Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dingy Wade Cox Says We Are In The 30 Year Time Period Of The Two Witless Witnesses

The craziness of self-appointed COG leaders knows no end to the stupidity that comes from their mouths and pens.

Wade Cox, of the Christian Churches of God cult, claims that we are now in a 30 year period of the two witless witnesses.   30 years, instead of 3 1/2 half years.  Of course when the two witless witnesses never materialize in these 30 years, the false prophet will say God has delayed his coming because the "brethren" were not ready.  The millennium will end in 2026 instead of 1,000 years from now.  All of this is going on during the "times of the demons."   Of course we should all believe that these two witless witnesses will arise from the Coxites. They are the "true church" after all and have converted hundreds of thousands of people in Africa over to the dark side.

It is sad to think that people actually believe this absurd nonsense.

We will commence the thirty years’ countdown which will then finish off this Jubilee and finish off the 2,000 years of the forty Jubilees of the Last Days (see the paper The Last Thirty Years: the Final Struggle (No. 219)). The year 1996 was the 3,000th anniversary of David’s entry into Jerusalem. There are all sorts of significant points that arise from 1996. It will take thirty years through to 2026 to finish off the Millennium and the times of the demons, and prepare all of the nations to put them back for the treble-harvest year prior to the Jubilee of 2027-28. 
The Two Witnesses will take up within that period. It appears quite certain that the Two Witnesses will commence their prophecy over the next thirty years. 
The modern US view is to say they are two prophets and living on the planet today. They must be alive at the moment, given the time-frames and the requirements of the Law. In order to be prepared, they have to be over thirty years of age to commence to preach – otherwise they have broken the Law. Therefore, they have to be over thirty before they teach and it’s thirty years from 1996 to 2026, and they have to take up their ministry three years before 2026. At the very latest they will be on the planet by 2023. That means they have to be alive now and had to have been, at the very least, one year old in 1995.
This is the end of the Times of the Gentiles. The last phase of the thirty years thus commenced in 1996/7. This period leads up to the coming of Messiah. The Witnesses are an important part of that activity. 


Anonymous said...

So does Cox agree that Ron and Laura Weinland are the modern day witnesses?

Anonymous said...

I swear it gets crazier and crazier. From the time of William Miller and Ellen G. White unto today, the degree of prophetic insanity in the sabbatarian churches has never lessened. If anything, it's gotten worse.

DennisCDiehl said...

All the Churches of God would implode with nothing to preach or muck up theologically if that failed first century prophecy called The Book of Revelation could be excised from the New Testament.

Anonymous said...

So true, Dennis. That stupid book almost didn't make it into the canon. Of all the nonsense in the hodge podge of the New Testament, it is by far the worst.

Allen C. Dexter

Charlie Speck said...

Allen C Dexter...Of course it would be the worst book Allen if looking at it from your opinion, or from your thinking and reasoning. There are two ways of looking at the book of revelation, one would be your way but that doesn't make it so. When a person doesn't understand something or doesn't believe it, the first thing they do is not say they don't see it or understand it, but rather they attack it.

itstimecog said...

Excuse me gentlemen but would you be so kind as to show me from scripture, anything at all that refers to what Wade Cox depicts! Yes, he mentions the two witnesses but in such an outlandish way as to render his theory useless.
The jubilee rendition is nothing short of a total misunderstanding and embarrassment.
It's all based on speculation and personal belief as is your comment Mr. Dexter.
Both you Mr. Dexter and Dennis, seem to take pleasure in maligning the Word of God based on your misunderstanding. I submit that if you both feel that way about scripture, why then do you subject yourselves to something you don't believe in.
Is it a power trip; does it give you satisfaction at trying to demean others?
Tell me Dennis, when was the last time you saw 114lb hailstones? As far as I know, the mount of Olives is still intact, etc. etc. So much for your "failed first century prophecy" claim as those prophecy's were to, and will be fulfilled at the end time.



Connie Schmidt said...

What a Wiener Cocks is!

Retired Prof said...

Itstimegog, I used to think the end time would come 5 billion years later than you think it would. Now it appears my understanding was flawed. The time is shorter by at least 4 billion years.

