Friday, June 2, 2017

LCG Members Fearful of Breaking Sabbath Are Showing Up Sick At Services

One thing Armstrongism has instilled in members is the command from the Dear Leader that they are REQUIRED to attend services every Sabbath day and to not do so is essential spitting in God's face.  Because of that, members have shown up sick at services, infecting the rest of the congregation.  Due to the fact the church prohibited members from going to doctors, disease spread rapidly through children to adults.

LCG members have been told, from on high, to STAY HOME if they are sick.  They have been instructed to call a minister or elder and have them come an anoint them or ask for an anointed cloth.

For many years, LCG members have voiced the disappointing experiences they have had with ministers when they have asked for prayers. For a large number of members, the minister and elders re too busy to assist them and generally ignore their requests.  Some have had spouses on deathbeds and the minister is too lazy to show up or even return a call.

Health Issues at Sabbath Services—Must Read
Over the years, we have asked brethren not to come to Sabbath services with a contagious illness. This is based on the quarantine principle in Leviticus 13:21, 31, 46. If you are sick, please stay home until you are well, to avoid spreading illnesses to others. This is part of showing love and consideration for your neighbor (Leviticus 19:18; Matthew 22:39). While the Sabbath is a commanded assembly (Leviticus 23:3; Hebrews 10:24-25), and we should be at church under normal circumstances, it is not showing love if we expose others to illness. We would rather pray for you... than join you! If you do need anointing, please contact your pastor or local elder to be anointed, or, if necessary, to receive an anointed cloth. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.—Church Administration Department


Byker Bob said...

I would have to guess that some with contagious illnesses probably drive to sabbath services specifically for the purpose of being annointed. Since the flu goes away in x number of days by itself, why even expose the elder who is going to annoint you to the flu virus? Getting annointed in ACOG circles carries the same weight as the proverbial doctor's note would at school or work. This is just another stupid Armstrongish vicious circle, and, as most of the others, it circumvents logic or common sense.


Anonymous said...

Several COG organizations require members to drive for hours to services. In many cases they have to battle traffic, pay tolls, meet in church buildings owned by other religions, and so on. Under these circumstances I don't think that I could call the Sabbath a delight.

It's much easier to stay home and listen on-line. This is what many of us are doing!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but Lev 23:3 and Heb 10: 22-25, do not say services are commanded, only holy days are.
Rather LCG and other cog's use that to control people to sit for two hours. The fourth commandment, say's Remember the Sabbath day and keep it Holy.
They sure deceitfully interpret scripture.

anonymous63 said...

The problem lies in the interpretation of 'contagious'. So many think if they do not have a fever that it's no problem if they're snarfing, snotting, and coughing, so long as their temperature is in normal range. The thing about it is, the rules in the bible say, if "you have a running issue". That's the criteria, snotty or coughing stuff up, or needin' the outhouse frequently, etc. . It doesn't say -anything- about having a fever.

Then, there's the "what's love got to do with it", factor. folks are more concerned about "saving", by supposed unfailing Sabbath attendance, "their own skin", than being concerned for or about the welfare of their neighbor. Narcissists.

At the Feast, 10 or so years ago, their were so many attending sick it sounded more like a hospital ward. I gave an usher a note with the verse pertaining to such things with a sentence or two about this is not love. This is dangerous, if not murderous for the elderly and those with weakened immune systems etc. to not dismiss everyone who is snotty and coughing, asking if he would give it to one of the speakers in charge. I left, coming back a day or two later to see if there was any change toward being a Godly church. NOPE. If anything there were more sick folk.

Honestly if the minister will not come or send someone else to you to anoint you, did ya ever stop to think that maybe they are just playing church?

If LCG has a problem with people attending while sick, they need to do more than just "mention it". They need to take action and have those door guards run blocker. If you came to be anointed, stay in your bloomin' car till you can be. Don't be exposing the entire rest of civilization to your germs. It all starts with one person. Don't be responsible for the far ranging spread of the flu or other, that wipes out thousands of people each year.

Why do they bother keeping the holy days if they don't keep them holy?! Pharisees.

Connie Schmidt said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 4:11 comments sums up the situation for many. All the splits and splinters off splits have resulted in the rank and file brethren having to travel for hours for Sabbath services each way. It's a thankless exsistance. When you get there your put into a box to which you don't belong and treated like dog dirt.
That is why the is a online revolution going on.

Anonymous said...

"For a large number of members, the minister and elders re too busy to assist them and generally ignore their requests."

And you base this claim on....what exactly? Hearsay? A little bird telling you? Your statement is complete and utter rubbish. There is no factual basis behind this absurd claim. Prove it. Give examples of ministers and elders ignoring requests or not assisting. Provide names, dates, and location.

"Some have had spouses on deathbeds and the minister is too lazy to show up or even return a call."

Again, where is your proof? Name the LCG minister or Elder that has done this. Give names, dates, etc. and the frequency of such actions.

I eagerly await your response.

Anonymous said...

7:26 I can say that this has happened to me personally. I was in the I CU for 6 days 30 minutes away from the minister and I didn't get so much as a card, let alone a visit or an anointing.

Anonymous said...

When I was a member of LCG and would ask for anointing, the miistry/elder would ask " HAVE YOU BEEN TO THE DOCTOR " and would question you for 1/2 an hour before a "quickie annointing". A far cry from the Biblical example. This was standard procedure of most elders in LCG. THEY SHOULD GET IT STRAIGHT IF THEY BELIEVE IN THE BIBLICAL ACCOUNT OF ANNOINTING OR NOT". I also recognise that many ministers in LCG only use the members as fodder for their own back pocket and secretly disdain many in their congregations. I am sorry to disappoint you but this is not hearsay or a little tattletales. I have experienced this many times in LCG and wCG with lazy ministers, they are even too lazy to pray and drop a cloth in the mail. I simply gave up, these guys want you to die to gather your life long possessions. I have personally experienced the ministry aiming at the elderly in order to greedily obtain inheritances, even having the members leave sums of money to the ministers children. THIS IS FACT and is covered up by for the purposes of power play in LCG. "You scratch my back I scratch yours" approach. Look around my friend.

Anonymous said...

5.20 AM
David Pack in his original autobiography, described how as a trainee minister, his mentor minister had a shoebox of 30 counsel requests from prospective members. He was too lazy to visit these people. When Dave complained to headquarters, they rebuked him for his complaint. Dave doesn't explain why, but presumably it's the old 'never criticize the government' which one finds in every tyranny. My point is, there are lazy ministers.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous who mentioned that ministurds have disdain for the people brought to mind an amusing memory. In the late 70's my family hosted a party and the pastor had a group of members fawning over him as he was telling jokes about some of the more colorful members in the congregation (who were not at the party). Then, a non-church freind, who had just popped by said, "I could not imagine my preist sitting in someone's family room, berating parishioners!" No one was offended by her comment cuz they all thought she was praising the ministurd for being so cool, casual, and funny. It did not occur to anyone that the ministurd was evil and wrong for treating his most unfortunate tithe slaves with such diddain.