearly seen that—although you have a quick mind and great energy—you have nearly always thought very highly of yourself and of your own opinions.  
Sadly, it seems clear that Dr. Meredith wishes to blame me for many of the same things that Herbert Armstrong said he was guilty of. While there is little point rehashing those here, let me simply state that I do know what I personally had been thinking and I am severely disappointed that Dr. Meredith did what he did on 12/28/12.

Talk about a slap in the face!  How could Meredith dare do such a thing to  God's most important man! How dare he!

Meredith began pointing out the arrogance of Thiel.
Dr. Meredith continued with:
You have offended or at least “bugged” dozens of Church members with this very self-important, pushy and “know-it-all” attitude and approach. So if I, as a minister of Christ for over 60 years and one old enough to be your father—can help you, I would certainly like to do this. For I love you as a fellow human being and one I have known and shared a number of hours with in talking over matters related to the Bible and our entire purpose here on this earth.
Apparently Meredith had finally woke up to the very thing everyone else already knew.   Thiel WAS a pushy know-it-all, filled with arrogance, who was attempting to railroad members. Just like he still does to this very day!

Meredith had this to say:
Continuing with Dr. Meredith’s letter:
However, Bob, your own remarkable vanity and “dreams of greatness” have greatly affected your ability to think clearly many times.
Over the last few years, many of us have noted that you have begun to think of yourself in terms that are not realistic.
That sounds just like Thiel to this very day!  Extreme vanity and grandiose visions of greatness drips from every word Thiel says today.  There is NOTHING about Thiel that is real or realistic.

Meredith saw though the nightmares that Thiel was having. Bad Chinese food does not produce great dreams and Thiel was not happy with Meredith's ridicule.
Did God speak to Dr. Meredith to tell him this?  Since he did not make that claim, how does he know what I dream or my dreams are since we never discussed them? How can he be so certain in his accusations?  And why would he spread this type of accusation without speaking with me?  What did I say that was not realistic, as this never was mentioned to me before? Was it the idea that more people need to be reached to fulfill Matthew 24:14 as mentioned in the email dated 12/14/12?
It takes no slight of hand to know that Thiel's nightmares were nothing more than that.  They were not "god" inspired.  God did not speak to Thiel those nightmares.  God also did not speak through the nightmares of a woman supposedly unknown to Thiel.  Everyone knows this except Thiel.

Next Thiel accuses Meredith of being a fool because Meredith supposedly falsely accused Thiel.
The Bible warns against spreading improper accusations, for "whoever spreads slander is a fool" (Proverbs 10:18).  Certainly Dr. Meredith is aware that one who appeared to be a leader, but was rejected by God (1 Samuel 16:6-7) accused David of a type of vanity (1 Samuel 17:28)—which David essentially denied (1 Samuel 17:29).  And while I am not perfect, I do deny the type of accusations that Dr. Meredith made in this 12/28/12 letter. 
How could Rod Meredith ignore Thiel's dreams??????  Seriously!
Furthermore, while I did mention to Dr. Meredith and others in LCG about a dream from God, they never asked the details and did not know what was in it, and they were never given any hint of its content (until it was publicly released on November 8, 2013).  He and others should not be like Joseph’s brothers were when they condemned Joseph for having dreams from God (Genesis 37:5-11).  Like Joseph’s, over time, it was clear that one dream I had was coming to pass.  
Bad gas does not a dream make! Even if a woman in New Zealand has the same issue!
Additionally, a woman in New Zealand had a dream after going to bed on 12/08/12 that was later at least partially fulfilled and included matters related to me (and it is a dream I did not learn about until the Feast of Tabernacles in 2013, and after I had unknowingly helped fulfill the dream she related to me.  God sometimes works in spiritual ways and apparently just because He may not have done so as directly through Dr. Meredith, that does not mean He does not do so with others 
Seriously, is there no end to this silliness??????

Meredith continues:
Dr. Meredith continued with:
Recently, I had a meeting with Messrs. Ames, Winnail, Wakefield and my son, Jim, to discuss this paper you sent to Mr. Wakefield (and now I see you have also sent it to Messrs. Tyler and Weston). All of us in the meeting except Mr. Wakefield have gotten to know you somewhat and have heard many others express concern about your egotistical ideas that you believe you are a prophet or one of the two witnesses. I will not take the time to argue about every single point you bring up in your paper; that is not the important matter. I will just say that over and over you subtly twist, enlarge upon or exaggerate many of the things you think you heard—some of which you may have “partially heard” but enlarged upon in your own mind and received in a way that was not intended by the one doing the speaking.

