Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dave Pack: COG members to join up as the "flock of slaughter"

Dave Pack's convoluted timeline includes Laodicean Church of God members in the mix.  These people, who failed to heed Dave's message the first time around will suddenly come to their senses and come to his side, during the first time of trouble, which is before Dave's jesus" returns for 1,000 years, which in turn is before his "jesus" returning for the second thousand years  (the COG millenium) usher in the Kingdom of God.

These returning COG members will have their eyes opened, but will also be called  the "flock of slaughter."  Doesn't that make you want to join up with Dave!  While they may be doomed to die, they will be working beside the special RCG members who will be helping to prepare the world for the return of its "jesus" for the next thousand years.

RCG members are going to be soooooooo busy that they will need travel accommodations, food, and clothing.  Apparently, Dave's god is either going to give them these things miraculously (like manna), or they will still have full-time jobs.  He is getting so confusing that much does not make sense anymore.
Now let’s change the subject as we weave into some things that I think you’re going to find are simply fascinating. They are electrifying en route to things maybe even more electrifying next week. I’m going to answer some giant questions. We continue to learn that there is much more about the things we are all studying and interested in than we ever dreamed.
Now let’s ask a question. I want you to think—and this comes off of last week—how on Earth would or could we…you and I…we collectively, as a little Church, take care of God’s people without special power and enhancement…I’m speaking of miraculous…when they are, number one, as I said last week, many times our size. Number two, we’re doing it in the worst time in history to-date, and number three, we are with them—personally—under the most terrible of circumstances for them, and number four, we don’t know who they are. Number five, we don’t know where they are—other than they are on the planet with us. Number six, they don’t know us, and number seven, we likely must hit the ground running in our new responsibility, and eight, we apparently must also stay continually at their side, and nine, then there’s travel accommodations, food and clothing for us and so forth.
It’s as though whatever your job was when you escaped…you just sent your notice and didn’t give them two weeks because we have big things to do. You couldn’t possibly even hold on to your own job during that period. Unless we are greatly enhanced miraculously—mentally and physically—in light of the list I just read—and almost certainly have daily angelic help and instruction from Jesus Christ—we will get nowhere fast, and you’ve got to come to grips with that, because it leads us to some profound things.


Anonymous said...

Way back when I was in WCG, I NEVER agreed with the "church era" doctrine. After I stopped attending with that group I found the Church Of God (Seventh Day) had more Christian understanding of the New Testament than Herb Armstrong ever did. David Pack must be smoking a crack pipe.

Anonymous said...

"They are electrifying en route to things maybe even more electrifying next week."

I can't wait until next week's sermon. No wonder no one leaves, this is way to exciting! Everyone there will need to be provided with clothes, since they can't afford their own anymore!

Connie Schmidt said...

If Pack gets any more "Electrifying", his people will be ELECTROCUTED! :-)

Anthony said...

Gerald Flurry Must Be Smoking From That Same Pipe. LOL

Anonymous said...

How many paying members doe he control? Does he still have the 3 AM tv spots? Any signs of financial distress?

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

So I am on Facebook minding my own damn business, and there it is - A Photo of Herbert W. Armstrong in a sponsored ad by the Restored Church of God (Dave Packatolla).

Am I on some sort of sucker list that the Packman uses to target market to "the lost sheeple" on Facebook?