The sun will turn into a red giant in 5 billion years, but ever since its origin it has been getting 10 percent hotter every billion years. As a consequence of this steady temperature rise, some time within the next billion years, earth will no longer be in the sun's habitable zone. That means its oceans will have boiled away and the whole globe will be a scorched wasteland (

This scenario is based on the sun's activity as a vast fusion reactor, "burning" hydrogen into helium. The known properties of those elements, not the ravings of a potentially deranged first century fanatic, form the basis of this prophecy. It has been corroborated by observations of other stars, which can be seen at various stages of the process our sun is in the midst of now. It is not based on speculation and personal belief, as was the prophecy in Revelation.

Nobody has ever shown any evidence that Revelation is actually the "Word of God." Repeated failures of the prophecies in it suggest the opposite. Your assertion that the time is upon us sets up yet one more replication of the experiment. We all look forward to gaining the new bit of evidence it will provide.

I did not notice any place where Allen and Dennis said anything demeaning to others. If they share my motivation (as they seem to do), they subject themselves to these discussions because we all share the same curiosity about humanity's place in the universe that you hold.

Is it also a power trip? Probably so. Human beings evolved in fairly small groups organized in hierarchies. Individuals at the top got first choice of resources and breeding opportunities. Thus, as surely as we inherited a powerful desire for the tastes of sweetness and fat that identify nutritional foods, and for the sexual gratification that leads us to pass on our genes, we inherited a drive for dominance to enable access to those things. You inherited those drives just as surely as we did, Itstimegog.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Time's up!

Wade Cox very well knows that 30 years old isn't the only definitive marker: 70 years old is when service (in the Temple) ends. In fact, it used to be in the ccg bylaws (changeable at a moment's notice on a whim) that the position of Coordinator General (just what is it with the military terms in Armstrongism anyway?!) had to be vacated by a person when they reached 70. In a few days, in October, Cox will be 71. That means he can no longer have any office or position of authority in the ccg! Period! His time has passed.

So it is time for him to retire... permanently. He's done. He should have absolutely no more interest in his man made religion. It's over with. He needs to turn in his auto decal, his parking space and vacate the church office in his home. Not unlike the past year in the Church of God Seventh Day, it is time for a smooth transition to leave it to younger folks less prone to senile dementia.

Fortunately, The Assembly of Eloah is well positioned to carry on. It was formed by about 70% of everybody in the ccg in 2005 when Wade Cox performed that stupid move of firing his second in command on trumped up charges. Well, it didn't make much difference, did it, since there weren't even 100 people following Cox worldwide at the time. They have all the doctrines and services, ideas and doctrines created by Cox, just without him. There are those of jaundiced jaded curmudgeonly perspective to say it is justice of a sort. Anyway, Wade Cox need not worry himself or fuss over such piddling things as prophecy, since he is out of the picture -- or at least should be, if he had one shred of integrity at all. One wonders how his thousands of non member members of the ccg that he doesn't really have in Africa will fare without him. Perhaps they can petition Assembly of Eloah funds to use along with the money they get from the LCG and other naïve Armstrongist groups who think that the Africans have one shred of integrity and decency as they pretend to have adopted the 'faith' of those who would provide them funds.

Well, no matter.

There's no sense paying attention to Wade Cox any longer since he has absolutely no status with the ccg outside of being a member.

Anonymous said...

Hey Charlie and Itstime-

You guys claim that the bible is the "inspired word" of the one true "god." Muslims say the qur'an and hadiths are the "inspired word" of the one true "god."

You would dismiss their claim.

I need no more reason to dismiss the christian claim that the bible is is the "inspired word" of "god" than whatever reasons you would use to dismiss the equivalent muslim claim.

Retired Prof said...

Itstimecog, I misspelled your handle both times I wrote it in my previous post. It couldn't have been spell-check that did it. I don't know how my fingers got tangled up twice in the same way, but it was a typo, not an intentional slur. I am sorry.

Black Ops Mikey said...

And to that point, Wade Cox claims that the Koran is equal to the epistles of the Apostles, meaning that some how he reconciles the Koran with the Bible.

You know, Islam should be informed of this. Perhaps they could issue a Fatwa.

nck said...

Excuse me.
The Hadith are the oral traditions and an addition to the interpretation of the life and works of mhammed. Nothing absolute in there.

The quran is indeed seen as the unaltered word of god through gabriel to the prophet.