There is far more to Thiel's egotistical rant that you can read on your own below.  It is both comical and rather sad that Thiel cannot see how delusional he is.  Even with Meredith's blindness to his own issues, his critic of Thiel is spot on.  Everything about Thiel is a lie.  From his nightmares to his self-appointment as a leader regardless of how much he claims Bonjour's blessing was a double blessing from God.  Its one fraudulent story after another. The sad part is lives of  sincere Africans are being destroyed because they think they are following a real pastor. They are not.

Read the entire comedy routine here: Response to a Letter from Dr. Roderick C. Meredith Dated December 28, 2012


DennisCDiehl said...

Flurry, Thiel and Pack are a psychiatry students dream research project

Miguel de la Rodente said...

This is one train wreck many of us foresaw the minute we knew that Thiel was even allowed by LCG to have the type of website that he does. Of and by itself, that would tend to feed an ego. It's also something that HWA, who even scuttled local church area newsletters, would never have allowed.

Thiel should consult with Dennis about how to get rid of all the mental baggage. Frankly, he'd be much better off getting involved in the burgeoning medical marijuana clinic scene, and obtaining marijuana therapy himself. Objective thinking + marijuana therapy would certainly improve his mental faculties.

Senior Citizen said...

Thiel, Flurry , Pack and the prison felon guy are filled with self importance. The world revolves around their self-righteous selves.
Problem is they will never see it no matter what as they are devoid of a humble attitude.
Its sad really. Everyone else can see it.

Black Ops Mikey said...

1) The realization that LCG would not publish corrections in its Tomorrow's World magazine or other publications when it made doctrinal errors.2) That LCG was too willing to send out literature with known errors that its leadership knew about.

So Robert Thiel can now fix these problems very simply: He needs to start publishing and pushing the truth about British Israelism on the LCG, Roderick Meredith and all the other ACoGs. He can redeem himself by exposing BI as rubbish. Given his persistence, he could really make their lives miserable until they finally admit the truth and abandon Armstrongism forever -- thus solving innumerable problems and making all blogs like this irrelevant.

And the chances of that are....

DennisCDiehl said...

Bitter zBob has a "tendency" towards defensiveness and self justification...long winded form

Anonymous said...

One one hand, you can't have "conflict resolution" with superiors who are deluded to think that they speak for God. So, Thiel's former mentor will behave in the same manner towards him as Thiel will behave towards the people to whom he believes he is mentoring. This is the author of splintering. These guys are constantly creating new adversaries.

Secondly, how much moxie does Bob Thiel actually have? Once Jerod Olar made mincemeat of him over the so-called "True History of the True Church" over at the old xCG website, Thiel has not only been unwilling to stand corrected (in spite of the fact that he was, very thoroughly!), he also has not confronted anyone's non-Armstrongite beliefs on any of the free speech dissident blogs.

But, hey! That's "their" world and reality! Aren't we glad not to be part of the hot ACOG mess any longer?

Anonymous said...

I had dreams! Whaaaa!

You don't say. Did you know that everybody has those?

Grow up, Bob.

Anonymous said...

Thiel got his Ph.D. from a Hindu mail-order diploma mill with "Trinity" in its college name.

Maybe there weren't any Mayans offering degrees, but even a Catholic college would have given him greater credibility.

Anonymous said...

Boy am I going to avoid Chinese food.

Connie Schmidt said...

Continuing with Dr. Meredith’s letter:
"However, Bob, your own remarkable vanity and “dreams of greatness” have greatly affected your ability to think clearly many times.
Over the last few years, many of us have noted that you have begun to think of yourself in terms that are not realistic."

How very sad to be at the bottom of the food chain for Bob!

Those same words were told to RCM by HWA circa 1980, and in turn were told to HWA in 1937 by the COG 7th Day!

RSK said...

BOB: Hey now! What about MEEEEEE?!?

Anonymous said...

Dr Bob, we all know you come here often so I just want to say thanks for the laughs...
Good old Spanky was hilariously right in his assessment of you- I guess it takes one to know one!


