Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Church of God and the Baluchitherium

Never has there been a church that has felt it has had to have the answer about everything mentioned in the Bible.  Every myth, allegory and metaphor had to have an explanation in order to prove them as "true" and "factual."  The problem with all of that is the things they tried to prove as true were not and the things they really needed to believe, they refuse to acknowledge.  But that is another story that most here already know.

One of the things we attempted to prove was the meaning behind the behemoth mentioned in Job. Those wise archaeologists of the letter answering department  latched on to the discovery of the largest creature ever found, the Baluchitherium.  This was the behemoth of scripture. They then claimed that this was the large animal that was supposedly created when Adam and Ever were created.

Begin with Job 40:15: “Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee: he eateth grass like an ox.” What does this tell us?
First, as recent articles in “The Plain Truth” have graphically shown, God made a distinct creation of plants, including grass, and animals for the benefit and pleasure of man. The warm-blooded animals and the grasses and herbs were FIRST made when man was made — about 6000 years ago (Gen. 1:24-25). Evolutionists have always been puzzled at the fact that this kind of vegetation appeared so late in geological history.
Now notice again Job 40:15: “Behold now behemoth, WHICH I MADE WITH THEE ….” Here is an animal God made when man was made. Behemoth did not exist in the pre-Adamic world which was filled with giant dinosaurs and other types of strange creatures. Behemoth was an UNIQUE animal created WITH MAN — and for a purpose, as we shall see later!  Plain Truth, March 1964
Notice the amazing confirmation that the giant rhinoceros “Baluchitherium” was “the chief of the ways of God.” It’s described in a modern book on fossil animals: “In an age when a hippopotamus is big and the elephant a giant, “Baluchitherium” seems ALMOST UNREAL. His head was about 5 FEET LONG, yet it was absurdly small upon his gigantic body, which stood 18 FEET HIGH at the shoulder and was very deep” (“The Fossil Book”, Fenton, page 406).
Another author reveals the fact that “Baluchitherium” was “at least 25 FEET LONG” (“Historical Geology”, Dunbar page 413).
“It was the LARGEST OF ALL LAND MAMMALS” (“Time, Life, and Man”, Stirton, page 325). 
Not only was it the largest of all known land mammals, but “very probably, like the huge sauropod dinosaurs among the reptiles, IT REPRESENTS ABOUT THE MAXIMUM SIZE TO WHICH A LAND-LIVING MAMMAL CAN DEVELOP” (“The Illustrated Library of the Natural Sciences”, article “Giants of the Past,” by Colbert, Vol. II, page 1192). 
His great legs, longer than those of elephants and living rhinoceroses, also gave him the RECORD FOR SPEED among both of these groups, living or extinct” (“The Wonder Books”, Janssen & Cole, page 324). 
But, there is yet more proof! 
Notice again the inspired Biblical account of “behemoth.” Job 40:18 informs us: “His bones are as strong pieces of BRASS; his bones are like BARS OF IRON.” These facts are upheld by the findings of “Baluchitherium”: “‘Baluchitherium’, as it was called, had HUGE POSTLIKE LIMBS …” (“Time, Life, and Man”, Stirton, page 325).
The church spent time and money having people study these subjects when they refused to study that most inconvenient dude they never attempt to really follow.  The church has always made a business out of majoring in minors and never getting to the meat of the matter.

That tradition of wallowing in the unnecessary things still is alive today in all of the splinter groups today.  That is why none of them are growing.  They are so out of touch with reality that people are turned off by everything they teach.



Byker Bob said...

Yep. We were taught about this at Embarrassing College! Part of the internal system of gnosticism donchaknow.


Anonymous said...

Baluchitherium was not a dinosaur, contrary to the second paragraph.