Thursday, April 27, 2017

Gerald Weston: Satan Attacking Church in UK and Australia

Every time the Living Church of God thinks they are proclaiming a "forceful" message, Satan steps in and makes life difficult.  Gerald is not too happy that the LCG broadcast has been censored in the UK and Australia for subjects and graphics used that might be offensive against Parental Guidance standards.  This is sure to send Malm and Almost-arrested Thiel into yet more meltdowns.  Malm will claim LCG is pussyfooting around by not being bold and forceful and Elijah Thiel will claim it is yet another attack by Satan and those damn Catholics against the true church.  Oh, wait, LCG is NOT the true church, the improperly named "continuing" Church of God is.  It all gets so confusing as to who is right and who Satan is attacking the most.
Life is getting back to a more normal routine now that the Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread are over. We have experienced some difficulty with our television stations in Australia and the United Kingdom. Apparently some subjects and/or graphics used on our programs do not meet their Parental Guidance standards. This is rather remarkable when you see what else is allowed under PG standards, but the stations have control of the situation and we have to work within their scruples. I mention this because some members think our programs need to be stronger, not realizing that we try to thread the needle between preaching the Gospel and warning the world, and maintaining our presence on television. Even the Internet is not as free as one might think. Dr. Meredith and Mr. Ames have done a remarkable job over the years in threading that needle. Some of us who are newer at it are having to learn. And at the same time, standards of what is allowed and what is not are becoming more constrictive in our politically correct world. Dr. Meredith continues to keep up with news as best he can from home. Mr. Ames mentioned today at lunch how much the cards and letters he has received mean to him.—GEW

The LCG, like all the other COG's get as close to the world as they can in order to seem legitimate.  They have learned to "thread the needle" well after watching Herbert talk about a "strong hand from someplace."  The phantom in the sky had more credence than that inconvenient dude they claim to follow.

If, and I say IF, Gerald Weston truly believed his message was so vital for the entire world to hear in these, the most disgusting of end times, then he and the LCG would not care if the UK or Australia took offence at the message they supposedly are boldly proclaiming, but he won't.  It is easier to pussy foot around and play the victim and blame Satan rather than admit ineptness.  The Church of God has truly never been proud of its message.  Truth has never been a vital concept.


Black Ops Mikey said...

If Australia and the United Kingdom (isn't that sort of the same thing?) really cared about children, they wouldn't allow Gerald Weston and the LCG anywhere near television. Living has pretty much perfected child abuse.

Since the Exodus never occurred and the Bible is not to be trusted for anything but myth, I suppose that Weston could sell the amazing United Kingdom on having him on as children's programming, giving the kiddies fantasy, but the rules there would probably be more stringent, seeing as how every program would have disclaimers throughout that the whole program was nothing real and was pure fiction. It isn't clear that is what Weston is trying for.

As it is, he's spreading lies -- not the sort of things we want kiddies anywhere to watch. In fact, it's not the sort of thing we would want anyone to watch.

Everything in the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia is pure evil.

I guess you could say the Devil made them do it.

Anonymous said...

Satan has been attacking LCG since its very beginning, by sending a false prophet who told LCG members, "The Great Tribulation will begin in five to fifteen years." That's what Rod Meredith was telling LCG members in 1999. That means that, as of 2015, Rod was a false prophet. Anyone who stays in LCG at this point is knowingly following a man who is demonstrably not being led by God.

Connie Schmidt said...

It might help if LCG refrained from using the word "Queer" !

Black Ops Mikey said...

Sometimes, for some people to understand, you just have to reduce everything to the LCD.