Bob, you really should think about getting some help with those crooked bookcases and your delightfully entertaining delusions.


Steve J said...

Dr. Bob Thiel, after reading your response to RCM's letter I have but one question for you: Who do you pick for the Super Bowl champions this year?

Hoss said...

1) The realization that LCG would not publish corrections in its Tomorrow's World magazine or other publications when it made doctrinal errors.2) That LCG was too willing to send out literature with known errors that its leadership knew about.

The Proof of the Bible is an example of these points. See, for example, and about what happened when a "proof" was proven false.

In the Good News, December 1980, an article by Herman Hoeh explained the mistaken "proof". HWA apparently had a fit and wanted the edition withdrawn.

Anonymous said...

M-R / Byker Bob,

Where's the scientific evidence that Bob Thiel would be much better off using medical marijuana?

Baby steps.
The first step could be from IKEA's team of lawyers, stating he needs to straighten and anchor his bookcase.

There's no reason to stick a doobie in Bob's mouth and blow Bob's mind with the 1922 marijuana song 'Jack I'm Mellow', or even Paul McCartney's 'Let Me Roll It', Willie Nelson singing "It's All Going to Pot", or practically anything from Snoop Dogg.

Bob Thiel is not wanting your 'rock-and-roll' pot drugs.

Thankfully, Bob Thiel knows when to say "NO"! to reasonable questions and people who have become "Beach Boy Druggies"

Hoss said...

There was a WCG quip about a ministerial wannabe who had a vision. He was informed that PC didn't mean “Preach Christ” it meant “plant corn”. Perhaps there is also a mistaken interpretation in the dreams Bob referred to.

The first was his dream about him being on one line and RCM on another, and his line intersects with RCM's line. Meaning: it's a warning, “Don't make RCM cross!” The NZ dream was a mountain and the Ark of the Covenant. Meaning: Watch Raiders (a Paramount Picture).

Then the disagreements between Bob and Rod. Like the Monty Python Argument sketch, it was “you said...”, “no I didn't”... If RCM really did say, “you may be a prophet”, does that make Bob a prophet? And Mr Bonjour petitioning “double portion” blessing – does that mean Bob really received it? And then claim authority based on actions two men in a church that Bob claims “lost the mantle”. It reminds me of Andrew Dugger's letter stating “you are surely right” being a “proof” that HWA was correct about BI – claiming validation from a leader of “dead Sardis”.

Although I didn't notice it in this post, or in the linked “RCM's letter” at COGwriter, do you know Bob is also claiming part of “Loma's dream” was actually about him?

Anonymous said...

"And Mr Bonjour petitioning “double portion” blessing – does that mean Bob really received it?"

Yeah, does it necessarily mean that?

I was baptized, and for all I could tell I never received even a single portion. That is to say, nothing got any easier. They say the "holy spirit" is supposed to be a "helper," but I never got any help.

Everyone told me that I should "take it on faith" that I did in fact receive this "holy spirit." I'm sorry, but if receiving something is indistinguishable from not receiving it, then whatever it is cannot be real.

What else should I take on faith? How about "healing"? "Yes, I know, you don't seem to be improving, but we prayed for you and had you anointed by a minister, so therefore, ergo, you must be improving after all?" No. this is when COG people give up on god and go to the doctor or the hospital, and after modern medicine has cured them, after godless science has cured them, they then expunge their faithlessness from their memory banks, forget about the part when they gave up on god, failed to accept "No" as an answer to their prayers for divine healing, and then pretend that god changed his mind and decided to "heal" them through godless medicine! No!

The fact is, I never received even a single portion of this "holy spirit," and neither did Bob. Nobody does. Religion is just a childish game that adults play.

James said...

Hoss writes: though I didn't notice it in this post, or in the linked “RCM's letter” at COGwriter, do you know Bob is also claiming part of “Loma's dream” was actually about him?

Why of course it was about bitter Bob. Makes perfect sense 80 years later!

DennisCDiehl said...

Bob moves in hilarious ways his blunders to perform, as far as we can tell.

Anonymous said...

What hasn't dawned on Dr. Bob is that he started his church during the Laodicean era, and can't really get much of anyone to follow him. So he's not even a good leader by Laodicean standards.

Glenn said...

Very good, Dennis. " hilarious ways his blunders to perform..." is new to me and made me laugh.