Tuesday, May 9, 2017

This Land Is Mine

As we watch many different Church of God groups converging on Petra in the next 5 -10 -15 -20 -100 -1000 or so years from now, will we see a similar situation as the Packites, Flurryites, Thielites, Malmites, Frankites, and Westonites fight over who is really in charge?  Who really needs a tribulation when the Church of God has created its own nightmare?


Byker Bob said...

Anyone who has read any recent materials on Petra surely realizes that it is outdated as any sort of place of secrecy or safety. From what we know about ACOG church government, even if it were environmentally safe, the types of leaders we regularly see would make it very unsafe. I mean seriously, is there any real choice if you have to pick between, say, Cal Culpepper and some SS officer named Heinrich?


Anonymous said...

OMG, you hit the nail on the head!

James said...

When I first found this I was astounded. The remarkable voice of Andy Williams and those who put the graphics together is without a doubt noteworthy. The story it tells is really how the Middle East history has been. All this fighting and hatred of some fictional god in the sky.

In our sects group we have the same type of assholes. Malm, Meredith, Thiel, Weinland, etc. What they have in common, they would fight to the death to protect if the the tithe payers were loyal and the money was good.

All wars are about resources. The ACOG's are no different. Its a fight about money, power and prestige.

Anonymous said...

At least they are not spending their funds on a jet plane of dubious value.