Islam is seen as a continuation of the message received by previous prophets, such as Noah, Abraham, David, Moses and Jesus. Therefore, the Quran maintains the pure teachings of previous revelations, including the Torah and the Gospel. Islam does not dismiss the latter.

No contradiction in Islam there as being the "last revelation".


Anonymous said...

Mr. Dennis Diehl said-

"All the Churches of God would implode with nothing to preach or muck up theologically if that failed first century prophecy called The Book of Revelation could be excised from the New Testament."

I'd also include The Book of Daniel in that category:
The Book of Revelation and The Book of Daniel are in the apocalyptic genre.

They're what all those Christian "little engines that could" pastors quote from to try and establish themselves on the top of the proverbial prophetic hill.

And, they're what so many individual Christians use to think of themselves as having "special knowledge", believing the Holy Spirit has given them supernatural powers of discernment/interpretation.

I've seen umpteen examples of "Christians gone whacko" due these two Bible books.

Anonymous said...

I'm continually amazed at how some people can reject prelates who were responsible for the establishment of the canon as rank heretics while steadfastly clinging to their canon choices. The New Testament, as well as Old Testament, canons have taken on an aura of infallibility in their minds and any criticism of them is viewed as rank heresy. Apparently, it never occurs to them to investigate the history of those choices and the political gymnastics that went into them. The "bahbul" has become a venerated in print idol to them, and any criticism of it is considered rank heresy. That's Bible idolisation and Bible reading at its most basic and retarded level. Yes, I know, I was once in that camp myself.

Allen C. Dexter

Anonymous said...

I agree, Allen.
Acceptance of the whole of what's been handed down to us is strange, indeed.

Stranger yet, is the acceptance of, and accompanying wholesale apologetics of those who proffer the idea that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God.

itstimecog said...

Hi Retired Prof, I accept your apology and commend you for it.
Frankly, as I'm sure you can understand, I have been called a lot worse lol.

Hope you have a great day.



Anonymous said...

Herman Hoeh was of the opinion that the apostle John wrote the book of Revelation, and then "sealed" the NT canon as finished and complete.

Of course, no part of that is true. John of Patmos and apostle John could not have even been the same person.

And to any who still cling to such lies, it should be noted that there was no NT canon prior to the formation of the NT canon currently in use, and episodes such as Marcion really highlight that fact. Furthermore, "canonization" didn't even occur generally to most people. Finally, it is interesting how once it did occur to people and enumerated lists did appear at the Council of Laodicea in 363 CE, and to Athanasius in 367 CE, that those lists correspond exactly our current NT canon. It is only at that time, in the mid 4th century, that we get complete canon manuscripts, such as Sinaiticus and Vaticanus.

Anonymous said...

It's also helpful to note that the elapsed time until the establishment of what came to be viewed as the canon through the authority of the Catholic Church is longer than the entire history of the United States. Also, tons of conflicting documents were destroyed and we have no idea about any of them. This assumption that the canon is something the apostles set up is pure hooey. What we have today is what the Roman
civil administrators and the Roman Catholic authorities wanted us to have. You're putting your faith in a Roman Catholic publication.

Allen C. Dexter

nck said...

September 20, 2016 at 9:16 PM


Did the Bishop of Rome had much of a primacy in that period?
I thought he was the Bishop of Rome. Just that. All the lofty titles came later.
At the time.
A Bishop of Milan or Lyon for example would have wielded almost equal power.
The Eastern Church that is by now virtually eradicated the last few years was FAR bigger than the Western Church.
And representatives of the Church of Rome even had to NEGOTIATE with representatives of the powerful Anglo Celtic Church about the day of Easter (Nissan) in good old green pasture land.

And the Church of God people. Well, they were fanatical soldiers defending the borders of the "Eastern Empire." (re Gibbons The rise and fall of the Roman Empire)

(Next Insert personal pet theory, warning disclaimer only for the crazy.)

The Eastern Church today is defending Christianity nowadays through Putin in Syria. The entire raison d'etre for the knights is to "defend the pilgrim roads."


BIOGUS said...

Hi I am from Benin country if west Africa. I am deeply concern about my friend who become ccg member. All my effort to bring him back is vain. I am helpless. What can I do. ? Please help me.