Friday, April 21, 2017

Latest Issue of The Journal: News of the Churches of God is out

The March issue of the Journal is out.  It features articles on Ian Boyne, the Ambassador College reunion that was held in Las Vegas, Living Church of God's little "university" being able to grant associate degrees, and much more. We have all witnessed how well that played out with Michael Germano on this blog. Rather embarrassing for a COG leader to act in such a way.

It also has its usual ads.  Is it me or are the people that pay for those ads getting crazier by the day?


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Byker Bob said...

I keep waiting for Bob Thiel to upstage all the other ad buyers. You'd think that as a prophet, he'd want to get his message to the Journal readers.

LOL! Flurry's jet made the Journal. I thought for sure he'd have a portrait of Michael Flatley painted on the fuselage!


Anonymous said...

Since leaving the Armstrong death cult, The Lord has showed me that the Church of God (Jerusalem Acres) Is the church I need. You should check us out.

James said...

And of course Dixon never mentioned the Ambassador Report get together March 16th what so ever. Like it never happened.

Of course if any member never heard of the Ambassador Report and started to read it on line that could start a different type of shit fest for old Dix. There are after all a few who write the Painful Truth to mention that they just discovered the Report and they are in shock at what they read.

In my opinion, it was very dishonest not to mention the meeting as if it was a non event. He ate their food and drank their booze at the party that evening.

It seems Dixon has something in common with CNN, the fake news channel. Don't report what might damage your own selfish interests. After all, the Journal is Dixon's bread and butter.

Black Ops Mikey said...

It's not you. The ads get crazier by the issue.

Not that the entire concept of The Journal isn't completely bat guano insane.

Anonymous said...

I had a look at the site, and they have an article which says that Christ rather than Herbie (or Pack etc) is the end time Elijah. I'm still chewing on it. A interesting article.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhh. I know I am not photogenic and have always avoided photos, but now I see my face on the cover of a religious magazine. I know those 3 ladies and at least 2 of them don't believe anything religious. One believes aliens started the human race and another is agnostic. The third one is a GCI type. So this is evidence that we have followed varying paths.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting the issues of The Journal online. I can't afford anymore to subscribe to much of anything, and it's interesting to keep up with what I was once so enthusiastically a part of. Kind of downer sometimes as I read about the deaths of those who were once my young and vibrant cohorts.

Allen C. Dexter

Byker Bob said...

Seriously, folks, if you look at the reunion photos, what you see represented is what used to be called "second generation", ie the baby boomers, most of whom never fell under the influences of Harry Sneider. It's not my intention to denigrate people of age, but can anyone imagine most of them going on a weekend hiking and camping trip, let alone spending 3-1/2 years in Petra?


Opinionated said...

The Church of God (Jerusalem Acres) is a cult. Good luck trying to draw in tithe slaves you scumbag!

Anonymous said...

Maybe this will appear in the next issue:

Greetings from the Registrar’s Office,

As you realize, the Internet has made delivery of online courses a blessing for God’s people around the country and around the world. However, Living University has a responsibility to adhere to applicable state laws and regulations dealing with delivery of distance education to the residents of any particular state. Some states have stricter requirements than do others in this area; therefore, we regret to inform you of circumstances beyond our control that will affect your continued studies with Living University.

For a variety of reasons, Living University is unable to comply with the laws of the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Ohio, Nevada, Washington and Wyoming regarding offering online instruction in their jurisdictions. As a result, we are unable to offer online degree, diploma and certificate programs, or even individual online courses, to legal residents of these states. This means that residents of these states may not enroll in Living University online academic programs or courses (either for credit or as auditors), at least for the near future. The only exceptions allowable are residents who temporarily relocate to Charlotte, North Carolina to study on-campus.

Therefore, after this current semester, no students who are legal residents of these states may enroll in any of our online academic programs or our online courses, either for credit or as auditors. We know that this news comes as a disappointment to you, and we deeply regret having to implement these compulsory arrangements. Operating in our modern society can be challenging, especially when conforming to the myriad of laws enacted on multiple levels. As the law is quite fluid in such matters, we will continue to monitor the situation; hopefully, this can be overcome in the near future. We ask for your prayers that this would change in favor of residents from these states who wish to study with Living University.


Kenneth Frank
Theology Faculty, Registrar and Director of Admissions
Living University

Black Ops Mikey said...

I guess the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Ohio, Nevada, Washington and Wyoming noticed Loo was teaching the debunked British Israelism (for credit? In what?).

"at least for the near future." is a misprint. It should be: at least for the foreseeable future."

We hope that our brothers and sisters in Christ will pray with us that this effort by Loo University completely fail.

It often helps to pray what is God's will and would happen anyway.

Anonymous said...

Byker Bob, I have been worrying a little about going to Petra and whether there will be a pharmacy there or even a doctor being as doctors are not so frowned upon as was once the case when we were younger. But maybe I just need faith. Not sure what is the best bet, stay behind with access to a doctor and pharmacy, plus a bed and a house and car and risk the diseases and warfare and famine, or step out on faith and take the trip to Petra. Maybe we can change the destination to Las Vegas, plenty of cheap hotels and buffets and perhaps a special rate from the president in his luxurious tower. In fact we could even have a new hotel built modeled after Petra, called the Rose Red City. The rooms could be modeled after caves. Perhaps instead of the usual gambling casino we could make a space for the Place of Safety University and have online learning stations.

Byker Bob said...

7:12, if anyone goes to Petra, the leaders are not going to suddenly change their leopard spots. The type of cruel and unjust leadership you witness today in your ACOG is going to become much much worse once the ACOG leaders are no longer restrained by the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. These are Old Testament people who will revive quaint old traditions such as stoning (and I'm not referring to medical marijuana)

If the deal goes down as their false prophets say, it really doesn't matter whether their Jonestown or Waco ends up being over amongst the Arabs, or up in Vegas, "final training" under an ACOG is going to be anything but a place of safety. Even if the Germans do end up getting a mass race change operation from Nordic types to Middle Eastern Assyrians, you'll be better off taking your chances with them than with the likes of Davie Pack or Jerry Flurry, or for that matter, anyone infected with the Armstrong managerial style. Better yet, why not rely on God to protect you wherever you are when adverse things happen in your life?

That said, axially as we speak, there is a mad scientist in one of the ACOGs plagiarizing and reverse engineering an advance copy of FEMA's "Mark of Beast" chip to create a Petra chip for all the Armstrongite brethren which when implanted in peoples' brains will make Petra a virtual reality. It isn't well known, but when Gerald Waterhouse died, his brain was secretly harvested and is being kept alive by machinery so that his visions of Petra can be incorporated into this chip. The leaders of the ACOGs really are not enemies. They are actually secretly united behind everyone's backs, and have used some of the third tithes from the splinters to purchase a large plot of land from Native Americans near Roswell, New Mexico. There is a cave village abandoned hundreds of years ago by the Anasazi, and it actually resembles Petra. Once the chips have been implanted, the brethren will experience Roswell as if it actually were Petra.

I once studied Journalism at Pasadena City College for a semester, and have spent the past few years doing the investigative reporting which uncovered this story. Hopefully, my research provides some better insights not only for you personally, but for all the church brethren!