Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Jesus Needs Herbert Armstrong to Support Him When He Returns

It has been a while since one of the Kitchen clan have been featured here.  Sadly, they are still up to their heretical idolatry, so much so that one of them has written this little ditty.  Apparently Jesus needs Herb to support him when he returns.  No other human in history qualifies to do that, except Herbert.  He does have a "strong arm," after all.

Posted on Facebook:

A little piece I wrote about the Armstrong line, from Siward Bjourne Armstrong to Herbert W Armstrong. 
What God has started He will finish. And God's plan is moving forward through Herbert Armstrong. All things shall be restored through him, so says your Bible.(Matt. 17:11) That includes the restoration of this earth, and the entire UNIVERSE! And Satan would like you to believe what Christ has been doing and IS doing through Herbert Armstrong is not important, but the Word of God stands sure and unbreakable. The Work of God is GREAT!(John 6:29) While men tell you that Herbert Armstrong died, in order to gain disciples for their movement, in order to get you to let loose and no longer hold true to the teachings of God that Herbert Armstrong taught(from the Word of God), but to commit treason and whoredom against God to accept and lift up those who moved away from the path of righteousness. It is up to every single one of us to preserve the truth, and the history, to be the pillars we have been called to be, un-movable from the task at hand. Because God is fulfilling His plan right before our eyes. We have been called to be apart of it under Herbert Armstrong. So let's finish our part.

by Samuel W Kitchen 
Siward was his name
a child of royal sons 
From the family line of hen
to Scotland doors where he calls home 
In glorious array, one day, the battle rages on
Bjourn came back and he lifted, the King with his arm. 
And his heritage stays with the name of Armstrong.
Lifting up the King, and his country, securing the throne. 
In the future time that's near
Armstrong's name will be clear
UN-removed as pillars stand
Lifting up the KING OF KINGS AGAIN. 
And his heritage stays with the name of Armstrong.
Lifting up the King, and his country, securing the throne. 
May the light of truth remain.
May the light of truth remain.


RSK said...

Did he provide a translation, or is the actual intent of the piece known only to the most salivatory Armstrong-worshippers?

Anonymous said...

Newsflash: Herbert Armstrong, false prophet and child fucker is dead.

Since Herbert is dead, it makes as much sense to say that Jesus, a guy who I thought you were going to tell me was omnipotent, is going to need Herbert Armstrong, as it does to say Jesus is going to need any other person from the rather large and therefore I suppose highly competitive pool of dead people.

Why not some other dead person, like the original Elijah? Or Moses? Or Abraham? Perhaps it's because all the main characters in OT stories are mythical, like Perseus and Ulysses? Still, there's got to be someone better than a child molester! No? A pedophile is the best Jesus can do?

Oh, but then gospel Jesus himself is mythical, so...

RSK said...

Or, one could ask, is there a MASTER KEY to unlock the exact meaning of Kitchen sycophantism? :)

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Samuel W. Kitchen said, "A little piece I wrote about the Armstrong line, from Siward Bjourne Armstrong to Herbert W Armstrong."



Miguel de la Rodente said...

Gee! It's to bad they didn't have the internet in the first half of the 1800s. There were probably some people who felt that William
Miller deserved equal adulation. If Miller had a stalwart family named the Winecellars, we'd have their poetry to read right along with the Kitchens'. :-)

DennisCDiehl said...

More theological delusions and mental illness on parade

James said...

So the bible speaks about Herbert without mentioning his name. Let me guess. The bible is a code book?

I could read War and Peace and say its about Obama. Would that make sense? No, it would be delusional. Delusional like Sammy boys rant that attempts to spirit away other people who need to get on meds and out of the religious business.

It seems Sam has a love affair with armstrongism. I say get a picture, hang it on the wall and proceed to worship your little paper god. Just leave the sane people out of your fucking delusions you asshole!

Black Ops Mikey said...

Not unless he needs an ad copy writer way behind the times.

Do you suppose Jesus will have a tabloid called, "The Journal"?

Hoss said...

I happened to come across a piece named Loma's Dream, featured in an album called Chill in Brazil. More musical Armstrongism?

Connie Schmidt said...

I have done a little bit of family genealogy research. What you soon discover is that EVERYONE, and I mean everyone can trace their lineage back to a royal line. Virtually everyone is a cousin to you, all your neighbors, and everyone reading this blog as well, with a common ancestor within just the last 500 years.

RSK said...

Here in the South, every other white person claims to be "part Cherokee", which is a tad tiresome when they try to use it to gloss themselves.

DennisCDiehl said...

Not only "cherokee" but "In fact...my grandmother was an Indian Princess!"

RSK said...

That too. It's very cliche to my ears at this point since I hear it near-daily.

Glenn said...

Elizabeth Warren and I are Indian cousins.