Saturday, April 29, 2017

By merely hearing my voice and being faithful to me, you too can escape!

Superfantabulous Dave has the power to save you!

We just had a family of five come with us from Sardis. It’s an interesting discussion—the promise God makes to Sardis. If people from the Sardis—a family of five this week…We’re still booming just like we were in November, by the way. No slow down, not at all…And I mean a family—wonderful—a husband, wife, three children; Church of God Seventh Day in a foreign country, came with us. You know what? If they stay faithful…This might be one of the first sermons they hear. I think they started this week…then they escape.


Byker Bob said...

Sardis, indeed! Based on another of Herbie's extra-Biblical theories. This may be hot news right now, but it is not going to end well for that family. I wonder if Dave gave them Dale Shurter or Kevin Denee's phone numbers as references.


Anonymous said...

Wait till this family finds out about Dave's common doctrine.

anonymous63 said...

Interesting, CBS news has an article titled, How to Identify a Cult: Six Tips From an Expert. It's in association with the 48 hours program on 'The Family' cult. Sick, sick, sick. Those involved in or thinking of getting involved in an ACOG group or splinter need to study and beware. Learn to identify the signs and symptoms.

Black Ops Mikey said...

This is so sad. Often times people in other countries never do have enough information to make viable decisions.

Given the propensity of the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Nazi Mafia to practice deception, it's difficult to sort out the facts with their dissimulation.

Connie Schmidt said...

So sorry that ome poor family in some hell hole third world country gets conned by Dave Pack, the "Robert Mugabe" (Zimbabwe: 1987-Present) of the COG.

Byker Bob said...

I woke up this morning to a cold shower. After running diagnostic traces with my volt meter, I discovered that my 20 year old hot water heater had given up the ghost. $616 later, having purchased a new Rheem unit, and while loading it on to my truck, I was wondering how one of the poor RCG members on "common" would have dealt with the situation, especially if they had to have an electrician install it. Common, hell. Third tithe would have been bad enough!


Rod said...

Made up story.
There is no family just as there are no church eras. A made up doctrine by Herb

Anonymous said...

"CBS news has an article titled, How to Identify a Cult"

Sounds like a case where it takes one to know one. The MSM are a brainwashing cult. I didn't know there were still people listening to them.

Anonymous said...

Escape? In September 2002, Rod Meredith warned of all the catastrophic events that would occur "in the next five to 15 years" before Christ's return, which God's people are supposed to be able to escape in a place of safety.

Rod proves himself to be a false prophet

Five to 15 years. There it is, in Rod's own words. Anyone who stays in Rod's church after September 2017 is deliberately and knowingly following a deceiver. Don't expect God to accept your excuses for staying with something you know to be false.

Byker Bob said...

Even those who try to play liberal and nonspecific with their numbers end up having their worst case upper end scenarios being wrong.

God has had many many opportunities to validate the false prophets of Armstrongism, including HWA, and He has consistently chosen to let them out there flapping in the breeze, looking like babbling fools who have no idea what they are talking about! Why, Dave Pack even insisted that he and his 16 elders had had their prophecies confirmed amongst themselves in prayer, and it ended up being the greatest failure in Dave's life and ministry!